Next year.

The Capitol was going crazy! The Quarter Quell was just released to it's citizents that the theme this year was a love game. The game decoraters were buzzing around hanging up balloons. They drapped tables at the Capital with pink and filly laced table clothes. They threw glitter every were. The citizens were also excited! They began getting into the love spirit themselves, buying there loved ones jewelry and tiny heart chocolates and candies with little 'I luv u' scribbled on it.

Back in District 1 Clove swiftly chopped up the carats in her kitchen, sliding them off the chopping board and into a salad. Marvel smiled as he walked into the kitchen, running up and sitting on the counter in front of Clove, distracting her from cooking.

"You are so sexy." He said smiling.

"Even with this knife?" Clove smiled, twirling it around right in front of his face.

Marvel was scared when they first moved in together in Victor Village in his home District, but after a year he grew use to it. He smirked and reached for her hand, wrapping his hand around her hand that held the blade and pulled her closer.

"Yes, even with the knife. Though I'd prefer a spear," he joked before kissing her.

In the house next door Glimmer pushed Cato down on the bed, smiling as they wrestled. Glimmer was about to lean down and kiss him but she heard a horn in the distance. A train was pulling up. She leaned away from Cato.

"Aw you're such a tease!" He growled, grabbing her and pushing her down, climbing on top.

"I know. And you love it." She laughed. "But the Capital is here to pick us up," She said sadly.

Today was the day all the couples would be picked up for the Hunger Games.

Marvel jogged down the stairs and into the kitchen, trying to find Clove so they could go to the train. He saw her holding a sharp knife.

"Do you think they will allow this to be my token?" She said.

Marvel laughed and nodded. "Yup." He joked.

Him and Clove walked outside, his arm around her waist at the same time as there neighbors Cato and Glimmer walk out, hand in hand.

"What up man," Cato said as they walked across there lawn to greet them.

"Hey man,
Marvel said, letting go of Clove to pump fists with Cato.

They all exchanged hi's, hugging and doing handshakes. After the Games last year they had grown close, especially being neighbors. They usually had bon fires together, sometimes going to the Capital to party with their fans. And even though they were close, they all knew they would turn into enemies in the Games. Only one couple could come out this year and Cato would do anything for Glimmer and Marvel would do anything for Clove.

They arrived at the Capital, seeing all the lakes died bright pinks and the buildings covered in streamers, thousands of balloons and pigeons being released in the bright orange sunset. It was beautiful. The Capital out did themselves.

They got off the train, immediately rushed into the makeover room. The chariots where tonight.

Glimmer was decked out in a gold and black dress that wrapped around her body and Cato was in a sharp black tuxedo with a gold rose. Clove was dressed in a black long sleeved shirt with a red skinny jeans while Marvel was dressed in black jeans and a comfortable ran flannel.

All the other couples stood behind stage by there chariots. Some of the couples scared to be there, huddling together, scared of everybody else. Glimmer just flipped her hair, cuddling next to Cato as they talked to each other. Clove looked around, her dark green eyes catching Finnick gently holding a scared shaking Annie, her brown hair falling in waves down her back with a blue flower tucked behind her ear. It was such a shame they would die. Clove looked over to see other couples, holding hands, some crying. Pathetic. But still sad. But Clove really didn't have the choice to care. Everybody would die because the only person that mattered with Marvel.

Marvel came up behind her, touching the small of her back.


In Cloves mind it was a question of was she ready to kill everybody for her man. But he really meant was she ready to get on the chariot so they could ride out in front of all the sponsors they really didn't need to survive but are always nice to have. Clove nodded and answered "Yes" to his question, and hers.