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After School...

Naruto was waiting for Sasuke-sensei to enter the room, and he was quite hungry, so he pulled out his wheat thins. His eyes darting from side to side, he slowly brought one closer to his mouth when...

"I wouldn't if I were you," Sasuke-sensei said as he stood in the doorway. Briskly, he walked over to Naruto, leaned over the desk, and ate the wheat thin, taking it right out of his fingers with his mouth. This was very awkward because it had to have been less than an inch away from Naruto's own mouth. Sasuke-sensei only smirked when it caused a blush to rise to Naruto's face.

He turned away to retrieve a test from his desk. Walking slowly he racked his mind for what to do next. He picked up the test, walked up to, and slid it onto Naruto's desk.

Rolling up Naruto's sleeves he checked for "cheating" once again. The look on Naruto's face was priceless, as he pulled up his jacket, and his shirt just happened to come up with it. He trailed a finger up his abdomen (because that is totally normal...) and smirked as Naruto let out a soft moan.

Pulling the shirt back down, he got up and walked over to his desk and sat down. He watched out of the corner of his eye as Naruto looked at him, disappointed. He almost, almost chuckled.

Naruto snuck his phone out of his jacket pocket and texted Kiba. It said: B here at 4:30 5ish.

Sasuke saw this, but ignored it for the time being. He figured he just had to arrange a ride or something, but the next time it came out, Naruto wouldn't have a phone. 'Wait a second, if he arranged for a ride, which means I only have so long to do what needs to be done. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.'

Sitting patiently, he waited for the answer to come to him when he heard crunching sounds.

Glancing out the corner of his eye, he saw Naruto not-so-secretly smuggling wheat thins into his mouth. He must be one heck of an idiot if he thinks Sasuke-sensei can't hear him, or he's really quite deaf, either way it gave Sasuke-sensei an idea.


Finishing his test, Naruto stretched and said, "I'm done Sasuke-sensei!" He smiled and pranced over to his desk. He laid the test down and began turning to leave when he saw Sasuke-sensei wave him over.

Walking sullenly over to him, Naruto stared down at him expectantly. "Well?"

Sasuke-sensei looked at him and commanded him to come closer. Naruto leaned down and Sasuke-sensei leaned up and licked the corner of Naruto's mouth before settling back into his chair, looking up at Naruto and licking his own lips seductively. "There were crumbs."

Naruto just stared at him and blinked a few times before finally giving in. He brought his mouth to Sasuke-sensei's (A/N This is the point where I give up. To hell with it! Sasuke-sensei doesn't deserve to be called "sensei" anymore, that and it is too much of a hassle. T-T) and was horrified when not only was he not rejected and scorned, but Sasuke actually smirked into the kiss and grabbed Naruto's ass only to promptly sit him in his lap. Naruto gasped, which only enabled Sasuke to stick his tongue into Naruto's mouth. His eyes widened in fear, and he tried to escape Sasuke, but to no avail. He only tightened his grip on Naruto in one place or another.

Squeezing his eyes shut, Naruto felt Sasuke slowly tease his tongue, inviting it out to play. There was only so much Naruto could take before he gladly began to fight back, but not before Sasuke had explored every part of Naruto's mouth, marking it as his own.

Pulling out of the kiss, Sasuke slowly worked his way down Naruto's neck, placing small, delicate kisses, or tiny nips here and there, but as he reached Naruto's collar bone, he bit down harder than he had in other places. This, in turn, caused Naruto to let out a small moan, which led to him immediately covering his mouth, shocked at the noise he had just made. That only encouraged Sasuke as he continued exploring Naruto's body.

After pulling off his own tie, Sasuke began working on Naruto's button-up shirt. Getting frustrated, Sasuke literally ripped off the shirt, causing buttons to go flying off in every which direction, and Naruto to emit a soft yelp of indignance.

Sasuke smirked happily, but was such an impatient (contrary to prior information) person. He wanted to see Naruto go crazy... and no not his normal crazy. He traced the strange marking on Naruto's stomach for a second before sliding his hand down to his pants. Unbuttoning them and not ripping it this time for there were not as many buttons on pants, as we all know.

