Chapter 2: Memories of the Dammed

Note: This is the order of events for my story. It is somewhat similar to the canon but there are several differences. Not that I don't appreciate the reviews but why couldn't it have been the infamous crossover.

"I looked for the truth, found it. Didn't like it, wish the hell I could forget it. Alex Mercer... this city suffered for his mistakes... for what he did at Penn station and whoever he was, that's a part of me, 'cause when I close my eyes, I see the memories of a thousand dead men, screaming as I take their lives. Moments I'll relive forever. What have I become? Something less than human, but also something more."

―Alex Mercer.

For Naruto, the fall from his height to the dirty ground was the most slow and tedious one he had faced in his entire life. He had faced countless beatings before and was stabbed numerous times by the villagers. On occasion a few ninja would join them but that was it. Why did it have to be him though? He never asked for this, never wanted it. Memories of his life flashed through his eyes like one of those fasted pace action movies.

From the beginning you know the end. Seems familiar.


Even at the tender age of eight years old when life is just beginning, Naruto Namikaze was forced to mature faster than anyone else his age. The reason why? Seven years ago on the night of his and his twin sister, Natsumi, birth a man wearing an orange and black masked attacked. After their mother Kushina Namikaze had given birth to them, the man had kidnapped her and using some sort of ninjutsu he forcefully extracted the Kyuubi no Yoko from her. Then using the power of the Sharingan that he held he controlled the beast and used it to attack his home, Konohagakure no Sato.

All he remembered his father telling him was that the fox caused nothing, but death and destruction. However, his father, the Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze, use a powerful sealing jutsu. He used the power to separate the Kyuubi's yang chakra from it and sealed it into his newborn daughter, Natsumi. As for the Yin chakra, he sealed it back into Kushina who would have died due to the forceful removal of the Kyuubi. In the end Kushina survived.

Once all that was over, Minato told the village that someone powerful summoned the Kyuubi to destroy the village. But he had defeated the beast and sealed it into his daughter who would use the power to protect the village. The people who loved Minato trusted his judgment and accepted Natsumi as the savior of their village and treated her like a hero.

He envied her. Having all the friends in the world, their parents love and a fan club. She was beloved by a village while he was ignored. All those friends and she shrugged them off hanging out with one before moving on to another group without a care in the world. But to Naruto, she had no idea what a friend was. To him a friend was like the moment when someone says "Hey you too. I thought I was the only one." He smiled at the fond memory as his body hit the ground.

His friends. The ones that were always there for him.

Satsuki, Hinata, Anko-san, Ibiki, Hiruzen, Gamabunta, Gamakichi, Gamatasu, Izumo, Kotetsu, Shizune, Yugao, Itachi and Mikoto Uchiha and Hayate. He would miss all of them. Especially Satsuki.

Flashback: Two years ago

Naruto was currently trying to find a shelter. He would usually make a shelter but that would get him noticed by the villagers and that was the last thing he wanted. He still remembered the beatings and the scars that had been left by them. Normally Naruto wouldn't have to find a place to sleep in but his parents had locked him out of the house once again.

"Ignorant fools" he thought

They spent so much time with Natsumi that they forgot to provide him with the basics. Sometimes they forgot to make his food, other time they didn't sign any of his forms and every now and then they would lock him out of the house. His parents were important people and that meant that they were usually attending parties and conferences every week. During these sessions they would lock the house to prevent thieves from entering. In other words only either of his parents could open it. But when they forgot to take him with them like they sometimes did, Naruto would have to force himself find someplace to stay for the night. And after these nights he would come home very untidy and covered in filth. His parent didn't care at all. They never listened to his complaints and believed that he was only out in the mud; in fact at most they would nod their heads and tell him to wash up.

He hated them with a passion but could do nothing. The most he could hop for was that he would one day reach Chunnin rank and leave the house. He hated that he had to live on the street during these days. He would go t a hotel but they would usually kick him out without his father or mother with him. Although he would usually considered going to the old man's retirement home, Naruto pushed that thought aside. It would take half a day of walking to get there and even then he would have to have some idea of where it was.

