When he sat on the Baby dragon, he knew he had made a terrible mistake.

But there was no choice to go back. He looked back at the island, the last time he'd ever see it again.
"It's okay, your mission has been finished," Kazuma spoke, looking back at him with a look of
"You are no longer a hero."

He nodded. He had done his best. Whatever happens to the island was no longer his problem.
It was a cowardly move, to escape the island, but what was the point of risking his life for nothing?
His friends were gone, memories missing, what was the point?
The boy gazed at the moon, wondering what would happen next. . .

Misery had seen them leave, feeling guilt. She was forced to do the bidding of whomever wore the Demon Crown. That boy was her last hope for the curse to be broken. But... wasn't there a girl with him? She hadn't seen that blonde robot girl since the incident with the Core...

Wait-the Core...

Getting an idea of what happened, she teleported herself to the Core room, immediately getting drenched in water. She created a bubble around her to keep dry, and began to search the robot corpses for the bright blonde hair of... Curly Brace, was it?

She soon found her, lying limp on the ground, her hair drifting slowly in the waters current. The witch slowly made her way to the blonde android and picked her up. Misery looked around the room. There weren't any other blond robots. She carried the girl robot and teleported to the throne room. Misery took a closer look at Curly. There were no cuts on her face, no injuries, nothing. It looked like she fought the Core without even a scratch!

Misery took out a book about robots from the surface. The page on reviving a drowned robot read like this:

When a robot drowns, it shuts down to avoid any loss of data.
However, if it is not waken up within a month, all data and memory will be lost.
To wake a drowned robot, locate a plug at the foot.
Unplug it, and the water will come out.
The robot will wake up after a few minutes.

"That shouldn't be so hard. . ."

She suddenly had a thought. This thought became an idea, and the blue-haired woman smirked, chuckling darkly. This will work out perfect... she thought, disappearing from the Core along with the flooded female robot. She would work as a fine slave for my master... if I can fix her, that is...

Thoughts and scenarios passed through Misery's mind like traffic on a highway. She felt both compelled and hesitant to reveal the robot to the Doctor. She felt no heed to leave her to rot in the water...

In the end, She decided to present the robot to the Doctor. But first, she needed to be drained...


Soon after the procedure was complete, Curly Brace soon opened her eyes, clearly delirious and dazed. "Huh...? Where am I...?"

"Hello!" Greeted Misery, "You must be Curly Brace, yes? My lord wants to see you."

Curly recognized the witch at a glance. "Y-you! You took my children! Are they okay?" She wildly looked around the small room, sitting up in the bed she was lying on.

Misery reacted, and laid the robot back down. Misery nodded, but the truth was they had been subjects of the red flowers long ago. She needed a bribe to make sure the robot would listen the their commands. "The mimiga children are fine. If you want them back you should talk to the Doctor."

". . . I don't believe you one bit," Curly mumbled, crossing her arms.

"Oh, you'll see. Come with me."

Curly Brace hesitated. What could come of this? What would happen? She had a gut feeling that this would not turn up well... not at all... "Fine..." She whispered, and followed Misery. "But if those children aren't safe, I'll rip you limb from limb!"

Misery felt no regret. She just waved her staff, and the two females appeared at the Doctor's table. The man was leaning over the large limestone table, his hands working impatiently at a few red flowers, some crystals, and other materials that the robot couldn't identify.

"Misery" The Doctor huffed without raising his head to meet her gaze. "who is that with you?"

The blue haired woman smirked lightly. "Her name is Curly Brace. She is one of the robots that tried to stop our plans. The other one, that boy you saw at the warehouse, has fled to the mountains, so he will no longer be a problem."

"That's good news, Misery."

"Wait-WHAT?" Curly screeched, suddenly running away from Misery. The witch sighed, and the ball on her wand glowed blue, and the blonde android froze, and her body glowed in the same hue.

"You're not going anywhere, soldier from the surface." Misery scowled, throwing Curly toward her. Curly fell on her face in the process, and she simply lay there, feeling helpless.

How could you? She thought. You left me in that flooded room to die... Anger rose up, replacing the sadness. You only cared for yourself! You coward! Sniveling coward! She closed her eyes tightly, trying to calm herself down. She was saved, and she should be grateful, happy even, but that happy feeling was never felt since she saw her partner enter the room to the exit of the Labyrinth. He's gone now, and she only felt anger toward him now.

