"Wind Spell"

It took her some moments to guess that the wind wasn't being its usual self that night. However, this time, instead of yelling the snack-bar girls to run over to the closest shed, which was a few metres away, she stood still, staring at the sky, thoughtfully.

This used to happen whenever an upcoming tornado caught her off-guard, when she wasn't with the rest of her fellow Twister-chasers on their pick-ups, with the adrenaline flowing quickly and wildly during the chase. Now, even if she was among them, she felt lonely, and alone at that precise moment.

And it was in those moments, when she was alone and the wind blowed strongly, that the strong, risky and intrepid woman turned into a little, defenseless girl that stares at the sky, knowing that things aren't well... but not knowing what's wrong.

Feeling like the little girl she had once been, she stared at the whirlpolling winds, feeling that something's wrong. Her adult self would start telling everyone to get to a safer place, but now, the little girl within took control over her. And so she stays, staring at the sky...

"That day the wind must have been funny, too", a voice speakes in her head. "A few moments before it happenned, though. The rest of the day must have been really dull and quiet", her adult-self corrected her own self, bitterly. No one had warned them. They couldn't do anything against it. She barely escaped. Her father couldn't. The twister had come right towards her, and ended up taking her father away from her.

"It came after me. It evaded so many houses, but not mine!", the voice whined.

She felt the strong breeze bumping into her. It remided her of that day. If only someone had warned them... only five minutes could have made the difference. With those five minutes, her father could have gotten into the basement safely, and she wouldn't have had to see how that twister caught him and took him away...

"Jo!", Billy's voice resounds in her head.

She stares at both sides, confused. Slowly, the spell breaks, and she starts to gain her adult-self consciousness again. Time starts flowing in the right way, and the little girl gives her place to the risky woman.

"Jo, come on!"

The spell's finally over. The little girl's now faded into the woman, who still yearns for her father, and doesn't want others to suffer what she did. Something has to be done about twisters. Someone has to warn the rest of the people, unaware of what's coming. It's time to get in action...

The End

Notes: just a small drabble about Jo's expression at that moment of the movie... hope you like it!