Carlos and Allie are still happily married. Once the babies started kindergarten, Allie discovered she was pregnant again. She had a baby girl, her name is Isabella Rae Garcia. Big Time Rush is still successful, touring around the world and making new music. As for Allie, she got more into modeling. She is still a Victoria's Secret Model, a Hollister Model, and she now also models for Abercrombie & Fitch, and Charlotte Russe.

Aubrey grew up to be a dancer. She loves dancing, and Carlos and Allie signed her up for dancing classes. She's also a pretty popular girl. But she isn't the mean type, unless people push her buttons, then she goes off. She's just like Allie. She is a complete daddy's girl. Carlos spoils her a lot, but Aubrey isn't bratty or anything. Although she does have a little rebellious side, but she usually always listens to her parents. She has a tendency to talk back to teachers, which gets her into trouble but it never got any further than that. Aubrey is also a party animal. She gets invited to parties all the time, and usually Carlos and Allie give her permission to go. She's a pretty sweet girl, unless you say something wrong to her.

Zander grew up to be a DJ. He became interesting in DJ-ing when he went to a party with Aubrey, and he saw a DJ there playing. He eventually taught himself how to DJ. He's a ladies man, and very popular in school. He got charming looks from his dad, of course. But he doesn't let anything get in the way of his grades. He has really good grades, and Carlos said if he keeps that up he will book Zander his very first DJ gig. Zander is also a very nice boy, up until you push his buttons. He's also a class clown, he always has the whole class laughing, which is why he usually gets in trouble. He has some difficulties listening to Carlos and Allie, but it's nothing they can't handle. Zander is also extremely overprotective of his sisters.

Isabella (Bella) grew up as an actress. She plays in a show as the daughter of a man and a woman who are always on the road so she stays with the nanny and she's a handful and misses her parents. Because of the show, she goes to school at the set, since she can't go to regular school. So before they start shooting, she goes to school along with other kids that go there, but she still has a lot of friends she made at regular school before she got the role for the show. Bella is a total mommy's girl, but she loves her daddy just as much. She's the little angel of the family; she always listens and tries to stay out of trouble. She absolutely loves helping Carlos and Allie out with just about anything. Those few times she does get in trouble though, she gets really sad and Carlos and Allie can't help but forgive her. She also started dated Zayn's son, whose just a few months older than her. Carlos did not approve at all, but Allie calmed him down a bit.

Camille and Logan got married just a few months after Carlos and Allie did. They're still happily married, and Camille is expecting her second child; a baby girl. They're both really excited for their new arrival, and they even moved out of the apartment they had together into their own bigger home. Logan is still in Big Time Rush along with Carlos, Kendall, and James. And Camille plays the mother on the show that Bella is in.

Logan Jr grew up to be a football player. Logan tried teaching him to play Hockey, but Logan Jr just loved football instead. Logan Jr, Zander, and Isaac, are all really close. They're like partners in crime, and whenever they get in trouble, it's usually because of something they all did together. But, Logan Jr did follow in his dad's footsteps when it came to grades. Logan Jr gets really good grades, but he isn't a nerd. Logan's very proud by the way his son came out.

A few months after Camille and Logan got married, Kendall proposed to Chelsea, and of course she said yes. So about a year later they got married. And they still are happily married. Shortly after their honeymoon, Chelsea discovered she was pregnant. She had another boy, named Matthew Jay Knight. He's the youngest little boy out of Zander, Isaac, and Logan Jr, but he still tries to tag along with them. Isaac finds it really annoying, and always tries to find ways to get rid of him.

Isaac grew up to be a ladies man, just like Zander. He's also Zander's partner in DJ-ing. He's a little rebel, but it's nothing Chelsea and Kendall can't handle. Even though Matt is extremely annoying to Isaac, Isaac is very overprotective of him, and gets really pissed when he sees people pick on him, because he says only he's allowed to pick on him. Isaac considers Kendall a father to him, so he calls him dad. He doesn't even see his real father anymore, and Kendall doesn't mind being his dad at all.

Matt grew up loving soccer. As much as the BTR guys tried to get their sons to play hockey, they fell inlove with another sport. Kendall doesn't mind though, because Matt is extremely good at soccer, and is the captain of the soccer team. Matt isn't really a trouble maker, Isaac is usually the one dragging him into things and getting them both in trouble. Other than that, Matt is a really good kid.

James and Lucy are currently engaged, and their waiting for Lucy to have the baby she's expecting before they start planning the wedding. Yes, Lucy is pregnant and they are expecting a baby girl, which they are gonna name Brooklyn Ali Diamond. Lucy let James pick the name, and he picked that. Brook was his moms name, so he chose Brooklyn. And of course he chose Ali 'cause of his sister Allie, except it's spelled differently.

Kelly eventually got married to her boyfriend, so they are now husband and wife, and Kelly has a newborn son named Ryan Drew Wainwright.

Gustavo also eventually found a girlfriend, Sarah. They've been dating for a while, but he just isn't ready to propose. She makes him really happy, and he knows she's the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

And that's how a New Journey Ended, but their lives continued..

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