Naruto Heller Mercer

Chapter 3: Meeting the prototypes and a Promise of a Tomorrow

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Red Crown be advised. I'm not in the fucking Blackwatch.- James Heller

Naruto stood in the sewer gazing at the two men in front of him in shock. They said they were a prototype. In his mind or in the mind of his mind were a dozen questions waiting to burst forth. Who were these men/ What was a prototype? Why was there a huge fox in a cage? However that wasn't what shocked him the most was the sheer size of the men. The skinnier one was 213.36 cm or 7 feet tall on the dot. The second stranger was 231.14 cm or seven feet seven inches tall. They were huge. Naruto from his experience had never seen such a large person his life. Maybe the Akimichis were pretty big but never this large and skinny!

Unlike the Akimichis these two strangers were more muscle defined. The first stranger was ,if his estimate was right, 82.5 kilograms and the second was 157 kilograms. Pretty skinny but with a fair bit of muscle if his shirt was of any indication. However Naruto wasn't able to ponder this recent development as a hand that was waving directly in front of his face snapped him out of his thoughts.

"Hello," asked Alex, "HELLO!"

Naruto looked at the strangely dresses man sheepishly.

"Sorry," he apologized sincerely.

"It's alright little guy," answered Heller. He gave Mercer a glare before focusing his attention on Naruto, "Anyways since I can deal with kids better and because I want to keep the jackass," he points his thumb at Alex, "In line I guess we better be more casual. Don't you think?"

This question was directed at all of the members in the sewer instead of Naruto specifically. For this simple gesture, Naruto was very grateful. He was always picked on at school by both the teachers and the students when his parents and sister wasn't around. Granted, none of them were in the ninja academy but the curriculum was still pretty difficult. Nevertheless he excelled at most of the stuff. While his sister would have been in the middle of the class and Naruto in the top 10% on a fair and equal life, this wasn't the case. His sister was praised constantly and aided by both the teachers and their parents, thus her grades were obviously higher than Naruto's. In fact she was third in class… out of 30 students. Naruto on the other hand had no such privileges and was constantly berated with biased results hindering his grades. Even so he only scored 18th of the 30 students. It was this reason alone, that nearly caused him to use the Kyuubi's chakra in his mindscape.

Heller, being a father himself before he family was brutally murdered by Mercer, sensed Naruto's anger after his statement and decided to act as a mediator.

"Wow, wow little guy, calm down," he assured Naruto which worked, "Why don't why start with introductions and then find a way to resolve the situation at hand."

Alex agreed snidely, "Excellent idea. Why don't you start?"

Heller just shrugged at the mass murder before answering.

"My name is James Heller and like Alex here," he points at Alex, "I am a prototype. In case you are wondering I am a virus that has formed to take a human shape. Namely the one of its host. I really don't know hat to say about myself but you can ask me anything. Unless there is a really good reason why, I will answer every one of your questions truthfully."

Naruto however did not understand a thing that was going on so he asked," What's a virus?"

At Naruto's question Heller cracked a grin. He liked this kid. Just talking to Naruto made him happy; the type of happiness that he hadn't experienced … since his daughter and wife died. A pang of sadness hit the man but he decided to move on.

"And who's the fox?" he asked. The Kyuubi decided to remain silent. Alex on the other hand decided to speak for the first time that day or time. He really hated Heller for killing him and would gladly return the favor but since they were stuck in this situation, the best way to survive was to work together. No matter how much it hate him to admit it.

"My name is Alex Mercer and that is all you need to know." He stated.

The Kyuubi looked at Heller for one moment before answering.

"My Name is the Kyuubi No Kitsune. But you can call me Kurama." Answered the fox.

"Explain," growled Alex. Heller just glared at Mercer sternly.

"Don't mind him. He's just mad that I handed his bitch ass on a platter," beamed Heller, "But all that is irrelevant. Since you seem to have been in this world longer than any of us why don't you explain some of the details."

