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"Why are you so fussy?" Allie coos, as she changes Zander. He's being really fussy and is moving alot, so he's not a big fan of being changed. She just got done changing Aubrey, and she's laying in her basinet sleeping. Carlos went to the Palmwoods to pick up the car seats. He's on his way back though, he should arrive any minute.

When she's done changing Zander, she lays him down on the bed and smiles down at him. His wide awake, and he's adorable.

"You're so precious." Allie smiles, as she gently kisses his forehead and holds his little tiny hand. These babies are the best thing that has ever happened to her. She was terrified when she found out she was pregnant. She wasn't ready to be a mommy and is still young. Now that she actually is a mommy, she loves it. She loves having her babies and Carlos. Her own little family. It may have came a little early, but she doesn't regret it at all.

"I'm back," she hears a familiar voice say. She looks up and smiles when she sees Carlos walk in with the two carseats, and a nurse behind him with a wheelchair. Carlos sets the carseats down and goes to kiss Allie. "You ready to go?"

"Yes," Allie replies. "Can you put them in their carseats?"

"Sure," Carlos says. He grabs Zander's carseat, and puts it on the bed. He then carefully picks him up, and kisses his cheek before putting him in the carseat. He buckles him all up, then puts a thin blanket over him. Since it's not that cold out. When he's done with that, he grabs Aubrey's carseat and puts it next to Zanders. He walks over to Aubrey's basinet, and gently picks her up, careful not to wake her. He then places her in the carseat. As he buckles her in, she fusses a little bit, but she doesn't wake up. Carlos leans down and gently kisses her forehead. "Alright, we're all ready."

Allie sits on the wheelchair, and Carlos places Zander's carseat on her lap. While Allie's carrying him on her lap, Carlos is carrying Aubrey's carseat and the bags, and the nurse is pushing the wheelchair.

"How are you feeling?" Carlos asks his girlfriend.

"Tired, but happy." she smiles, as she looks down at her son who is still wide awake. His eyes are open, but he looks sleepy.

"The guys are coming over for a while. We can watch them while you take a nap." Carlos tells her. Allie yawns and nods. Allie smiles as they get outside. She feels free, instead of being at that hospital. The sun is shining, and it's a beautiful day out. Zander is curiously looking around, at the new place he's seeing.

"You're so cute," Allie smiles, stroking his cheek.

"Here we are," the nurse says, as they finally stop at Carlos' car.

"Alright, let me get them in." Carlos says. He first puts Aubrey then Zander. While he's doing that, Allie slowly gets out of the wheelchair and sits in the passengers seat.

"Have a nice day!" The nurse exclaims, smiling.

"Thanks, you too." Allie replies. The nurse takes the wheel chair and heads back inside, and Allie shuts the car door. When Carlos is done putting them in the backseat, he gets in the drivers seat.

"Time to go home," Carlos smiles, as he leans in to kiss Allie before starting the car and heading off.

"Finally," Allie giggles. It feels like it's been forever since she has been home. She hates hospitals. But she's happy she has her babies. She's ready to go home where she belongs with her kids, and her boyfriend. Their own little family.

"Home sweet home." Allie sighs in relief, as they enter their apartment. Carlos puts both carseats on the couch, and starts unbuckling Zander first. He's now asleep, and he carefully takes him out of the carseat and lays him down in the playpen bassinet that they have for him in the living room. He then gets Aubrey and puts her in hers.

"Go take a nap," Carlos tells Allie, kissing her cheek as he sits next to her.

"Are you sure?" Allie asks, yawning. Carlos nods. "If you need anything, wake me up."

"We'll be fine," Carlos chuckles. Allie kisses his lips before standing up. She smiles at Aubrey and Zander before going upstairs.

Knock! Knock!

Carlos gets up and opens the door, to find James, Kendall, and Logan standing there. He steps aside and let's them in.

"Where's Allie?" James asks.

"She's tired, so she's taking a nap." Carlos replies.

"Aw, she's awake," Kendall smiles, looking down at his niece who is wide awake.

"She is?" Carlos asks. "She was asleep a minute ago."

Aubrey just looks around to nothing in particular. She starts whimpering and getting fussy. Kendall carefully picks her up, kissing her cheek and walking over to the couch.

"She's hungry," Carlos says, looking at the time.

"I wanna feed her." Kendall insists.

"Okay. Let me just make her bottle," Carlos says. He gets up and heads to the kitchen to make his baby girl a bottle. When he does so, he walks back to the living room, and Logan is holding Zander and he's wide awake.

"I think he's hungry, too." Logan says.

"Alright," Carlos replies. He hands Aubrey's bottle to Kendall, and goes to the kitchen to make one for Zander.

"She won't take this," Kendall says, trying to stick the bottle into Aubrey's mouth. But she keeps moving when he tries to put it in, and she's being fussy.

"That's how newborns are," Logan says. "They're still learning how to take bottles in."

"Ah, she took it." Kendall says, looking down at his niece who is now sucking on her bottle and looking up at him.

"You wanna feed him?" Carlos asks, entering the living room with Zander's bottle.

"Sure," Logan replies. Carlos hands Logan the bottle, and he tries to stick it into Zander's mouth, and keeps trying until the baby boy finally takes it.

"So, how much sleep did you get lastnight?" James asks. Carlos sighs and plops down on the couch.

"Not much," he replies. "If one of them would wake up crying, they would wake the other one up and they'd start crying. And they woke up alot."

"That's how it's gonna be from here on out," Kendall tells him.

"I know. I'm gonna have to adjust to it," Carlos says. "It's worth it though. I'm glad they're finally here."

"Aren't we all." Logan smiles.

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