So that was it. The two robots that wanted to save the island were done in. I'm a prisoner of the villains, and my friend is gone. Who was going to save the Mimigas now?

The Doctor chuckled. "So, there are no one else to stop me now. The Mimigas are almost done with the red flowers. I still some work to do, though. Curly, I suspect you will help me, yes?"

"...I guess-"

"Perfect. Now, go! I have to do more experiments."

Misery transported the robot the the Plantation. The place was HUGE! It was like a ginormous field, dotted with the colors of green, brown, white, and red... wait... The Mimigas! They were growing red flowers without even a second thought!

Curly walked over to one of the farmers. "Hello" she started. The little white Mimiga looked up from the flowers he was growing. "why are you growing such things?" she fought to keep her voice steady, staring at the red flowers in horror.

"It's for the upcoming robot invasion! We will grow strong and beat those stupid robots with these flowers!"

Robot invasion...? There was no such thing like that happening! "Who told you about an invasion?" She cried, growing more and more shocked by the minute.

"The doctor, of course! What a kind and thoughtful man, helping us overcome the upcoming war!" He turned away from Curly, and hummed a cheerful tune, stroking the crimson demon petals as though they were a cat. To Curly, it was a very hostile and demonic cat.

So, the doctor was making them grow the flowers. Probably to take over the world!

When she tried talking to the others, they either ignored her or said basically the same thing as that other Mimiga did. The Doctor? Thoughtful? Her head spun. This is getting extremely confusing...

"Hey! You!" Curly turned around, and saw yet another Mimiga. But this one was... different. In some way... It was female, wore a blue sweater, and strange... she had an x-shaped scar on the bridge of her muzzle. She held a plow in her paws. "You think this isn't right, don't you?" She gestured toward the red flowers that grew everywhere. "It isn't right. My name is Sue. What's yours?"

Sue? How did that name...? "Sue...? D...do you know another..." She whispered the next word. "Robot?"

Sue thought for a moment, then nodded. "Yeah! I know him! That black-haired kid?" Curly nodded furiously. "Where is he?"

"He ran away! He was a coward! Flew off the Island on a sky dragon!"

If Sue could pale, her face would've done so. "S...sky dragon...? My brother! My brother ran off the Island too! I should've known! My brother is a huge coward!" Sue started to cry, but she rubbed the tears away.

Curly started to speak. "Hey, don't cry. I promise we'll find them again. In the meantime, we need to work together. Tell me why you're here, okay?" She smiled when the little Mimiga looked at Curly in the eye.

"I-I'm trying to look for my mom. She said that she was hiding around here, but I don't know where."

"Have you checked the walls?" Curly asked, tilting her head.


"I've hidden a few things in walls, and no one ever finds them," Curly proudly declared, grinning.

"...Huh. Well, there's this one random hole in the ground. Nothing's in it, but there's a weird colored block on the side. Do you think...?"

"That's what we need! Tell me where it is!"

Sue pointed to a spot a few steps away. It was a rather small pit, and there was strange gray blocks lining the pit as though it were something recently made. Curly jumped into the shallow pit. She motioned for the bunny to give her the plow.

"Okay..." Curly whispered, "One, two, three!" She struck the strange block with the plow. It collapsed with a hitch. "There, see?" The blonde android said with a grin. Sue scurried over to the hole Curly had created, looked at it for a moment, then leaped into the hole.

Meanwhile, one of the many Drolls was staring at the two, their beady black eyes sending chills up Curly's spine. Curly looked from Sue to the strange humanoid creature behind them, then quickly grabbed Sue.

"H-hey! What are you-?"

"SHHH!" Curly hissed, ripping her from the hole and holding her tightly, back toward the Droll. "People are watching us!" She whispered. Sue looked behind them and shreiked.


"Huh?" Curly turned around.


The next thing Curly knew, she was lying on the ground, dazed. She was losing consciousness quickly, and she saw Sue being dragged away by the Droll. The Mimiga squirmed, screaming something Curly couldn't understand.

"YROTS EVAC!" Sue screamed to Curly, all while squirming, trying to break out of the Droll's tight grip. "THE PASSWORD IS YROTS EVAC! YROTS EVAC, CURLY!" Sue soon disappeared into a room, and Curly fell unconscious...