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Jades POV

Feeling weight lifted from my body quickly replacing the warmth with coldness im dragged out of my sleep to see Tori getting out of bed talking to Andre and Beck in a hushed tone.

Rubbing the left over sleep from my eyes and kicking the blankets off of me pushing myself out of bed. Tori turns to me being the first to notice my arrival "Hey goodmorning" She says smiling, her eyes becoming brighter. Happier.

"Morning" I smile back before looking at the two boys "So whats on todays agenda?" I ask with slight sarcasm in my voice. Andre just chuckles while beck speaks up "We were just talking about the driving situations. So the same thing as always today" He explains running a hand through his tossled hair and i can already tell he's keeping something hidden behind his words.

"Yeah but you may not like the 'new' situations" Andre says using air quotes to emphasize new quickly avoiding eye contact with me.

I knew there was a catch.

Before i can question anything Cat comes into the RV with Robbie following close behind. "Yay Jade you're awake! Im so happy we get to drive together! Its not much fun in here everyday" She exclaims frowning slightly at her last sentence.

"We're what!" I shout and they all shoosh me.

"Sorry but why?" I look to all of them confused.

"I'll explain to her" Tori says mostly to Beck and Andre as she grabs my hand and pulls me to the opposite side of the RV.

"Jade i know you're gonna freak out at this but we might split up the group for a little so thats why Cats riding with you to see how it goes" She hurridly explains as if im going to lash out on her.

"But why cant you stay with me?" I ask trying to hide the disappointment in my voice but fail to.

She gives me a half smile "Because you're the only one who can make Cat act at least slightly calmer and focused" She says and i can tell by her eyes shes not very thrilled about the new plans either.

"This is so stupid" I hiss

"I know but they think it would help be seperated to be in pairs so there is less chances of someone getting hurt with a big group" She looks down while she says this.

"Don't worry Vega ill try to convince them to make it short seperation"

"Promise? 'Cause i don't think i'll last long...away from you" At that i put both hands on each side of her face so she will look at me. "I promise" I promise her not breaking eyes contact.

And with that she pulls me into a tight hug "I can't live without you in this world" She whispers in my ear. My heart races from her warm breath on my ear. "I can't live without you either Tori" I say back, pulling out of the hug to look at her.

Great shes cryin. Can this day get any worse?

"Why are you crying?" My voice is shaky and i try to cover it up with a sigh. "Nothing lets just go back over there so we can go" She says wiping her tears away and pulling me back over to them.

"Lets just go" I mumble walking past them opening the RV door. "Holy shit" Is all i can say looking at about fifteen zombies stumbling around the lot.

With no words said we all grab our weapons and attack them all one by one. "Jade look out!" Someone shouts and i abruptly whip around but just before a zomibe can get me someone swipes a sword in its body causing it to fall to the floor in half when i finally look up from the groosome scene Robbie is standing in front of me with a proud yet frightened expression plastered on his face. "Thank you Robbie!" I choke out before carefully jumoing into his arms but quickly pull away.

"Its clear!" Andre shouts so we all know its okay to go to our cars.

Its a surprisingly quiet drive with Cat and i can't take the scilence anymore.

"Cat you okay?" I glance at her from the corner of my eye questioningly. She stops chewing her bottom lip and answers "Just thinking" She says happily.

"May i ask about?"

Wow i must be going insane if i actually wanna know what the small girl is thinking.

"Do you like Robbie?" She blurts out covering her mouth shcoked she just said that out loud. "What?" I yell almost bringing the car to a complete halt. "Its fine if you don't i just-" I cut her off laughing.

"Whats so funny?" She asks a hint of hurt in her voice. "Cat calm down i don't like Robbie" I say chuckling at her silly asumptions. "I like Tori"

Wait! What!

I slap my hand over my mouth from realization to what i just said. "Aww Jade! Thats so cute!" She squeals. "Cat please just forget i said anyt-" I'm cut off midsentence by her excited chatter. "Oh my gosh Jade! Did you tell her? Does she like you back? Ohhh did you two kiss?" She asks wiggiling her brows.

"No, no, and sadly no"

Before Cat can say anything her phone rings. "Hello?" She says as she puts it on speaker "You are now on speaker Jade is also in the car" She says into the phone. I roll my eyes.

"Cat! I need he-" I hear Toris voice buzz through the phone until the phone starts breaking up.

"Tori! Guess what Jade told me! She has a crush on you!" She cheers out before i can protest. "Cat!" I yell at her.

"Please i need help! Something happened to the truck and zombies are surrounding us! Plea- Wait she what?" She faintly asks.

But just as those words left her mouth the phone cuts off and im stuck starring at the phone in Cats hands as the annoying dial tone keeps playing until Cat stops it saying nothing while i speed off in the direction of our friends.