Sharp as Knives

Glimmer pranced on stage in her 5 inch sparkling high heels and twirled around in her twinkling pink dress that revealed everything on her. The rest of the tributes watched from the back as she waved and batted her fake eyelashes.

Clove scoffed, "Oh my, I'm sooo pretty!" She squealed as she mocked Glimmers voice but it came out in sort of a country accent. Cato just looked down at her and smirked, "You're just jealous." Cloves eyes burned bright with fury. "Jealous of what! You just watch it. Wait till it's the two of us left, you'll be calling me beautiful when I tear your face off," She shot back, crossing her toned arms across her chest.

Marvel turned around and laughed, "Clove, he's just jealous cause steroids here can't play hide and seek well,"

Clove couldn't help but laugh at that. Cato looked down at her and growled "Oh yeah, want to make fun of me!" He challenged her playfully, "Let's see your boyfriend defend himself now," Cato reached out and put Marvel in a headlock, messing up his curly brown hair. "Aw can't take a joke big boy," Clove teased before jumping onto Cato's back so he could release Marvel.

Marvel pretended to gasp for air as Cato let him go. "Oh thanks Clove I could have died!" he teased before grabbing her off Cato's back and twirling her around, her red dress flying around her. He placed her down gently, "You need to pack on some weight before the games or I could kill you just by sitting on you," He stuck his tongue out. Clove shoved him away, "Oh shut up and get on stage!" She tried hiding a smile as the Caesar Flickerman announced Marvel to come onto stage. Marvel walked up to the stairs of the stage and stopped. He turned around "Don't miss me too much," He winked before hopping onto stage to the cheering crowd.

*I hope you like it! I plan on putting more chapters up becuase i just LOVE CLOVE AND MARVEL! Off topic... Any i'd love to hear what ya think :) Thanks for reading it!

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