The Event

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: This is Season Two. I may or may not use ideas throughout. Except for Blaine. No Blaine At All.

Summary: Kurt gives McKinley an Event that nobody will ever forget.

Pairings: Kurt/Puck

The Event


"I was never bullied until Sophomore year. Before then, I was pretty much invisible. Not even worthy of being bullied." Artie reaches up to adjust his glasses. "Then I joined glee club where I was immediately put onto every bullies map. Just after a week of the club being organized by Mr. Shuester, I was locked in a porta-potty by the jocks."

Frowns crosses several faces.

"You see, the jocks rule this school. They can get away with almost everything. Luckily, I was saved by a jock converted glee club member. Now granted he still bullied others, he kind of slacked off on us." Artie grins at Finn. "Then I got my first slushy." He shivers at the old memory. "Now being in a wheelchair, I would never expect that, but it happened." He lets out a shaky breath and puts on his pouty face. Real tears fall down his face. "I mean I thought I suffered enough with my accident. But they had to come along and continue to ruin my already ruined existence."

Artie choked on his tears and stopped talking. Tina ran from her chair and hugged him. Mercedes was right behind her with a tissue.

So far, the School Board all wore faces of guilt and shame for letting this happen under their noses.


"Hi everyone, my name is Rachel Berry and I am the star of the New Directions." Puck gives her a glare. She nods and continues. "Anyways, I, like many others, have been subjected by the high school social class known as 'jocks'." She made air quotes with this word. "Since Freshmen year, I have endured the slushies. But the slushies got worse once I signed up for the school glee club." Her smile slowly drops. "Those slushies were so embarrassing. You were sticky and you smelled bad afterwards. My friends and myself had to start bringing extra pairs of clothes to the school just so we could make it through the day without being sent home from our studies." She glances at Finn. "But then Finn Hudson, high school quarterback joined the club." Finn blushes. "We thought we were fine then, having one of McKinley's best in our group."


"I started getting slushied. Apparently being a jock didn't help anymore once I joined the glee club. And I was fine with that. I thought that many of the other jocks were my friends, but the guys in glee club were. They helped me through everything."


"How many in this room have been slushied?"

Everyone in the witness section rose a hand. Others behind them rose their hands.

The woman's eyebrows shot up. "Very well. Next."


"At the beginning of Sophomore year, I joined glee club to be with my boyfriend, and then I found out I was pregnant." She looked to the school board for sympathy. "And they slushied me. A pregnant woman. You have no idea how terrified I was about the chemicals soaking through my pregnant body and possibly causing problems for my child." She sniffed and continued on. "I was the head cheerleader. I had everything. But once I joined glee club, a group that everyone deems as losers, I was immediately a loser. For doing something that I loved. Singing."


"Now most of these people will tell you that I'm not the nicest person in the world." A few people chuckled. "And I was Second HBIC here. Right after Quinn. So I thought I was safe. I myself, have never thrown a slushie at anyone. My bullying was through my words. I'm just a clever conniving woman and that's who I'll always be." She shrugs. "I honestly have toned it down once I joined my friends in glee club. I felt safe there. Loved. Do you know what it's like to feel loved?" She asks the board. A few nod their heads. "well being in glee, I slowly had my harsh exterior ripped away and I was able to have feelings without being ashamed of who I am. My glee family helped me. Sure to everyone else we were losers, but we were happy with one another." She takes a deep breath. "I slowly realized that I was in love with someone. My friend Brittany." She ignored the gasps and faces of disgust. "And through and unfortunate circumstance, the school found out. This was when I received my first slushie. not for being in glee club, but for being in love. For not caring about the gender of the person I loved." Her voice came out shaky. "And it's not fair. To be criticized at every turn for loving someone."


"We have heard over fifty cases so far as evidence of the bullying that has occurred here in McKinley. We however have one more and would like to inform you all that Kurt Hummel has agreed to testify."


"Breathe." Puck whispered. "Breathe."

Kurt nods to his boyfriend as he stands up.


He can feel every eye, every camera on him. He lets out a deep breath as he sits down in the chair beside the School Board's table.

"You may begin."

Be brave.

He looks up and catches Puck's eye. He nods. Behind him, all of New Directions are smiling and nodding at him with encouragement.

His father sits behind them. He has a few tears streaking down his face.

Kurt squeezes his eye shut.

You can do this. Imagine all of the people this can help. Wouldn't you have wanted someone to do this for you?

"Mr. Hummel. Are you ready?"

Kurt opens his eyes and looks up at the School Board.

"Sorry. It's just . . . my story is a very long one. A difficult one." He takes a breath.

"Whenever you're ready Mr. Hummel."

Kurt nods and stares at his audience.

"I used to be like everybody else. I played with toys, watched Power Rangers one the weekends, and I was the typical boy down the street." He gulps. "Then I turned eight. My life couldn't have been any different. I had a loving mother and a caring father." He smiles at the memory, and then frowns. "Two weeks after my eight birthday, my father tells me that my mother was diagnosed with cancer. At that age, all I knew was that my mom was sick. Then . . ." He keeps his eyes open, to hold back all of the tears. "Three months later, my mother dies. I was so sad. But thanks to her, I am who I am today." He takes a second to shift in his seat. "My mom told me to be who I wanted to be. And all my life I loved fashion. It took her death to make me wear fashion. Now I might have gotten away through high school without everyone knowing my secret, but me wearing fashionable clothes didn't. So once my mother died, and I got into fashion, I also got my first first fashion choice, based on my mother's final words, gave me my first bully for dressing like a girl."

Kurt chokes back a sob.

You can do it.

He lifts his head back up, unashamed of the tears on his face.