"Guys," Naruto interrupted. All the adults turned to him.

"Sorry," answered Heller, "And you are?"

"Oh," said Naruto, "Well my name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and I would really like to know what is going on."

"Kit," assured the Kyuubi, "I'll explain to you over the course of my speech. Anyways since you two are fairly new to this world and because I can't sense any chakra from either of you but a lot of power I guess I will explain."

The Kyuubi took a deep breath before explaining the situation.

"Long ago, centuries before this time there was a man who was known as the sage of six paths. He is a very important figure in history and was known for originating the use of ninjutsu. He is the father creator and inventor of this particular branch of chakra and the two main clans that later founded Konoha, the Senju and the Uchiha, which I will explain later. However he is also known for being the world's first jinchūriki or sealer of a demon. In this case it was the ten- tails demon or Jūbi. This action would alter rename him as the savior of the world."

Alex spat at that comment. Here was a man who could have forsaken humanity but didn't. Bastard.

Heller on the other hand decided question the Kyuubi about its intentions.

"I can understand the need to explain but I don't sense that you are lying to any of us. In fact you seem to be explaining the situation as much as possible with the limited amount of information you have. Care to explain"

The Kyuubi growled at the large man but otherwise held its peace. His statement was understandable.

"You and I are stuck in this boy, until either of us find, a way out. Mutual cooperation would lead both of us to our goals as quickly as possible. That is as long as you cooperate," at this the Kyuubi sighed, "it hurts my pride greatly to ask for help from a measly virus but I can't be picky and being honest with you is most likely the best solution. Any form of dishonesty would lead to your distrust and possibly betrayal. And I've seen enough betrayal between humans, both among themselves and with us demons."

"Demons," asked little Naruto.

"Yes," reported the Kyuubi, "Prior to his death the sage of six paths broke off the Jūbi into nine manageable parts. This is significant because the power of each part is uneven. The greater a demon's power the more tails it has. I, who have nine tails, am the most powerful demon."

The Kyuubi, had it been in human form, would have smirked loudly at the moment. This only got a laugh from Alex and a chuckle from Heller. Yep, definitely needs and ego boost … not!

"Anyways, after that I would usually reform after being sealed and have my jailor killed before somebody finally managed to control. Usually the old seals would last a few years at most but the new ones last decades. However the new seals also cause several problems for me. You see, a few centuries ago when I would usually reform I would have the luxury or freedom to travel anywhere I want and do whatever However this is not possible. It has been decades since I saw and felt the world through my eyes. Anyways here I was being sealed from one container to another however this changed immediately after the Uzumaki clan formed. Usually the jinchūriki was of several allied clans, remaining hidden from public eye and kept as a secret weapon. However this changed the moment Konoha was founded. The first Hokage married the jinchūriki creating an alliance between the villages and clans. Through these circumstances I was sealed in a "stable" yet controllable human for decades. The first Jinchūriki from Uzushiogakure was Mito Uzumaki; the second was your mother and the third pair of "bonded" Jinchūriki is you and your sister, Natsumi."

"What do you mean by bond?" questioned Alex since the only bond he had seen so far was the red-light virus which he was currently observing through the water. He continued to stare at the differences between the Blacklight virus and its "successor" the Bloodlight. The first difference was clear. Although the initial encounter showed that the virus evolved in the same way, further analysis showed that it was a lighter shade of red. Interesting.

"Alex, you're getting off topic. Please explain the situation more clearly." Questioned Heller would a hint of impatience in it. He hated to have valuable information be within his grasp but continued to be removed as he just touched it.

"Fine!" shouted the Kyuubi having enough with the humans. It tried to shut off the connection between the three humans or two Prototypes and boy but it didn't seem to work. In fact it found itself unable to do anything at all. Naruto also found himself rooted to the spot.

"Fascinating, it appears that in order for anyone of us to end this discussion all parties must reach a consensus," interpreted Alex.

"Wait what?" asked Naruto with a mention of panic. This was bad. Was something going to happened to them?

