I am writing a DBZ story that it still very much in the planning stage. The outline alone is 20 pages long. This on the other hand is a prologue to that story which I don't really want to publish in the case that I change my mind about a few things. But oh well.

I feel kind of bad writing this but this is my head canon for the other story. After this I don't know if I can make Raditz suffer anymore.

Please keep in mind that I wrote this in about two days, and it has not been beta. I tried to catch as many errors possible but I have a school paper to work on and the guilt of working on this instead is making me sloppy.

Chapter 7 was merged with 6, the beginning of 4 was merged with 3.

Again Warnings:

Noncon, Mpreg, AU (obviously), infanticide, pedophilla, and OOC but I tried to keep that to a minimum.

Disclaimer: I don't Dragonball or any of its extensions (although why someone would want GT is beyond me).

I know the beginning is really short but your already here may as well read the rest.

Freeza's Rule

Chapter 1


Raditz was not on planet Vegeta when it exploded. He was not there to witness his father try and save the Saiyan race. He was not with Prince Vegeta and Nappa, not initially. He survived the genocide of the Saiyan race while on planet Jensing.

"Where is he?" spat out the soldier. He was part of Freeza's Saiyan Elimination Team. His and nine other six-man-squads were assigned to hunt down the Saiyans, including infants and toddlers, who had been off planet when Lord Freeza had destroyed their planet. It was pure genius on Lord Freeza's part, let the monkeys finish the jobs they were assigned then, just as they were programmed to do, they either used a scouter to call for pick up, or used their space ships which would take them to the former site of Planet Vegeta where another squad was lying in wait to blow them to smithereens. This particular monkey had called for pick up, but had not shown up at the agreed upon coordinates. The cities on the planet had been nicely leveled, the vegetation was mostly intact, and there was no sign of intelligent life. This was a well done job, they'd get a small fortune for this planet as is, now if only the little monkey could be found. Commander Kuper glanced at the little monkey's stats again.

He was a toddler, when he was sent off. It was his second extermination job, the first having been on a weak planet that took only one full moon to complete. He'd spent a few months training on Planet Vegeta. This mission had taken about two years most likely due to its once a year moon cycle. The boy was currently 5 years old.

Suddenly the vegetation around them ruffled. The monkey child stumbled into the clearing clutching a native fruit in his grubby paws. Its juices were smeared all over the small saiyans face, his hair was distinctively spiked, sweeping sideways. He smiled upon seeing them. Kuper shot a ki blast right into the boy's chest. His face registered surprise as he fell to the ground, dead. "The saiyan, Kadoin, second class, son of Taro has been eliminated," said Kuper as he threw the body over his shoulder. His squad members smirked at the monkey's quick end.

"Damn it!" screamed Raditz. He was only 6, he'd eliminated the people of Planet Jensing, his space pod was broken, and now his scouter was gone. His own giant ape form had crushed the pod, which was evident from the wreckage, the scouter he'd just dropped into a fast running river while trying to catch some food. He stood in the running water splashing and groping in vain to find it, but it was gone.

Pouting, he began tromping downstream with eyes downcast searching the muddy waters. He walked the riverbed until it became too deep and the river had widened out. Raditz growled deeply, well as deep as the six year old could manage, and stomped his feet on the riverbed. Anger still burning he raised his hand and sent a ki blast into a tree beside him. He sent another into the trees on the opposite bank, and several more into the heart of the river. The water shot in to the air and came down neatly over Raditz's head. And to top it all off, his stomach begin to rumble.

Wet, cold, and utterly stranded he walked stiffly into the tree line. He'd scared away any chance of food from this particular source. He resigned himself to hunting down the scarce wildlife, or shoving the most edible looking vegetation in his mouth and hoping it wasn't one of those rare things a saiyan stomach couldn't digest.

"Father!" he cried out to the sky, with nothing else to do and no one around to see, Raditz flopped hopelessly into the dirt and cried.