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Naruto stared down nervously. He glanced up at his test every so often and attempted to answer one of the questions, but he only could get a few here and there, so he resorted back to staring. He noticed his teacher get up and walk towards him. He saw the girl in between them glancing in between them and then back at her test, then back at them, her eyes laced with anxiety. For what reason he did not know because she was one of the three people that almost always make A's on every single test. Maybe she had just sensed the tension that was rising in the air as the teacher finally reached Naruto's dest.

Naruto's sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, which only made made it easier for the teacher. He tightly held each wrist in his hand and flipped them over, checking for any sigh of cheating. Next he did something that made Naruto's face heat up, slightly.

There was no denying that Sasuke-sensei was the sexiest person, both among teachers and students, at this school, so when he lifted up Naruto's jacket, leaving only a thin white undershirt between the two of them, no wonder it made him embarrased and left a thin blush across his face.

Sasuke-sensei hadn't seemed to notice, so he moved to the next class idiot, Kiba, did the exact same thing, minus lifting up Kiba's jacket. Turning back towards Konohamaru he said, "I won't even waste my time with you," to which Konohamaru simply shrugged and returned to his scantly answered test.

Naruto looked at the girl who was still looking quite anxious and smiled to himself. Hinata no doubt liked him, but he knew he could talk to her about anything.

Looking up at Sasuke he gave him a slightly pouty face which was ignored. Huffing angrily he returned to his test. He made a mental note to ask Hinata or her cousin Neji for help. Neji might pretend to be better than everyone else, but Naruto knew that he could count on him, just not like he could count on Hinata to keep to on the down low that he just happened to like a teacher, and that teacher just happened to be a guy.

He frowned to himself at this, and answered the next question. What he was reading didn't really seem to make sense, but he still answered it, even if it was just picking a random answer.

Shaking his head, his blonde, messy hair was actually quite noisy and within seconds, Hinata's eyes were locked on him, but so were someone else, yet when he glanced up no one, but her, was looking at him. This unnerved him slightly and only added to his frustration as he picked another answer at random.

"Fuck, this is hard," he muttered under his breathe.

Hinata seemed to have heard because her eyes widened as they darted quickly over to him and back to the test.

Ino and Shikamaru were first to finish, and of course they are the other two with the top grades. He didn't understand how they could finish so fast, and make amazing grades when he's be working his ass off until close till the end of class.

Hinata's tongue poked out the side of her mouth in concentration as she neared the end of the test, but not before a few of the idiots finished up as well. By then she had started biting her bottom lip and her eyes were darting furiously here and there all over the single last page of the test, worry obvious in her eyes.

Naruto had become so engrossed in that, that he had forgotten to be working on hi own test. Quickly returning to it, he noticed that he only had thirty minutes left. This test was hard, well, for him anyway, and he didn't want to turn this in incomplete. He needed as much time as he could get.

Twenty-five minutes later he was on the final question when he felt those mystery eyes on him a again. Jerking his head up and looking around, he noticed thatr they were gone once more. Pouting he answered the final question with yet another guess and turned it in on Sasuke-sensei's dest, where he pointed to the table in the opposite corner of the room, where his homework awaited him.

Groaning inwardly, he trudged over there and tried to ignore the eyes that had come back. He picked it up and returned to his desk in silence, when he finally looked around again. He felt like a mouse being stalked by a predator. What scared him most was that he didn't know who it was.

He decided to ignore it, knowing that as soon as he turned to look, they'd be gone.


"Hinata!" He yelled as she met with her cousin Neji outside the school gates.

She turned around and blushed furiously, while her cousin just met him with a steady gaze. "N-Naruto-kun," she said quietly as she shuffled her feet and pressed to of her fingers together.

He nodded to Neji before grabbing both of Hinata's hands, which nearly made her faint. "Hinata, I need you!" he whined.

This caused the blush to grow, as impossible as it may seem, and Neji to take a step forward aggressively. Whether he was being possessive of Hinata or jealous that Naruto had chosen her over him, we maybe will never know, but this made Naruto realize his missuse of words so he clarified himself.

"I mean, I need your help with something."

Hinata was still blushing and her eyes wandered down him, looking for the "problem".

Giving up, Naruto scowled and said, "Since when have you been so perverted?" Not giving her the chance to respond he said, "Come with me!" which still triggered only another perverted thought.

Poor Neji was left behind, flustered.


Reaching somewhere safe to talk he shut the door behind him and looked at her very seriously. "Hinata I think I'm in love with-"
She fainted before he was finished however, and he had to resort to shaking her roughly and screaming, "Hinata! Hinata! Wake up! I'm not done! Why do you always faint?"

People passing the janitor's closets gave it strange looks and gossiped it hushed tones to their friends. Of course Naruto was too stupid to notice what he was saying and it gradually got worse to where when Sasuke-sensei passed by and opened the door Naruto just happened to be yelling, "Hinata! Why did you faint? I can't be that boring! I need you!"