"Okay since you don't seem to get what a consensus is I will dumb it down for you. A consensus is when everyone agrees to do a certain thing and no one disagrees. Normally a consensus is not practicable to any government because they have to rule thousands if not millions of people. Thus the need for democracy. However this doesn't mean that one is possible for a small group of people, like us," clarified Alex.

James took it upon himself to explain it even further, "Which means that none of us can leave unless everyone agrees. In other words we're stuck here until we all get ANSWERS!" roaring the last part.

Kurama and Heller had a staring contest for a few seconds before she finally relented.

"Very well. Before the Kyuubi container was sealed in you, Naruto, a masked Man known as Tobi arrived to the location in which you're mother was giving birth. Here he kidnapped your sister since she is the first born, leaving your father to either protect your wife and her unborn child or save your sister. He chose Natsumi, kit, and went after the masked man. After these events which occurred, Tobi or the masked man with the Sharingan would later take control of me from your mother forcibly and attacked the village with my power. You know the rest of the story. You're father found a way to seal me inside you, but tricked the Shinigami into making a deal with him. You're sister got the all of my power while you received my soul,"

"I see," answered Alex before turning to Naruto.

"There may be some information that is required. In order to do so I will have to find out some form of information about this virus, Naruto," stated Alex.

"Huh, … okay," answered Naruto having no idea about what was going to happen. Alex stared into the now toxic water which seemed to have a large amount of red substance.

Quickly he submerged himself into it and found himself in a goldmine of information. The virus was so similar to the Blacklight virus yet so different. In fact the Blacklight virus had far less potential then the Bloodlight however obtaining such potential will be difficult. He smiled nevertheless.

Heller not liking that smile at hall submerged himself into the water repeating the examination of the water. It seemed that the water contained basic information about Naruto

"So far I've seen quite a few differences. The Bloodlight virus allows you, the user to create a new identity from all those you have killed unlike the Blacklight virus which just allows the user to replicate new biomass," Alex answered.

"The second thing I have noticed is that as a Bloodlight user you will find yourself going through accelerated growth. In other words it is very likely that after you consume someone Naruto, you will be at least 16% larger than someone of your typical age. It is also possible for you to be stronger, faster and overall more fit than anyone on this planted," addressed James, "but there is something else that I have been overseeing. You're Bloodlight virus seems to be white and pink. I believe that as you grow older and mature, the Bloodlight virus will turn into a far darker shade of red and black. The third thing that I've noticed is that you seem to lack all of the essential benefits of the Blacklight virus. Whether or not this will cause future problem is something we will have to find out kid."

"However," continued Heller, "I noticed that there are different forms and changes you can take while you are in your "initial" form. The first form is armor which provides unparallel protection against damage however like all these forms you will take lots of time to achieve these sets."

Alex turned to Naruto for a second before continuing from Heller's lecture. It seemed that the two men had made a mutual agreement to be as honest as possible over the course of this conversation since their lives basically depended on it.

"There are also hundreds of minor updates and changes that I have notices but that's not important now. Another major upgrade that I have noticed in the Bloodlight virus is stealth mod. Now normally we as prototypes are masters of stealth since we can control and take shape of the person we have "consumed" along with their memories. However the Bloodlight virus takes this a step further and allows the user to be practically "invisible" like a human chameleon for a short period of time. You do know what a chameleon is right?' asked Alex.

"Of course I do," responded Naruto, "Their like those lizard that can change shape at any given moment. No its actually color. Sorry."

Alex nodded once.

"The second change that this Bloodlight virus gives it user is the "power" mode. Now normally prototypes such as me and Heller are strong as it is. We can lift tons of weight at any given moment. However your "Power" mode seems to allow the user to match the strength and speed of us at any given moment by consuming any saved Biomass. I theorize that this is because of the milder benefits the Bloodlight virus seems to give its user."

Heller took it from there.