Dam IT! He kicked a small stone flat on its back before walking away.

As he continued to walk down the street with a scowl on his face, Naruto accidently bumped into a girl just about his age.

"Sorry," he apologised.

"It's okay," the girl answered before raising a hand, "I'm Satuski."

Flashback end

On that day he made his first true friend. Satsuki Uchiha. Unlike her brother Sasuke Uchiha, who Naruto thought was a stuck up prick, Satsuki had a kind, gentle and loving personality. Although he didn't know how it was possible but after her introduction, Satuski and he striked up a conversation. It was a conversation that later led her to make Naruto spill his deepest and darkest secrets. He didn't know why he did that but hew probable was happy that he finally found someone he could talked to. Someone would care for him. And Satsuki fit the bill. After that conversation which resulting in a darkening of Satsuki's mood, the girl invited Naruto to her house.

Although hesitant at first, the event would give him some idea of what it truly meant to have a family. Satsuki invited him to dinner and he later stayed there for the night. In fact after that, Satsuki would later become one of the few friend he had. Although most of the Uchiha clan was very mean to him, Mikoto, Itachi and Satsuki were much more different.

Itachi had a stotic personality whenever Naruto saw him. But he later learned that if you look him really well, you could find what he was thinking. Naruto found Itachi's company very refreshing since unlike his father, Fugaku, Itachi kept an open mind, never hiding a hidden agenda. Over time Naruto later saw Itachi as the big brother he never had and found him to be one of the three reasons why he was always found near the Uchiha household in his free time. Even so, Itachi was busy most of the time, since he was part of ANBU.

The second reason why he spent his time around that household was because of Mikoto. The woman, although a retired Jonin, was a very loving mother. In fact, other than the hot temperedness of Satsuki when Naruto did something stupid, Naruto could have sworn they act more like sisters instead of mother and daughter. Although a good friend of Kushina, Mikoto didn't approve of the Namikaze's treatment of Naruto and set out to be the mother he should have had. In time, Naruto saw him as his mother as well.

And the third reason why he enjoyed the Uchiha's company was Satsuki, his best friend and right now as he was dying; his first love. She wasn't like any other Uchiha he met and as he lay dying there he only wished to get a second chance. To see her once again.

It seemed that fate had accepted Naruto's offer because after the mob and finally finished beating him up, the spider crawled down from its web. It wasn't an ordinary spider though. This spider carried the Bloodlight virus. One could say that the Bloodlight virus was an improved version of the Blacklight virus allowing a wider genetic pool, memories of all the prototypes and long term survival. It was this very survival that allowed the Bloodlight virus to survive for thousands of years dormant in the rubble. In fact, the only reason why it was active now as because the Bloodlight virus had been reawakened during the Kyuubi attack.

When Konoha was attacked the Kyuubi had kicked up some dirt from the forest before charging at the villager. However this dirt contained the Bloodlight virus which had remained in hibernation for thousands of years. Only the size of the dot at the end of this sentence the virus could only take on beings of small size. And even then it was risk. Too little strength and the virus would live the rest of its days in fear. If the being it tired to assimilate was too strong or had too much chakra the virus would be repelled from the organism and destroyed. Thus in all essence it took the form of a tick, then a fly, then a small beetle and finally a spider.

This was the very spider that was crawling over Naruto's dead body. The virus sensed the death of this boy and had moved over its body in hopes of getting a new host but it had to question itself. Was it worth the risk. True this form wouldn't last if for a long time as the Bloodlight virus was made for primates but was it worth it. This form wasn't usually advanced nor strong enough to guarantee hold of the boy but if it did, it would finally reach its full potential. Or condemn itself to extinction. The risks were heavy but so were the rewards. For a moment the spider stood still on Naruto's chest before shaking violently for a few seconds.

The virus had basic brain functions and could learn slowly. Thus the reason why it did what it did. In order to save the boy it would have to target his heart then his brain. After one final violent movement the spider fell t the ground dead and without a shell. However what was inside the shell was a Carnelian red. The entire fluid would barely make little more than 20 mL but it would suffice. Entering his wounds the Bloodlight virus began the process.