Sasuke-sensei coughed, jolting Naruto away from trying to wake Hinata up. "It-it's not what you think! I swear!"

"It had better not," he said coldly.

Naruto laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head while Sasuke searched him with calculating onxy eyes. Sighing he said, "Well, it's Hinata. I don't think she'd do something like that, so I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and leave you two alone to finish your "discussion"."

Walking out of the closet, a smirk rose to his face. He finally had a plan for his own little "problem".

Back in the closet...

With one final shove Hinata woke, her face turning back to red and her nearly fainting again. Naruto had to keep shaking her to make sure she listened this time.

She stared at him in a daze as he began to say once more who he was in love with. All she really heard was "love" though, so his method was obviously not working, but it took until after her lavender eyes rolled into the back of her head.

Giving up with the nicessities he slapped her and said, "Hinata, wake the fuck up and quit fucking fainting!"

Opening her eyes, her hand flew to her cheek, and she looked up at him with sad eyes, brimming with tears.

His eyes softened and he looked away, immediately feeling bad that he'd made her cry. "Um, sorry. You weren't listening to me when I saidthatIwasinlovewithSasuke-sensei. (said that I was in love with Sasuke-sensei.)" he said swiftly, hoping she wouldn't faint, once again.

Unfortunately for them both, Neji chose that moment to burst in the janitor closet, his blood boiling. He dragged Hinata out of the closet with Naruto screaming, "Text me! My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx," and Hinata nodding.

Naruto sunk down, and looked at the ground, wallowing in self pity. He hadn't gotten to talk to Hinata, and what's more, he didn't know how long Neji had been listening in on "their" conversation. He really didn't want to piss him off. It could end quite badly.


Waiting for Hinata to text him, he slowly drifted to sleep. His dreams were only of Sasuke-sensei. They were twisted dreams. Some had Sasuke-sensei being some kind of raven he would dive repeatedly at Naruto. His beak would peck him harshly on the head, and Naruto would break down. Others had him as a mentally-insane person that nailed Naruto the ground and cut him repeatedly. Many envolved sex, but it was mostly rape, so Naruto was more scared than over-joyed.

His heart near jumped out of him chest when his phone finally rang about an hour later.

"Hinata!" he yelled into the phone. "Didn't I tell you to text me?"

Hinata quietly said, "I don't really like texting. It's much easier to call people when having a longer discussion. Oh, and I explained everything to Neji. Unfortunately he knows who you like, fortunately he won't tell, but he's kinda' brooding in his room. I wonder if he had a crush on you too!" She giggled softly and Naruto blushed.

"Hey! I don't know about that... but can we at least talk about what I wanted to?"

Hinata agreed, and Naruto began with, "So you, um, saw what happened in class right?"

Hinata slowly answered yes because she didn't know if she was supposed to answer since she had been in the middle of it.

Naruto nodded and continued, "Well, um, after that, someone kept staring at me, but I'd turn around and no one would be looking. Did you see someone or am I paranoid?"

Hinata made a "hmm" sound then said, "Well I saw Sasuke-sensei looking at you occationally, but..."

"Sasuke-sensei? Probably checking to see if I was cheating..."

"More like raping you with his eyes," Hinata whispered.

"What?" Naruto asked.

"Nothing, nothing," Hinata said, chuckling nervously.

Suddenly, Hinata shrieked at Neji because he had stolen her phone. "She said that he was raping you with his eyes. " He sounded very annoyed for some reason.

"Um, that's creepy... I don't want to be raped! I just want plan normal... wait! What the hell! Neji, get off the phone! What did you do with Hinata?"

On the other end of Naruto's rant...

Neji was freaking out, what kind of pervert is Naruto? He just opened admitted to wanting sex... with another guy. I mean, sure he's was in the closet today, but this was sure no way to come out of it!

Why the hell is Hinata talking to this? Why the hell doesn't Naruto like me! (Okay so now we know...) Neji had to pause and think for a second. Why doesn't Naruto like me? Now he was coming out of the closet to himself... What was this? Some kind of virus? Next thing you know, Kiba, Shikamaru, and Lee are gonna come out of the closet too!

Neji continued his mental onslaught towards himself, and Naruto continued his rant, while Hinata sat on her bed staring at Neji making strange faces and listening to the obsene words flowing from her phone, since at sometime it had been put on speaker.

Taking her phone back, she said, "Naruto, I have to go, you and Neji are both freaking out and it's really quite bothersome. Goodnight."

... Now at school...

Naruto sat at his desk, staring glumly at his notebook. He'd been doodling in it, just waiting for class to start when in came Sasuke-sensei.

He looked really pissed. He held up his hand to halt any and all questions and said, "No, you will not be getting your tests back, but Naruto, you are the only one who failed the test. You will be staying after school to make it up."

Naruto groaned and nodded, as Sasuke-sensei turned his back to his students, a devious smirk planted firmly on his face.

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