"Kid, the Bloodlight Prototype is initially much weaker than the Blacklight Prototype. This mechanism is probably something that would be used in a fight of flight defense. And as I forgot to mention the cloak or stealth mode also seems to require small amounts of biomass overtime. This is probably because of the very nature of the Bloodlight virus as it requires a wider Gene pool."

"There are also numerous other benefits; Such the fact that you can now move in water, since the Blacklight virus couldn't cross water bodies and "visor" mode. In visor mode, the subject, or in this case you Naruto will be able to select one organ or organ system and literally see it with only an outline of the initial body."

"Okay, the get what this so called Bloodlight virus will do," replied Naruto, "But can you explain to me who you people are?"

"Alright," responded Alex, "I didn't introduce myself. HOW rude of me? Anyways if you want to know who I am I will answer. I am a former scientist who was working on the Blacklight virus for a group known as Gentek. While working for this organization I rose through the ranks very rapidly. I later would become the person who would directly study the Blacklight virus, a predecessor of the Red-light virus. However Gentek wanted to later close down my research. I had no idea why, maybe because of budget cuts and recruitment setbacks. I had no idea. However in order to t this they would have to kill anyone involved in their projects, including the scientists. This meant me. In order to escape my fate I fled as soon as a I could taking a sample of the virus with me. However I didn't make it far. In fact I was shot at Penn Station a few minutes after I left. Before I could die however I destroyed the very virus I created damming the lives of millions."

"What happened then?" asked Naruto hoping for an answer but being afraid of what he would hear next.

"Well I later woke up having no idea who I am, earned and learned a bunch of powers and later would kill all those responsible for turning me into who I am. I will tell you the story another time,"

"Alex!" yelled Heller.

"Fine, I killed this person named Greene who was the original user of the Red-light virus and tried to take control of me. However I had two confrontations with her. My second confrontation resulted in me fighting her aboard a supercarrier outside of Manhattan," replied Alex.

"I see, but what is a supercarrier?" asked Naruto.

Alex turned to him and responded, "A very large ship and let's leave it at that. Anyway the officials were preparing to detonate a Nuke which I will tell you about later. In simple terms a Nuke is a very strong bomb that uses radiation to destroy anything in its path. However I was still in the blast radius of the bomb and was caught in it. I would have died had I been human. But I wasn't. I was the Blacklight virus, in the shape of Alex Mercer. And so I survived in order to achieve my goals."

"Which was to destroy the human race," interrupted Heller. Alex shot Heller a dirty look before nodding. Naruto was horrified. Why would someone want to kill every human being on the planet?

"In case you're wondering why this jackass is trying to kill everyone, he simply found humanity unsatisfying or in this case fucking retarded," yelled Heller breaking the silence.

Kyuubi and Naruto nodded at Heller's proclamation finally understanding that. Naruto then turned to the black man, "If you want to learn the full story of my origin, like Mercer, I'll explain to you later but here's a short summary. A few months before the second outbreak of the Blacklight virus I was a Sergeant in the US Army. Previously I was just working somewhere in the Middle East, fighting for my country, wanting to serve. However during the time I was gone, Mercer here had released the Blacklight virus and killed my entire family. I returned home to see the dead bodies of my wife and kid, god rest their souls,"

Naruto bowed his head in silence for the lives lost. The Kyuubi and Alex just sniggered and shook their head respectively.

"In a fit of rage I joined the forces that were fighting the Blacklight virus in hopes on getting revenge of those that killed them. In this case it was Alex Mercer," grunted Heller, " and I pursued him wherever I could. Then one day when I was out patrolling my squad was attacked by a bunch of hunters. I was the only one surviving and then he appeared."

Heller pointed at Alex who sighed before continuing the story. By now both Naruto and the Kyuubi were giving their utmost attention to the two men.

"And then my greatest mistake occurred," sighed Alex, "I was measly impressed by Heller's skill and determination as he pursued me and killed a hunter and in case you guys are wondering what a brawler its right behind you."