Like all living things though, this form of the virus had a few weaknesses. One of these weaknesses was the slow development period. While the Blacklight virus could provide the user would changes in a few hours or days the Bloodlight virus would only follow through with similar results under extreme stress. Otherwise the process may take weeks, months or possible years. This time period allowed the Bloodlight virus to survive almost any condition for tens of thousands of years while the Blacklight virus would be extinguished within decades without a food source. The Bloodlight virus also formed a symbiotic bond with its host but should the host be strong enough unlike the spider, the host could survive its removal. A Blacklight virus user would not.

The Bloodlight virus also allowed the virus to choose from a wider genetics pool of humans. In fact one in every fifty humans were susceptible to it benefits unlike the Blacklight virus which would only create prototypes with only one in a few thousand humans. However these changes were milder and included increase strength, speed, healing, endurance, agility, pain tolerance, damage resistance and so on. However it was rare of the user to revive the same benefits as that of a Blacklight Prototype.

The final thing about the Bloodlight virus was that unlike the Blacklight virus, all prototypes will share a hive mind. In fact this will allow all Bloodlight viruses to store their "knowledge" in a single spore of genetic information. However, since there never was a prototype for the Bloodlight virus, only Blacklight viruses were recorded. This included Alex Mercer and James Heller.

Now back to the virus. As the virus slithered through the veins of Naruto it searched for direction to the brain. Since it was the first time doing so, the virus acted on instinct and followed the large blood vessels.

On the outside Naruto's skin paled, his hair became darker and his eyes turned to Carnelian shade or red. His body jerked and twitched in thousands of different directions but didn't move from the spot with his mouth open in a silent scream. It was similar to someone being in extreme pain but unable to move as his head, wrists and ankles were held down.

(Inside Naruto's mindscape)

"So my Jailer finally comes to me," asks the Kyuubi. It had expected this to happen sooner but was surprised by what happened next.

A group of red slime crept into the sewer before condensing into two blobs of unknown shape. The blobs remained above the water for a few seconds before finally reaching human shape. The blobs continued to mold for a few more seconds before every last detail appeared for both humans.

The first human shape was masculine and moderately muscular. This human male had pale skin and blue eyes which had a sickly gray tinting around its edges. It also had curly brown hair. The human wore an outfit made up of two parts. His upper and lower body. On his upper body were three articles of clothing. The first was buttoned up white shirt that was not buttoned up all the way. The second was plain grey hoodie and the third was a leather jacket, a black one that had a tribal tattoo at the back. He wore a pair of black and white sneakers. His outfit said 'HELLO. LET ME KILL YOU!"

The second human shape was masculine as well but was far more muscular. The man gave up an aura of confidence as though he had been through a hundred battles and survived. He wore a black t-shirt under a black leather jacket. Like the previous man he also had a hood but it was connected to the jacket/ overcoat. The hood underneath he jacket was red. He also wore a pair of black combat boots. Over them was a pair of dark jeans that were held in place by a belt buckled bedazzled with spikes. The man wore a pair of dark fingerless gloves. Over the entire outfit said "DO NOT FUCK WITH ME!"

Overall the Kyuubi seemed to find these humans entertaining and decided to amuse itself by introducing itself.

"Greetings. I am the Kyuubi you insolent humans," it roared," Bow before my feet for being in my presence and –"

"What ever furball," interrupted the first figure," Just tell us what is going on."

"Alex!" barked the second figure. The first figure known and Alex scoffed.

"Fine," he sighed," I am Alex Mercer, the first prototype."

"And I am James Heller. After all since you took the time to introduce yourself, we decided to flow through as well," beamed the man, "And I am the second Prototype."

"I see, but what is a prototype?" asked the Kyuubi.

"You'll see, but first let's wait for the kid. After all we're all guests in this house." Explained Alex.

And at that moment Naruto entered.

Next time: Meeting the Prototypes.