Sasuke leaned forward and started kissing on Naruto's neck, but was soon alarmed as Naruto got off of his lap. His sense of apprehension faded as Naruto got onto his knees on the floor in front of him. He looked up at Sasuke, daring him to say something as he unbuttoned Sasuke's pants. (A/N Please remember that Sasuke still has his shirt on, and Naruto still has his pants on. And MAYBE something magical will happen. /) Sasuke remained silent, staring at him, well glaring... kind of, as Naruto pulled off his pants, underwear, socks and shoes all in one go. (Now that takes talent. ;P)

Naruto leaned forward and gulped, as he regretted his decision. What the hell had he been thinking?! He breathed out, "Holy fuck," before licking the head, worriedly. It was now obvious that he had not been thinking, as he licked delicately along one of the sides, and then attempted to take the whole thing in his mouth only to fail and break into a fit of coughing. This caused Sasuke to chuckle and smile briefly. This mesmerized Naruto and he stared at him until Sasuke glanced at him curiously, and thus the spell was broken.

Leaning back down he decided to make a final attempt. He began licking the tip and slowly took the head in his mouth. He sucked on it lightly before slowly taking in more and more. His tongue danced lightly along the hot flesh.

He could feel it pulsating in his mouth as he slowly moved his head up and down. He stopped momentarily to kiss and lick the tip. He could tell that Sasuke was close as he took the entire thing in his mouth one more time. His eyes looked up at Sasuke as he shot his load into his mouth. Removing his mouth from Sasuke's dick he swallowed and sexily licked the drops that had made its way to his upper lip.

Sasuke just glared at Naruto before he finally got back on Sasuke's lap. Naruto tugged on Sasuke's collar with his teeth, as he actually unbuttoned Sasuke shirt, slowly.

At this time Sasuke decided to finish what he had been working on before Naruto's unexpected "gift".

Naruto wrapped his legs around Sasuke and the desk chair, kicking off his shoes and pulling off his socks with his toes in the matter of seconds.

Sasuke pulled off Naruto's pants and underwear. As Naruto wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck, Sasuke slid a finger into Naruto. Naruto let out a soft moan. He was a little scared but Sasuke was going slow at least. (Brave last thoughts Naru-kun...)

Sasuke hated this, plus he had no idea when Naruto's ride was getting here. He picked up Naruto, and he put him down facing the desk. Naruto looked over his shoulder as Sasuke was getting on his knees. He only managed a half-hearted, "Wha-?" before Sasuke's tongue slid its way into Naruto's tightened hole.

Naruto gripped the other side of the desk, creating nail marks that Sasuke would have some difficulties explaining. Moans escaped Naruto as he arched his back from the pleasure Sasuke's tongue was giving him.

He removed his tongue and replaced it with two fingers, scissoring his insides and smirked as he listened to all the sweet sounds Naruto was making. He inserted another finger and felt Naruto tighten around them, sliding them in and out again several times and picked up the pace when he felt Naruto tighten even more. He finally withdrew them after Naruto came and without giving him a chance to recover he drove his hard cock deep into Naruto who let out a soft shriek. "St-stop! Too... big..."

He ground his teeth and let out a soft sob. Sasuke stopped,( as hard as it may have been for him) and looked down at Naruto worriedly. He was panting heavily and tears were coming from his eyes.

"Are you okay?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto nodded, and replied, "Y-you can move..."

Pulling out slowly he pushed back in fast, hoping it wouldn't bother Naruto too much, and it didn't. After a few more thrusts Naruto made a noise that was more intense that the others by far.

"Th-there!" he choked out, as he was drowning in the pools of ecstasy.

Sasuke smirked deviously as he continued pounding into him, hitting his sweet spot repeatedly. This caused Naruto to cry out in bliss. "Sasuke! I'm coming!" Pants filled the air as he quickly neared his climax. With one final cry of Sasuke's name he came all over Sasuke's desk, important documents and all.

Sasuke grunted with effort in one final thrust as he filled Naruto with his seed.

...(I hate myself right now. That was hidious. NOW- 2 minute time skip because I don't know where to go from here.)

Naruto laid his head on Sasuke's chest and happily popped a wheat thin into his lover's mouth.

Sasuke smiled graciously as he asked, "So do you want to know what you got on the test the first time?" and fed a wheat thin to Naruto in return.

Naruto nodded quickly as he chewed.

"You made a 100."



It wasn't worth the wait, but my laptop crashed and I still am unable to get on my laptop, and I would not dare have written this on the family computer. Therefore it has been stuck on there for the past year waiting to be uploaded. T^T

I had two alternate ending, but I forgot one. The one I remember is~

Neji burst into the classroom as Sasuke was pulling out of Naruto. His eyes lit with fury he said, "I hate closets! Damn it!"

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