Naruto turned around and found himself face to face with an seven feet tall four legged monster. It seemed to have short spikes popping out of where its spine was and had large red boils covering its pale skin. Blood dripped from its serrated teeth and dribbled down to the maroon shaded webbed forearms in front of it. The brawler's eyes shifted left and right for a few seconds before it seemed to regain control of it body and lunged at the closest thing toward it. IN this case it was Naruto. Getting on its hind legs, the brawler tried to slash Naruto but was kicked backwards by Heller 20 feet, dissipating into thin air.


"Yeah but it was fun," sniggered the scientist. The two engaged in a staring contest before Alex finally gave in.

"Spoilsport," mutter Alex under his breath.

"Anyways, before Alex here decides to kill you again in your mind I'll explain."

"After my initial fight with the brawler and killing it with only a knife I continued to pursue little Alex here. However I failed many times before he finally decided to finish me once and for all. Or so I thought. I believed that he thought o f me as an annoyance, nothing more, nothing less. I was wrong. He saw potential in me and decided to put it to the test by inserting the Blacklight virus into me. On that day I changed. I didn't become one of the infected or evolved. Instead I became the second prototype and vowed to use my skills to murder my maker." Spat out Heller.

Naruto just listened intently at the man's story.

"After that I was taken to a lab which I escaped before taking to the streets. Using all my resources and Alex's persuasion I finally believed that Blackwatch and Gentek were responsible for the deaths of my family. Long story short I found out that I was wrong and the person responsible had been right in front of my yes the entire time. It was him!" yelled Heller pointing at Alex.

"HIM! ALEX FUCKIN' MERCER!" roared the taller of the two men.

"Yes. Yes, you then found me, and killed me. I was consumed by you and the infection in the city ended," replied Alex as if he was talking about nothing but the weather. Heller was slightly surprised by Alex's statement but quickly dropped the subject before turning to Naruto.

It was then Naruto's turn to explain his side of the story and the road to his life. He explained and repeated what he already knew from the three of them as they took into account of his beatings, neglect, abuse and suffering. By the end Heller and Mercer were thinking the same thing.

"Let's fucking destroy this village."

Don't get Alex wrong, he hated Humanity, but this was too much. As soon as he could, he was killing every fuckin' prick that laid a hand on this kid and then he would go to hell itself and dam the place to oblivion because it didn't make them suffer enough. Kurama on the other hand found itself or, more or less, herself becoming further depressed. She knew how much Naruto continued to suffer and how hard it was for him but feeling from her senses and abilities and hearing it herself was completely different. Granted she had seen some pretty selfish shit, done by humans to their own kind, but this was too much.

However the trio's opinion on Naruto's life changed the moment he started describing all the good things that had occurred. All his friends and crushes that was willing to stand by him no matter what the situation. That alone brighten the mode a little. However what truly shocked the four of them was what happened next. Suddenly they found themselves on top of a hill. Kurama was now human sized while Heller, Mercer and Naruto remained the same.

"Hey, I remember this," revealed Naruto.

"Really," questioned Alex.

"Yeah, it's where I asked Satsuki about how she really felt towards me. I mean about me," explained Naruto blushing a little. The memory was only a few hours old at most since it had happened at close to midnight.

There on the grassy, plains under the moonlit sky were two small figures hand in hand just staring at the stars without a care in the world. As the four got closer they finally managed to understand what was going on.

"Hey, Satsuki?" asked Naruto.

"Yes, Naruto?" replied Satuski.

"Do you think we have a chance? The two of us being more than just … friends?" asked Naruto desperately at long last. He really hoped she didn't reject him

"Really, you really mean that?" whispered Satuski into Naruto's ear blushing slightly.

"Of course," responded Naruto rather quickly turning a shade of red.

"Well then, you'll have to be taller, and older and way more handsome," answered Satsuki, "but I will always love you no matter what Naruto. What I just asked was my dream boy. But I know you'll become him one day Naruto. I just know it."