"The worst I got were a few shoves and name-calling. But then I entered high school. McKinley High. On my first day, I got my first dumpster toss, slushie facial, shoulder check, and swirlie. On my first day mind you. Because I dressed all girly. So throughout high school, up until a few weeks ago, I had to go through all of this. And there was more than just dressing girly.


He looks back at the camera's. "I'm gay."

The room remains silent. Afraid to interrupt him.

"Now the glee club had four jocks, one pregnant chick, and a kid in a wheelchair. Do you really expect me to be treated differently. No. In some ways, I was treated worse. I couldn't hang out with the guys . . . because they were afraid they'd catch the gay. I couldn't go to the locker rooms for gym because everyone was afraid that I would molest them. I had to wait until the room was clear." He chuckles. "I hate that. I hate how everyone thinks that if you're gay, you're automatically out for every guy that comes along, gay or not. The general public makes us all out to be animals or something." He let's out a shaky breath. "Anyways, I was continued to be bullied. Some bullies eventually became friends." He smiles at Puck. "Now, there came a point, and I was pushed so far." Kurt clenches his teeth. "It pushed me to the point of wanting to commit suicide.

Come on. You have to tell. Do it.

"The day before I tried to commit suicide, was a normal day. I woke up, went to class, I went to glee club. A normal day." Kurt squeezes his eyes shut as the memories come back. "I stayed behind in glee because I wanted to practice for our assignment that week. I've done it dozens of times before with no problem. Except that day. That day happened to be the day that my bullies decided to do the unthinkable."

He stops and put his face in his hands.

I can't do this. You have to. But my dads here. I know, but you have to do this.

He lets out a shaky breath and sits up. Puck, his dad, and New Directions are on the edge of their seats. Kurt wipes the tears from his face.

"I will make a statement and file charges after this is all over." The confused faces stare at him. "There were three jocks. When they first came into the choir room, I thought that they were just going to call me the usual names, push me, and then leave. But they didn't." He lets out a shaky breath."Two of them held me down while the third began to . . . touch me." He ignored the reaction. He couldn't even look at his dad or Puck.

"They didn't really get far. A group of teachers walked down the hall at that time and scared them off." He chuckles. "That's when I realized. I couldn't believe that it got to that point, but there was only one way to go from there, and I wasn't going to go through that. I wasn't going to let myself be . . . raped."

Breathe. Remember. You're doing this for those who can't.

"The teachers never react to my reports of being bullied, and I wasn't going to tell anyone that I was almost raped. So I decided to commit suicide, but anyone that knows me, knows I like to make a show out of things. I wanted to show all of my bullies and the other victims about how far and how serious things have become."

He takes a deep breath and looks at Coach Sylvester. "I was an ex-Cheerio, so I used my old key to break into Coach Sue's office. I made my flier, and then put it in every locker. I used the school database to send a mass text to all of the students with the same information. And I have friends in the AV Club who've taught me a few things over the years. I got into the school security system and removed the footage from me bing at the school and replaced it with empty archive footage from the night before. My plan was full-proof.I can't remember most of what I said that day. I'm sure that there's a few videos out there that can show you.""

He looks to Puck. Fear, shock, sadness. "I was saved though. I mean, who would have thought that a former bully would have saved me. But this bully was different. He got to know me through glee club. I became a friend and this bully was no longer a bully. He's no longer a friend either. He's my boyfriend." Kurt added when Puck's face dropped. Kurt stands up. "I am no longer here as a victim. I am here as a survivor. I hope that this school can join me in surviving this terrible world where all we want to do, is fit in."

The room was in an uproar. Cameramen and woman began talking into their cameras about his story. Many of the girls, and a few boys, were in tears. The School Board looked shaken.

Kurt finds himself in his fathers arms, crying. Puck was hovering a few feet away.

"I'm sorry daddy."

"It's okay bud. It's okay."


Kurt takes Puck's hand and they sit back in their seats. Burt stands at his seat. He's not the only one.

The School Board rises. The woman to the right clears her throat.

"We have heard many, powerful testimonies today. All testifying against the school. The School Board has decided that a Zero Tolerance, No Bullying Policy will be instated."

Kurt's ears were crushed. The room was in an uproar. Kurt's arms were full of friends, schoolmates, Coach Sue, Puck.

Kurt smiles up at his boyfriend. "Hey."

"Hey." Puck presses his forehead against Kurt's. "You did it."

"No. We all did it." Kurt whispers.

Puck smiles. "Do you have any idea about how brave you are?"

Kurt chuckles. "Tell me about it.

Puck lifts his hand and runs it through Kurt's hair.

"You are so perfect. Special."

Kurt leans up and kisses him.

Puck slams the door behind them.

Kurt sighs in relief. "It's good to be home."

Puck chuckles and heads to the kitchen, Kurt following.

"Do you wanna guess on how long it will take for them to get out of my yard?"

Puck sits down. "As soon as they get their interviews with you."

Kurt sits down next to him. "Dad's been answering their calls and making appointments. I'll have a busy week next week." He takes Puck's hand. "So until then, we have an empty house and I want to spend every waking moment with my beautiful, supporting, boyfriend."

Puck kiss him. "Me to."

Kurt stands up and pulls Puck to his bedroom.

"Now why don't we make an event out of it."

Puck's face drops as he watches Kurt slowly strip as he walks down the steps into his room.

Puck follows with his dopey grin.

So yeah. I suck at endings. Anyways, there might be a sequel. Based on school life with the Policy in place and how bullies get around that. And how certain bullies get revenge on Kurt for telling the police about almost raping him. I also might have a little excerpt of Kurt's testimony in the choir room. I don't know. What do you think? Please review and critique every single thing that I have written. I love reviews.