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Queen Zelda sat on her throne, her head resting in her right hand. Her face portrayed a mixture of boredom and annoyance, since she had been waiting for her least favourite person for the last 10 minutes.

Ganondorf had been trying to impress her ever since she could remember. He bought ridiculous presents trying to 'woo' her into marrying him, but the fact of the matter was; he just wasn't her type. Ganon was ruthless, cold-hearted, and care for no one but himself. He didn't care who he hurt as long as he got what he wanted.

He treated her servants like animals, if something wasn't done to his expectations there would be hell to pay. The slightest mishap would lead to the cruellest of punishments.

It wasn't as if she could just get rid of him. He WAS a friend of the family. Otherwise he would have been gone long before now. Zelda's late father used to worship the ground he walked on, saying on more than one occasion that they made the perfect match. She just couldn't stand the man, plain and simple.

So here she sat, waiting for said man to appear with his latest gift. A servant had appeared saying Ganon had requested her presence immediately, and she was going to love her surprise. Yeah right. She could hardly wait; sarcasm intended.

The doors crashed open as Ganon finally made his appearance. Servants bowed and flinched under his glare as he walked past, not daring to look into his eyes for fear of what he might do. Zelda sat up straight, and faked a smile as he neared the throne. It wasn't as if anyone would notice that she would rather be anywhere but here.

"Good evening Ganondorf, to what do I owe the honour?"

Zelda's tone was flat, but Ganon, being the idiot that he was, didn't notice.

"My beautiful Queen Zelda, I must say you look exquisite."

Zelda clenched her fist at the word 'my' she didn't belong to him; she didn't belong to anyone.

"Cut the pleasantries Ganon. I really don't have time for this; there are some urgent matters to which I must attend."

He was ruining her plans of having a relaxing day in her private gardens, but that was on a need to know basis, and he didn't need to know.

"Can't I complement my future wife? It is very rare I get to see you; you are always off attending meetings, or helping some folk in need."

Ganon gave her a look of disgust; he would never lift a finger to help a petty commoner it was beneath him.

"I am NOT your future wife; get it through that thick head of yours."

Zelda's temper was reaching boiling point, jumping from her throne glaring daggers through his head.

"Temper; temper. That's no way for the Queen of Hyrule to act."

Ganon's voice was smug. He knew just what buttons to press to get her riled up.

"Besides, if you don't play nice I won't give you your… gift."

Zelda didn't like the grin that etched itself on his face, it was the type of grin he used when someone was about to get hurt. In another time and place, she would have wiped the smirk off his face from the first day she met him. Calming herself she sat herself back down, the longer she sat there the harder it was not to rip his head off. What her father ever saw in him was beyond her.

"That's better. Now I know you're going to love it, I personally trained it so you won't have any problems what so ever."

Before she could question just what he was on about, he turned towards the doors and clapped his hands.

"Bring it in."

Zelda had to admit she was curious; her mind thought of ridiculous things of what this 'it' could be. What was SO special that it needed Ganondorf's sick training? The sound of footsteps and chains clanging was heard a moment later, as soon as they came into view she couldn't help the gasp that escaped her mouth.

One of Ganondorf's men pulled, well, more like dragged a boy by his chained up hands. When they were level with Ganon, he dropped the chains and kicked the back of his legs causing him to drop in a kneeling position.

"Do you like it?"

Ganon sounded quite pleased with his latest handy work, but Zelda was far from impressed.

"It? Ganon, he's a boy! You can't just drag him in here like… Like some animal."

Zelda was fuming but didn't dare stand for fear her legs wouldn't support her in her shocked state. This was what he was talking about, how could he stand there smirking as he treated someone this way? She couldn't bear to think what Ganon had put the boy through, the pain he must have inflicted. Still wide eyed she looked over the boy who had yet to raise his head.

His face was covered with a mop of dirty blond hair, so she couldn't tell how old he was. He wore a white long sleeved shirt that seemed two sizes too big for him, and his bloodied hands were chained together and were resting in his lap. She vaguely remembered when he was pulled in his white bottoms were ripped showing a few cuts and bruises, she had no doubt that was the least of his injuries.