The two kids smiled before Satsuki kissed Naruto once on the cheek. This caused a stupid grin to appear on his face.

"Yeah, that would be nice," smiled Naruto brightly. The two kids snuggled against each other.

At that the memory ended with the two kids looking at the stars. The four of them returned to the mindscape in their original positions with very different thoughts.

Naruto was crying over the fact that he never really got the chance to say how much he really loved Satuski and the way she smiled. It would make any guy love her no matter what. Truth was, Satsuki used to be a little fat when she was younger but Naruto still liked her for being … well her. Now he, if he really could, wanted to say goodbye to her before he would forever leave Konoha. Heller was silently brooding over the fact that Naruto lost a chance at true love. The same love that brought him and his wife together. They were both childhood friends, both gazing at the stars one night and both seeing how much they mean to each other on that day. Granted he was a lot older but it still didn't change the fact that he was having déjà vu moments with Naruto. Heller felt like punching something. He was going to get this kid back together with the girl if it was the last thing he did.

Kurama was thinking along the same lines as Heller and was remembering all the times she had felt true love from the humans around her before they were killed right in front of their mates. Granted she only felt negative emotions but if you cancelled that out greatly it was very easy to notice. Alex on the other hand was spewing, having a mental debate with himself. Was humanity not worth destroying? Had he been wrong this entire time? No! Was he really wrong and in denial?

Finally it was Heller who broke the silence.

"Naruto can you find a way to get yourself out of the village"

At that question, Naruto whacked his brains for answers. He had tried dozens of times before but all failed or would have failed. He had tried talking to the third that had attempted to reason with his father but failed once again. His father would only pretend to pay attention to him for a few days before going back to training Natsumi. Asshole.

However maybe he could help him once again. The third had tried to have the villagers that harmed Naruto, executed but it was backfired as all his father did was give them a short sentence in hopes of avoiding a civil revolt. He had killed two of the people personally but that was it. For a moment Naruto considered against asking the third for help but after a moment he finally conceded tha tit was the best way to get out of the village within the next few days at least.

"I can but it won't be easy,' replied Naruto.

"Remember though," loamed Alex form the Shadows, "You should consume someone first before moving. It would be for the best due to the injuries you have received."

James stared at Alex for a moment before turning to the Kyuubi.

"Is really necessary," he asked.

"Yes," replied the Kyuubi, "While I wouldn't normally be able to heal any of Naruto's wounds this is completely different. If what you two say is correct, Naruto has officially 'die' and I can't help him. However that doesn't mean that if I had the chance I would help. It's better for him to get the first kill out of the way."

Naruto stared at the Kyuubi in shock. Granted he had beaten up several people for his food and shelter and lived the tough life but kill. To take a life was something he had never done before. And not anything he was looking forward too. However he couldn't find himself disagreeing with the Kyuubi either.

After a minute, Naruto took a deep breath and with much effort left the sanctuary of his mindscape. The first thing that assaulted him was shearing pain. The god forsaken pain that seemed to stem from his chest and spread through his body as he regained some control of his body.

The second feeling he felt was hungers as his desire to eat, feed, survive and sustain nearly overcame him. He need to kill, anything and this place was filled with food. It took a great effort from Naruto's part to avoid the pleasure of eating and hunger take complete control of him.

The third and final feeling that hit him was the rage. Pure, unadulterated raged. He was going to fucking kill all those people responsible for this. For a moment Naruto nearly did however the reminded himself that this feeling could easily overcome him and his bloodlust could possible hurt anybody he cared about should they got caught in the crossfire … or worse stop him.

So, taking a large effort or tons of self control, Naruto turned to the last person walking away from his dead body. It was a fat portly, man dressed in fancy clothes but Naruto knew better. Just by looking at him, Naruto knew that the man was already neck deep in any kind of trouble and was a pretending to be richer than he already was. And his day just couldn't get any worse.

