I imagine the narrator of this poem as a rather bitter student of the Battle School. He graduated shortly after Ender was reassigned to Command School, and was sent back to Earth. Where he's able to corrupt the minds of our youth.

Let me tell you something, kid.

Before they get to you.

With their mind games.

Their lies. Their tricks.

Let me tell you something, kid.

While you still belong to yourself.

Let me tell you about the school.

In the middle of space,

And yet you can't see the stars.

You learn fast not to believe a thing they tell you.

You learn fast not to question them.

Keep your mouth shut up there, kid.

And your mind wide open.

Let me tell you about the games.

One's real, it's all that matters.

You take your boys, you win,

You're a little more theirs every time.

Don't make friends, kid, they'll die by your hand.

Or you by theirs.

Let me tell you about the eyes.

They're always watching you.

In the games, in the dreams.

They tease away the sanity that you don't need.

They strip away your humanity,

And spin it into the monsters

That stalk the halls at night.

Let me tell you about the war.

You remember the First Invasion?

How about the Second?

Of course you don't. No one does.

Did it happen? No one knows.

But I fought my own war up in the belt.

Let me tell you something about staying sane up there.

They'll try to break you. It's what they do.

No, it's open up there, you're not caged.

But you'll see the walls getting smaller.

You focus on your boys, you hear?

Or you'll end up clawing at the airlock

Begging to be let out.

Let me tell you about our heroes.

The ones who didn't play the game.

Two boys who wouldn't fight, floating side-by-side.

A girl who stole a shuttle and ran.

One who was thrown in the brig and made it out.

One who defied the game with a rope 'round his neck.

None ever saw Earth again,

But through our dry eyes.

Let me tell you about the aftermath.

What you do with a weapon

When its time is past.

Some locked up, too perfect to be trusted.

Some free but trapped, like our god.

Some watched, some hunted, some all-but-dead.

We have no purpose but battle.

They took away our souls.

Let me tell you something, kid.

Before they get to you.

Look in my eyes, see your future.

Don't act your IQ no more, neh?

Fail those tests, kid.

Pray they take out the monitor.

Because if they don't, because if you're chosen

Know we're almost out of room in hell.