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That morning Conan knew something bad was going to happen. He could feel it. It was uncomfortable and during the way to school he was sure that someone was watching him. He looked back but didn't see anything.

"Conan-kun, are you okay?" Ran stopped and asked him.

"Yes Ran-neechan. It's nothing. I just saw a cat." It was a lame excuse but he didn't care. He had to act like a kid anyway so it didn't matter.

"But be careful, okay? You wander around all the time and I always get worried about you."

"Gomen Ran-neechan. I'll be off to school now, the bell's about to ring. See you after school." Conan smiled even though he couldn't get the feeling off his chest.

"Bye bye, Conan-kun." Ran said as she started walking towards to her high school. She watched Conan as he entered through the entrance. He looked so much like Shinichi when he was a kid. Ran always had doubts

about it but they were all proven wrong.

Maybe... maybe they were tricks. Couldn't Shinichi be tricking Ran with the help of Agasa-hakase so that she wouldn't figure out? That's ridicilous, she thought. What would be so big that he wouldn't tell me.

Maybe I miss Shinichi so much that I'm desperate to believe that Conan-kun is Shinichi.

Ran sighed and continued walking.

The man watched as the kid entered his school. So this is the punk who put my brother in prison, he thought to himself. He wondered how the kid could be so smart. That Conan kid had figured everything out in a matter

of minutes. It was probably because he was staying at that detective Mouri's house. He must've learned everything. But no. That kid had spoken like an adult. When -the man- (A/N: Yeah, sorry, it sounds kinda stupid but

I didn't want to give his name away right now.) went to visit his brother at the prison, he remembered what he'd said.

"I'm telling you, there's something about that kid called Conan. I want you to get revenge for me. You don't have to hurt him that much or anything but you have to get revenge. He has to didn't see what he did back


"What did he do, Aniki?"

"He started talking about how I killed Haruto-sama that an actual name? I just made it up...). I told him that I did indeed kill him but no one would believe that Conan kid even if he went to the police. And the thing that

punk did after is what freaked me out the most. He took a phone out of his pocket and spoke to it. He said: Did you hear that Megure-keibu, Takagi-keiji, Sato-keiji? I tried to get away from the exit before the police

arrived but that kid... THAT KID FREAKING KICKED A SOCCER BALL AT MY HEAD! I was out and when I came to, the police was there. Oh how much I'd love to rip that evil smile of victory his face..."

"But Aniki... do you have a plan?"

"You don't have to kill him or anything. All you have to do is get him and ask for ransom from Mouri's to run away from this country... It will be the best way to get money and revenge. We'll have enough money for

changing our names, credit cards, files..."

"I could do that... But how are you going to get out from here?" the man had asked his older brother.

"Oh, I've figured out a way to break out. All I have to do is..." and he had explained.

He walked towards the Mouri Detective Agency and checked the routes that the kid had taken. Where would be the best place to ambush him? He continued his way and stopped in front of the Agency. He looked up and

saw a young dark-skinned teen talking to Kogoro Mouri.

Isn't that...the great detective of the east, Heiji Hattori? (A/N: Yayy! Heiji's here! ^.^) What is he doing here? he thought to himself. He walked away and came to the school again. He entered a nearby bar and sat on one of

the tables.

"Would you like anything Mister?"

"No, arigato."

The man checked the contents of his bag once again, aware of what he was going to do. He took out a little bottle full of transparent substance and stared at it. It was hard enough to get it but it would be worth it. He

would do anything for his brother.


A/N: Well that didn't go as bad as I thought it would. It was pretty okay I think. If anyone's wondering the transparent substance, it's...chloroform! Yeah whenever I watch Detective Conan, I always wonder: WHERE THE


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Gomen = Sorry

Hakase = Professor

Keibu = Inspecter

Aniki = Big brother/Bro

Arigato = Thank you

Keiji = Officer