The Event

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: This is Season Two. I may or may not use ideas throughout. Except for Blaine. No Blaine At All.

Summary: Kurt gives McKinley an Event that nobody will ever forget.

Pairings: Kurt/Puck

The Event

Kurt reached out and slowly opened the door. He immediately felt the wind hit his face. He could smell everything in the breeze. He stepped through the door and waited for it to slam shut. He pushed it hard to make sure it was close.

He looked down at his feet. He was standing on concrete. A few rocks. He looked around. Bits of rocks, and glass.

He looked straight ahead. A huge tree leaned over. He closed his eyes and takes a deep breath.

He begins walking. Everything is noticeable. The rocks crunching under his weight, his shoes. The smell of todays lunch. He could hear the usual crowd.

He let a tear escape his eye.

I have to do this.

He stepped up the the edge of building. He looked over. The McKinley High school parking lot was three stories below him. A crowd was already gathering, pointing up at him. A few gasps, even one scream.

Let's give them a show.

glee glee glee glee glee glee glee glee


Puck was walking through the hallway of McKinley. He kept his eyes focused on the Latina that is Santana. She walked in front of him.

"Hey dude."

He averted his eyes as Finn ran up.

"What dude?"

Finn pulled out a flyer.

"Did you get one of these?"

Puck took the flyer and looked at it.

You wanna show?

This is the biggest event of McKinley history.

You won't want to miss this!

Classes get out at 2:55, be there at 3:00

McKinley Parking Lot

The words were printed in white on black paper.

"What is this?" Puck asked.

Nothing else was on the paper.

"I don't know. They're in every locker, on every bulletin board, and everyone got a mass text." Finn said pulling out his phone. The message was the same.

"Who put them up?" Puck asked as he gave Finn the flyer back.

"No one knows. I've asked everybody. Quinn asked Coach Sylvester and even she doesn't know."

"Dang. This must be big then." Puck exclaimed.

"Yeah. You going?" Finn asked.

"I guess. I mean if everyone's going." Puck said as he reached his locker.

Finn stopped right next to him. "Cool. See you in about an hour."

Puck smirked as his friend wandered off.

All throughout seventh period, everyone was talking about 'the event'.

What could it be? Nothing school official, so that's a plus. Not a cheerio thing. No football.


It was sixth period and his phone vibrated. Finn went to slide it out of his pocket, but the bell rang.

I'll get it later.

He stepped out of his sixth period.

Just one more class. Maybe Kurt will make pancakes when we get home.

He reached his locker and opened it. Inside was a folded up, black flyer.

A secret admirer?

Finn opened the paper.

Sweet. Wonder what it is?
He got his books and went into another hallway. He spotted Puck.

"Hey dude."


Mercedes opened her phone as soon as it vibrated. She read the texted message. She turned to Tina. The girl read the message as well.

They turned the corner of the hallway.

"What do you think it is?" Tina asked.

"No clue. Maybe Kurt will know. He knows everything. Where is he by the way?" Mercedes asked as she looked through the students.

"I Sam him this morning, but he wasn't at lunch." Tina answered.

They waved hi to Artie before entering seventh period.


She smirked as she walked down the hallway. She could feel his eyes burning into her.

If Brittany's busy tonight, then hello Puckasaurus.

She turned the corner and opened her locker.

Brittany pranced up to her.

"Hey Brit. What are you doing tonight?" Santana asked as she looked at the blonde girl.

"I'm buying Lord Tubbington some nictonie patches. His smoking is getting bad.

Santana smiled and shook her head.

"Anyways. Have you seen Kurt? I want to know if they have designer patches." Brittany asked.

Santana smiled. "No I haven't. Why don't you find Aretha or goth girl? They should know."

Brittany smiled. "Okay."


"I'll be back."

"No." Quinn said as she turned away from him.

Sam caught up to her as she walked through the crowd.

"Come on. I thought it was good." Sam said with a smile.

Quinn turned on him.

"Listen to me. Stop with the stupid impressions or you and I are over." She turned and walked away.

What a witch?

Sam turned and almost ran into Artie.

"Hey Artie. Sorry about that."

Artie smiled. "Don't worry. What's wrong with Quinn?"

"She doesn't like my impressions."

"Maybe you should ease up on them. She's not used to the non popular stuff." Artie explained.

"You're probably right. We should get to class."


She spotted Quinn and raced after her.

"So Quinn-"

"Goodbye Rachel."


"Other Asian." Sue yelled at him.


"Maybe you need another impression?" Artie suggested.

Sam sighed. "I'll think about it. See you after school."

Sam went into his class. He rolled past a waving Tina and Mercedes before reaching his class.


"Hey Brittany." Tina said as the blonde ran up to her and Mercedes.

"Hey. Have guys seen Kurt? I need his help." She asked sweetly.

"Afraid not. We haven't seen him." Tina admitted.

Brittany just smiled.

"That's fine." And she ran out of the room.


"Other Asian."
The blonde smiled as Mike ran down the hallway away from Sue.

"Once Preggers. Come here." Sue yelled.

"Yes coach." Quinn said sweetly.

"What do you know about this event after school?" She demanded to know.

"All I know is that it was texted, posted, tweeted, blogged, shoved into every locker, and put on every bulletin board in this school."

"You need to find out who did this." She said as she scared some freshmen.

"Show up and see. That's all I can say." Quinn said as she smirked and walked away.

She could feel coach glaring at her.


She skipped out of Mercedes and Tinas class.

I need to find my dolphin. Maybe he'll be at the event thingy that everyones talking about.

She sat down in the middle of the hallway. She stayed like that until the bell rang. She got up excitedly. She spotted Santana.

"Santana. I hope Kurt will be at the big event."

Santana smiled. "Sure. Let's go check it out."

They followed the students as they piled into the parking lot. Everyone was looking around to see where 'the event' was.

Brittany smiled as the glee club surrounded her.

"Do any of you guys know what this is?" Finn asked.

"Nope, maybe dolphin knows. Is that why he's up there?" Brittany asked.

Santana turned towards her.

"What did you say?"

"My dolphin. He's up there. See." She pointed to the rooftop.


He stepped towards the ledge. Gasps, a scream. He looked over the edge of the building.

Let's give them a show.

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