Naruto lunged at the man, letting his instincts take control of him for the time they were needed. He opened his jaws and spread his arms as wide as possible. The fat man turned around and the last thing he saw was Naruto lunging at him. Naruto tackled the man viciously breaking several bones in the process. He punched the man viciously several times before his instincts took over. Biomass, amassed around Naruto's body before splitting into small tendrils which assimilated what was left of the man.

A shearing pain erupted around Naruto's body nearly knocking him out. However he held on. He was no stranger to pain and he wasn't going to let something as small as this take control of his life. IT was just another part of growing up. Even so, Naruto gripped his head in pain before something happened.

At first there was darkness, then he was shown things. Many things but one message was clear

Web of Intrigue: Merchant Gangster

"You know what to do?" replied a man in the Shadows

"Yes," sweated the Merchant.

"Remember, the boss has been tired of your shitty excuses. Pay up, kill the brat or we will make sure you never see the light of day ever again." Repeated the man.

"I know what to do!"

"Do you?" taunted the man in the shadows

"Of course. Sides I have a bone to pick with the Kyuubi." Replied the man gleely


That sick motherfucker! He was planning on killing me just for the hell of it.

At that thought Naruto growled darkly. However before he could continue his thoughts, his body shifted, then swayed and swung uncontrollably before biomass painfully accumulated around him. It came in three waves. The pain was enormous; it felt like he was being ripped to pieces individually many times in more pieces each time. The pain seemed to magnify for awhile before Naruto collapsed from the physical and mental exhaustion. Then he woke up a few seconds later taking deep ragged breaths. By the time it was over, Naruto stood at 140 cm and weighed 40 kg. He felt strange. Great in fact. However he didn't have time to lavish on the physical changes. ANBU would want to know what the hell happened to the dead civilian and pin it one him. He didn't need that bullshit.

At the current moment he needed to find someone. The third had answers, friends or friends of friends that could probably help him. However he had no idea if it would be useful. What he sought might not be what he expected but he would take what he could get. Worse come to worse he would have to break out of Konoha alone, by force. And so, Naruto quickly ran towards the location the third's house, his sonar guiding him. He knew that Heller used this ability but that was it. For half an hour he ran at a regular pace before finally coming to a stop fifteen miles away, in the country sided. He knocked on the door a few times and waited. It was a minute before someone answered. And there he was Sarutobi Hiruzen, God of Shinobi, right in front of him.


A different Destiny burnt from ashes: Coming up

Naruto I can help you. Give you a chance at a different life.


"Simple," he sighed, he only wanted to hire this man as a last resort, "There's an old friend who might be willing to help you."

"Really, but why wasn't I told this," Naruto asked.

"Because he's bloodthirsty, rude, cold and a dangerous man to deal with business or otherwise," explain Sarutobi, "But he's also an excellent, friend, teacher and businessman. He can arrange you're departure and safety but remember he will only do what is necessary. That's it. Unless he finds something worthwhile."

At that Sarutobi sent a letter down the draw he had in his desk. The two people waited in for a while before a large white flame burst into the room.

The flame spread like wildfire, towards the ceiling, walls and floor before receding and taking shape. After a few seconds it took the shape of a middle aged man.

"Sarutobi." Greeted the man.

"Covenant Guild Lord," acknowledge Sarutobi since the man didn't want to be known by his real name … at least not in Naruto's presence.

"You called for what," asked the Lord tilting his head, "I'm a very busy man you old fool."

"My apologies," replied the Hokage, "but I have a student that need your help."

"I don't pick up strays," barked the lord.

"Please do it for me," begged Hiruzen. After a minute the Lord sighed before turning to examine Naruto. After a minute he nodded slightly once.

"What do think?" questioned Sarutobi.

"At first glance eh could be anything I train to be but now that I see him I would say either a warrior, knight, Hunter or Wanderer."

Also in the future:

Naruto growls toward the speaker at the other end of the two way radio, "Konoha ANBU forces be advised, I'm not a fucking Shinobi."