"Does it matter? He is just a slave."

Ganon dropped his smirk and kicked the boy hard in the ribs and he fell to his side with a silent thud, not even a quiet whimper escaped his mouth.

"He's worthless. I'm sure he will make the perfect personal slave. And like I said, he's trained so you don't have to worry."

Ganon punched him in the face, gripping his hair as he fell hauling him into a kneeling position once again.

"Stop, that's enough. He hasn't done anything wrong."

Her heart went out to the boy. He didn't deserve this, nobody did. Zelda was never one for violence unless it was absolutely necessary. She wanted to run and comfort the boy, but that wouldn't go down well in front of Ganon. The sooner she got him away from him the better.

"It was for practice."

Ganon grinned as if it excused his actions. A cold shiver ran down her spine at how vicious his voice sounded.

"Now stand and turn boy, let your new mistress get a good look at you."

Even Zelda jumped at Ganon's commanding voice. She watched as the boy stood from his position, his chains rattling as he turned around once like an obedient puppy; never lifting his head.

"Let me look at your face."

Zelda said in a calming voice, not wanting to scare him any further. She couldn't help her curiosity; his head had not even flickered since he came in. She watched as his blond locks fell to the side as he slowly lifted his head, revealing the bluest eyes she had ever seen. He was around 19 she would guess, the same age as her maybe a year older, he was handsome there was no doubt about it, even with the scabs and dried blood that littered his face. His face dropped to the floor again as soon as she turned away to face Ganon once again.

"Well I will leave you to get acquainted or whatever; I have some business I need to take care of. Farewell my Queen. I hope you enjoy my gift."

He blew her a kiss and turned to make his way towards the door, not before punching the boy in the face this time he dropped to the floor with a painful grunt.


Zelda hissed in warning, walking towards his fallen form all the while glaring at Ganon's retreating figure. The boy flinched when Zelda wrapped her arms around him, helping to sit him up. After taking a closer look at him, she realised she forgot to ask an important question.

"Wait, what's his name?" Zelda shouted just as Ganon reached for the door handle. He turned and smirked at her.

"Which one would you like, Brat, Scum, Slave…?"

"You know what I mean Ganon, stop playing games."

Zelda's temper was wearing thin.

"Not sure, though before I got him people were addressing him as 'Link'."

With a final wave, Ganon left leaving the two of them alone.


She tried the name out for herself, looking over at his hunched form. The boy didn't acknowledge it was his name, he didn't even move.

"How about we get you a change of clothes and then I can clean your wounds."

Zelda stood helping the boy 'Link' to his feet.

"Link?" Zelda questioned expecting an answer. "Look at me, is that even your name?"

At her command, he lifted his head. Zelda realised he was a full head taller than she was, now that they were face to face.

"Well, is it?"

Zelda questioned again, he flinched at the sound of her voice before slowly nodding his head.

"Well Link, follow me."

Zelda led the way towards her chambers, with Link staying at least two steps behind her. His head was bowed though high enough so he could see, and wouldn't crash into her.

The constant clanking of his chains was really starting to irritate Zelda. She was going to wait until her chambers to remove them, but if she heard any more she was going to go insane.

Zelda stopped suddenly and spun around to face Link who flinched and took a step away from her, Zelda reached her hand out but froze when she saw the look on his face. His head was slightly turned to the side with his eyes scrunched up; she placed a soft hand on his arm making him jump away from her touch.

"It's ok Link, I wasn't going to hit you."

She lifted his chin when he bowed his head. "I'm just going to remove your chains; they must be hurting you huh?"

Link didn't answer. He just stared blankly as Zelda's hands hovered over his wrists; a second later, the chains snapped and fell to the floor. She took one of his hands in hers turning it to see the damage done to his wrist, slowly tracing her finger over the angry red skin that had been rubbed raw. Link made an uncomfortable noise and clenched his fist, he knew better than to pull away no matter how much it hurt.

"I'm sorry."

Zelda dropped his hand. She felt guilty when she saw the pain in his eyes, though it changed to confusion when he heard her apology.

"Let's get you bandaged up; I know Ganon must have put you through hell."