A shadow cast over Curly as she looked up, only to be greeted by a grey boxy creature.

Balrog...? But why?

He landed in front of the robots, motioning for them to get on. "Hold on to my arm, you two! Hopefully, if there's enough time, we can get out of here!"

Curly grabbed on, too shocked to even ask why. She held Quote, praying that she wouldn't let go by accident.

"All right, hang on! I'm going to get you two outta here!"

Curly braced herself as Balrog leaped into the air, his head smashing through the ceiling. She held Quote tighty with one arm, and Balrog with the other; though her deep shock made her grip shaky.

She winced as her eyes met sunlight...

Climbing shakily to the top of Balrog's head, she saw that the gray box had wings where his arms would be.

Curly herself began to shudder; the shock settling in and messing with her mind.

"Hey, you alright up there?" Balrog asked.

Curly hardly heard him before she laid down completely and everything went black...

Back in Sand Zone, I cared for the Mimiga as if they were my children.
They are my precious children, and that's not going to change.

But now...

I just can't believe that he's dead. My dear friend. I miss him more than I miss my children. Are they even still alive?

Quote, I'm sorry that I ever hated you. I'm sorry I ever attacked you. I'm sorry... You don't know how sorry I am...




..."Hey, Curly! Come on, get up, blondie!" The familiar voice of Sue echoed around in her head.

With a small groan, Curly opened her eyes halfway; then closed them once more.

"Come ON!" She faintly felt a hand shake her. "You've been out for DAYS!"

She decided to ignore the voice, sleep taking over once more.



She knew that voice...

"Get up."

But he's dead. I must be hearing things.

She felt a hand grab hers. It felt... so right to her...

"If you can hear me, squeeze my hand..."

She tried, and realized just how weak she was. She could barely find the strength to squeeze the hand grabbing hers.

"Good... now open your eyes, Curly..."

She kept her eyes closed. "Don't worry, I'm sure I know who you are." she chuckled.

Curly felt something wet on her cheek. She sat up, eyes open.

The robot who sat in front of her looked so sad, trying to hold back tears.

"Oh, Quote..." she whispered, "Please don't cry. I'm sorry."

Quote quickly wrapped his arms around his friend and cried. "I..." He paused, trying to contain himself. "I wasn't strong enough, Curly... I left you alone to fight that monster... I left you in that Core room... Why did those humans bring me back to life...?!" He asked; half to himself. He felt crushed, his heart broken; in more ways than one.

Curly didn't know what to say. She remembered the last moments she had in the Core room, feeling worried and uncertain. She trusted Quote to save everybody, and he ran away. The robot felt sympathy for her friend.

She, too, had done horrible things.

"It's not your fault. Please, it's all in the past now." Curly spoke, with a hint of sadness in her tone. "I forgive you... Just... please, don't be so sad."

Quote was silent, his shoulders slumped. "..."

"Please, tell me what's wrong! I don't want you to be so burdened!" Curly begged. She just wanted him to be happy, for once.

"...I'm... I'm not a hero, Curly. You defeated Ballos, I died. I'm weak, Curly."

"Without you, I'd still be killing defenseless Mimigas!" She yelled. She narrowed her eyes, glaring at Quote.

Quote remembered what he saw in his nightmare. A robot, killing Mimiga without any remorse. It wasn't a dream, it was the truth.

"If you weren't there for me, we wouldn't be here right now! I was going to rot in the Labyrinth, with no hope of ever saving my children!" Curly shook her partner, trying to make him understand. "Don't you realize it?! If we had never met, the Mimiga would have perished, I would be helpless without my children, and you would've been another rusting robot in the Core room!"

Quote was speechless, and was staring at Curly with wide eyes as she began crying herself. She hugged Quote tight, like she did when he was dead.

"Quote, do you know how... broken I felt when I found out you were dead in the throne room? I was so mad at myself. I felt torn apart. I felt no will to live anymore. But..." She stared at Quote in the eyes. "But now that you're with me again. I feel... so happy. I... I like you... a lot, Quote..."


She gave no reply, embarrassed by her sudden confession.

Quote whispered something into her ear, nervous and shy.

"...Oh? Y-you too, Quote? Thank you..."

The two robots smiled happily.

"Quote!" The robot looked up to see Satou, Kanna, Tamaki, and Jougo running toward them. Satou was the one who spoke.

"We have to thank you, Quote." He looked very thankful. "You helped us realize that the Mimiga were innocent creatures. Even if one killed my wife..." He paused. "I understand that it wasn't their fault."

"Thank you, Quote!" Kanna gave Quote a big hug.

"You remind me of Tobi..." Curly grinned.

"Satou, this is Curly Brace, Curly Brace, Satou." Quote told the black-haired man.

"Nice to meet you, sir." Curly continued smiling.

Satou nodded, shaking her hand. "Quote told us a lot about you."


"Sure. He seems to like you quite a bit." Quote blushed as Curly's grin got a bit bigger. Curly gave him a quick hug. Smiling, she sighed, feeling happy.

Quote looked outside. "We're on the surface. You've never seen it, have you?"

"...No." Curly looked out as well. "Can we go out and see?"

"Of course..."

"Goodbye!" The family said as one as the two robots left the house and left the home of the family who had taken care of Quote.

"We'll come back to visit!" Curly called as Quote shut the door.


"It's so beautiful..." Curly stared at the open field with a wide grin. "So much room..." The robot looked up at the sky as a breeze flew by, sending her hair billowing to the left. She then sprinted forward. "Come on, Quote!" She called back.

With a smile, Quote chased after her, quickly catching up to her as they stopped up top of a hill covered with flowers, the wind blowing by.
Quote knelt down and picked up a pretty white daisy. He put it in Curly's hair with a faint blush on his cheeks. "...It looks pretty, doesn't it?" He glanced toward the sunset as Curly sat beside him.

"Yeah..." Curly leaned against his shoulder, closing her blue eyes. "...I'm so glad we both lived to see... the end of our mission."

Quote nodded, grinning down at Curly.

They sat there for a while, watching the sun slowly set...

"HEY! You two should kiss!" Balrog said from behind the two robots; making them jump.

"Wha? Balrog?!" Curly stared at the toaster for a few moments before staring back at Quote, who was blushing. "...Uh..." She then gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before turning away, face flushed.

Quote glanced at Balrog for a moment before he rose an eyebrow. "Who invited you?"

"Uhm... NOBODY!" Balrog gave his trademark grin. "I'lljustleaveyoualonenowBYE!" He then flew away.

"Thanks, Quote..." Curly murmured without looking at him.

"Hey, Curly?"

The blonde looked up. "...Yeah?"

Quote beamed, and hugged her. Then he lifted her head and kissed her softly. The two robots blushed as another breeze blew by, and they drew apart.

"I love you, Curly..."

"...I love you too... Quote..."


Sometimes, when all hope is lost, we run away from all the sorrow, from all the pain.

But that's when when you start to realize...

There's still hope.

You can save the ones you left behind.

And you can find hope and motivation almost anywhere or from anyone.

If you just believe in yourself, you can change...

From a coward to a hero.

Authors Note: Alright, that's the end of MeliMush and my collaboration! I hope you enjoyed it! I'll tell you, we enjoyed writing it together!

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