Severus waited until the church was empty. He had been standing in the same place for hours, unmoving and unseen. He didn't feel the cramping in his legs or the wetness of the rain falling down upon him. No Severus Snape felt nothing but the desperation to see her one last time. He swept up the steps and walked into now lonesome church. He cast quick charms behind him to ensure that no trespassers would enter while he made his way to the body of Lily Evans-Potter. Her casket had been sealed but Severus easily removed the lid with a wave of his wand.

And there she was with her bright green eyes forever shut, as she lay in eternal sleep. Severus brought his hand to her face, this time no warmth lingered; there was no proof that she had ever been alive. He reached down and snatched her hand tearing off the gaudy golden wedding ring of Potter's. He threw the ring and as it clanked to the ground he never bothered to see where it landed. He shoved his own ring onto her finger, the white gold engagement ring with the deep green emeralds surrounding a sparkling diamond in a flowering shape. Severus had kept it all these years, waiting for the instant when the Dark Lord was defeated to return to his love. She would have married him had he had the chance to propose. Had Lucius Malfoy not discovered their secret. Had he never gotten the dark mark in the first place. She would have married him and had his child instead of the brat which had led to her death. But of course Lily Evans (Never mind Potter) would die for her child. Naturally she would sacrifice herself for something so disgustingly helpless.

Severus glared at the peaceful lifeless body before him. "You said I would be the death of you. That you thought it was my destiny to destroy you…But do you not see that it is you who have destroyed me? I only said those horrible things to you to protect you. And you believed me, how dare you believe I didn't love you, that I never loved you." He was growling and hatred poured from his voice, mingled with pain. "Now you will never know how I suffer for you, because you had to be a fool… Why did you marry him?"

The corpse did not respond. Severus' breathing was rough and heavy, but his body shook with sobs. "How am I to live without my soul? I thought I'd sold it to the devil but in truth it was never mine to sell. From the moment I met you it was bound to you and you alone. You have left me with nothing but regret, despair, and hopelessness. You have left me without forgiveness…well I do not forgive you!"

Severus raised his wand and shouted, "Sectumsempra!" He slashed opened a vein on his wrist and blood spurted out, he brought his wrist to the dead girls mouth and the blood kissed her lips. "I curse you Lily Evans, may you never find peace as long as there is breath in my lungs and blood in my veins. May you suffer as I suffer! …Haunt me, I beg you. Do not abandon me for heaven while the gates are surely locked to me. I bind my soul to yours, in this church as Heaven and Hell as my witnesses, you will be mine again as I am yours." And he watched intently as the final drops of blood fell from his wrist as he quickly mutter the counter curse and ceased bleeding. He wondered if the curse would work or if it was another myth from the 'Book of the Dead' she had given him. But it didn't matter, he believed it would.

With an easy flick of his wand the casket re-sealed its self. Severus caught the glint of Potter's ring from the corner of his eye and blasted it into oblivion. He walked out of the church shakily. And the moment he apparated into Spinner's End he collapsed on all fours and heaved violently. After some time he steadied himself and wiped his mouth on his sleeve. Cursing Lily, himself, heaven and hell; he dragged himself off the street and walked into his house slamming the door shut behind him.

Ten years later Severus Snape would see Lily's eyes stare up at him from Potter's face. So this is how she had chosen to haunt him. She was a true slytherin after all. He hated the boy who was sickeningly similar to his father. The same arrogance, the same weakness.

Seven years later he would be dying at the boy's feet. And only then he would really see the boy for the first time. He felt the boy apply pressure to the gaping wound on his neck; the scent of blood was so strong it burned his nose. Severus looked at the boy who had been the spitting image of James; however he no longer saw it. Harry had compassion, he was gentle and kind. He had his mother's soul. Severus reached out and with the last of his strength he grabbed the boy and pulled him near.

"Look –at –me." He strained to speak as the blood rose in his throat, choking him. Pain shot through his body from the venom of the snake bites and every moment was a lifetime of agony.

The green eyes found the black but after a second, something in the depths of the dark pair seemed to vanish, leaving them fixed, bland, and empty. The hand holding harry thudded to the floor, and Snape moved no more.

The prince was blinded by a vivid white light. It filled him with familiar warmth which had been long lost to him. It seeped into him, through him and it stole away his pain. He made out the silhouette of a doe in its brilliance. And softly, so softly he couldn't be sure, he thought he heard a faint whisper…"Thank you, for everything Sev."

And the prince faded away from this world; he had found his peace at last.