Summary: This is a collection of missing scenes from Flesh and Blood with a longer conclusion. DiNozzo's father is in town, and the team is about to meet him for the first time.

Author notes: After watching Flesh and Blood for the umpteenth time, I wanted to show what could have been going through Gibbs' mind, when he first learned that Tony's father was in town. Here are some missing scenes early on in the episode, leading up to the interrogation, and then the aftermath of Gibbs' lecture to Senior in the conference room.

Vance's Office

When Gibbs saw them approach, he exited Vance's office to tell Ziva and McGee that they could take Prince Sayif to the Adam House Hotel. After finishing up the conversation that Vance and Gibbs had with the embassy, he made his way for the garage to meet up with the rest of the team. When he reached the garage, he found the prince in the backseat of the car, with Ziva and McGee arguing.


"Why haven't you gone yet?" Gibbs snarled.

"We were waiting on Tony." McGee said.

"Where is DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked in an irritated tone.

"He had to get his father a cab." Ziva answered.

"His father? Tony's father was here in the building?" Gibbs asked in a concerned tone having to clarify that he heard correctly. This was something that took him completely off guard. "When did this happen?"

"This happened when you were in MTAC and then heading for Vance's office." McGee explained with a bright smile. "You should have seen the look on Tony's face, Boss. Tony was totally shocked." McGee laughed. Gibbs looked at him, surprised how much McGee appeared to be enjoying this.

"McGee, are you goating?" Ziva asked with a devious smile.

"That is gloating, Ziva, and yes I am." McGee said.

"McGee, you and I will take the Prince now. Ziva, wait for Tony and make your way over to the hotel." Gibbs ordered. He wanted to wait on DiNozzo, but Gibbs knew he had to get to the hotel.


"Ziva, where is the Boss?" DiNozzo asked, walking into the garage.

"He wanted me to wait for you. They just left for the Adam's House." Ziva answered.

"Ugh, Gibbs is already pissed. You guys told him didn't you?" DiNozzo groaned.

"Why do you assume that he is pissed? I would say he seemed more surprised." Ziva said, as she also got into the car.

"I can't believe this." DiNozzo said, taking a deep breath before putting the key in the ignition.

"Tony?" She said. He accelerated the car, as they headed for the Adam's House Hotel. It was a quiet ride there. When they arrived, DiNozzo called Gibbs.

"Yeah, Boss, I am sorry about. . .being so late. Where? Okay, I am on it." DiNozzo said.

"He wants you to go straight to Prince Sayif's room. I am supposed to coordinate with hotel security before heading up." DiNozzo said.

Adam House Hotel

Gibbs watched DiNozzo appear finally at the hotel room of Prince Sayif. His carefree demeanor from earlier was gone. He was extremely serious and almost surly as he argued with the prince. Gibbs tried to dismiss his concerns about DiNozzo, knowing the importance of protecting the prince would have to take priority at the moment.

Gibbs looked at him strongly trying to identify any signs of distress. DiNozzo caught him staring at him. His tense eyes softened and he grinned at Gibbs.

"McGee and I will head back to the Navy Yard. Ziva, DiNozzo, you two stay with the prince." Gibbs ordered.

"Yes, Boss." McGee said. Ziva nodded in agreement.

"Yes, Boss." DiNozzo said. Gibbs tried to look DiNozzo over, but he was unreadable, as he walked away from him.

McGee left with Gibbs. They headed down the hallway and took the elevator down. As they got to the car, McGee could not help but talk to Gibbs about Senior.

Drive to NCIS

"So, Tony acts a lot like his father. He is rather charming. Tony is definitely intimidated by him though. Have you ever met Tony's father before, Boss?" McGee asked. "Tony has been here longer than I have, so I was just curious, if you had met him before."

"No, I never met him before, McGee." Gibbs said. Gibbs became increasingly concerned and wondered if he just missed out on meeting him at all.

"Tony has been with NCIS for nine years now. He hasn't seen him this whole time?" McGee said.

"Tony has told so many stories about his father. Remember the Silver War story and him carrying around the poop bucket? All of his stepmothers were also interesting stories too. The story in Maui was interesting where Tony was left in a hotel room alone for two days. Tony said that his father disinherited him, too. Then there was that Halloween story. And, . . ."

"Halloween story, McGee?" Gibbs snapped the question. McGee was surprised that he asked for clarification.

"Yeah, did Tony tell you that story?" McGee said. "Tony said it is the reason he hates Halloween. I guess he went trick or treating, wearing his father's $3,000 ski suit. Well, when his dad found out, he had to throw out all of the candy. Then Tony claimed that his dad spanked him so bad that he couldn't sit down until Christmas."

Gibbs shook his head and accelerated after hearing that story and the rest of McGee's reminders about Tony's father. Up to this point, Gibbs had wondered if the stories were true. Now, he wanted to learn the answers.

"Yeah, I wonder if Senior can verify some of the boarding school stories, too." McGee added.

Gibbs shook his head. He forced himself to think about the case. DiNozzo's father was someone Gibbs had always wanted to meet, especially after he was a no-show when DiNozzo was sick with the plague.

Evidence Garage

Gibbs wanted to hear the information that Abby had. He wanted to distract himself from the idea that DiNozzo's father was in town, when they had a prince to protect.

"I heard Tony's father's in town." Abby said with such enthusiasm. Gibbs's stomach dropped, when Abby brought up that fact.

"Yeah he is." Gibbs said, trying to distract her. "What triggered it?"

"I found remnants of a timer. I'm hoping to find more. What does he look like?" Abby asked.

"Who?" Gibbs said, looking at her curious wishing she would just drop it.

"Tony's father!" Abby shouted.

"I haven't seen him. Anything else?" Gibbs said anxiously.

"Yeah. I'm wondering if Tony and him have the same sense of humor." Abby said. Gibbs looked her over wondering if she had heard the same stories that he and McGee had heard.

"I'm wondering if you're gonna focus on the case." Gibbs snapped at her gently, starting to worry that he had not talked to DiNozzo yet about his father being in town. He wanted to know how he felt about this. He wanted to see the two together to see. The part that concerned him the most was if the stories that DiNozzo told were exaggerated, accurate, or understated.


Gibbs paced waiting to hear back from DiNozzo and Ziva.

"Yeah Gibbs." Gibbs said into his ringing cellphone.

"Boss. We have a problem." DiNozzo said into his cellphone.

"What Tony? Did you find the Jihad Al Hurriya operative ?" Gibbs asked.

"No, the person typing the emails in the guest business center was my father." DiNozzo said.

"What do you mean it is your father, DiNozzo? You bring him back here. I want to talk with him. You don't tell him anything, you understand?" Gibbs snarled before hanging up. He looked over at a horrified McGee.

"Ducky." Gibbs said into his cellphone. "What are you doing right now?"

"Hello, Jethro. I am with Abigail in her lab." Ducky said.

"I need you to do a profile on someone being brought in to interrogation." Gibbs said.

"Absolutely, I am done here." Ducky said. "I will be right there. Who did you need me to do a profile on?"

"DiNozzo's father." Gibbs said.

"Anthony's father is being brought in to interrogation?" Ducky asked. "Well, I was wondering, if Anthony had any intention of introducing his father to us. It sounded like he escorted his father out of here in a real hurry. It won't be a complete profile of course. I would need more information."

"Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks Duck." Gibbs said.