What you are holding in your hands is history in the making. Well, technically, history has already been made and it has been made by this product that you are holding in your hands. This is the Garth Marenghi Electronic Omnibus Reader. The E-Oeuvre. This is the only Electronic Reader or "E-reader" available with enough memory to hold all of my books. I know what you're thinking, "But Mr. Marenghi," please, you can call me Garth! "But, Garth, you've written two novels since the E-Oeuvre was created. Where can I store those electronic or 'E-books' if my E-Oeuvre is already full?" That's a good question and I am happy to answer it. We'll be rolling out the E-Oeuvre II this spring. That will be a completely empty version of the E-Oeuvre onto which you will be able to download all my future books. And don't worry! The E-Oeuvre III is already in the works!

To celebrate this new technology, I have written an original novel based on my television show, "Darkplace" which was murdered and buried by the studio for nearly two decades. Follow the links and hypertext in the story to discover exciting features such as original music, me whistling the score, scans of the original manuscript and so much more. These features will only be available in this story as it would be bloody hard to go through and do all that for old stories. I do have a life ya know!

Just kidding.

With love and respect,

Garth Marenghi