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My Color of Love

Summary: When little five year old Sasuke swore to his two haired best friend that he would never fall in love to someone with a hair color other than black, fate decided to teach him how hard keeping vows the hard way when his pink haired best friend went back after eight years of living in the states. "Can you remember your vow ten years ago, teme?" "Shut it dope"

Chapter 4: Lunch Arrangements

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It is good to say that Yamanaka Ino is a very carefree and friendly girl. She isn't the shy type who would blush away from any attention or someone who would always seek attention (but she do love to be given some, especially if it was given by someone *coughsasukecough*). She loves dressing up as much as she loves her long platinum blonde hair that reaches up to her waist even if she put it into a high ponytail. Her blue eyes would usually twinkle with mock mischief every time she would feel that someone's checking her out that eventually earned her the title of 'playgirl'.

And girl she is indeed.

And right now, Ino is not a happy girl.

Her pair of blue eyes twist into a glare at the back of the room where students have gathered, forming a little circle. Different voices can be heard from the circle as if everyone was trying to talk at the same time. The female blonde's glare intensify when she had caught the shade of pink that she had come to hate in not less not a second.

The people outside the circle shiver. Their usually eccentric classmate's glare was starting to get to their skin. Unfortunately, they received the raw negative energy directed to the pink haired girl in the middle. It was a wonder how their teacher can be so laid back and still be able to still casually in his seat, his face burning fiery red while his eyes seems to be glued in his sick sick choice of... literature when the female blonde's hate waves can practically be tasted.

They never really thought that they would be having such...eventful morning.


She was having a pretty normal day. She woke up to the annoying sound of her alarm clock. Brush her golden strands. Spent an hour or so trying to choice her get up for the day. And she was able to catch a glimpse (*coughchasehimcough*) of her beloved before going to school.

But it seems that all of the good fruits of her supposedly good day suddenly rot away when she saw the two untouchable boys in all of Konoha being harassed by a weird, short pinkette in front of the whole class.

And just then, Konoha Midori high's most elite class in the juniors have discovered the difference between mad, furious, infuriated, enraged and seething with outmost rage...

'Cause all you have to do is to look at the female blonde's pretty face.

Ino closed her eyes and took a big breath as if she was trying to calm herself. The class, who thought that world war three is upon them, released the breath that they didn't know they were holding. Just as they are trying to relax and the trio broke apart, Ino suddenly went up the small platform in front of the room, where the foreign students are, and look at the two boys with apologetic eyes as if she has disappointed them.

Naruto and Sasuke relaxed, thinking that she'll apologize to Sakura for her rude comment. They have known Ino since they were eight and Sasuke had learned not to be in her presence especially when she and Naruto are in the same room or ever be in her presence unless he wanted a slow and painful death. He never liked the female blonde especially when she's in her fangirl mode but he also heard from his lazy friend that the noisy girl has brains despite her big mouth...

"I'm sorry Sasuke-kun, Naruto-kun. I will now remove this disgusting creature away from your presence"

...or not.

Then two girls, who were behind Ino all this time, proceeded to snatch and drag the shocked girl to the hallway. Hinata was about to run to help her friend when she was suddenly stop by silent Kakashi, shaking his head, telling her a silent 'don't'. Hinata opened her mouth to ask her teacher but her question was never heard when the room was filled with gasp.

Two hands found their way to Ino's shoulder, effectively stopping the blonde. Ino turn around to snap at whoever interrupted her but she never imagined that the people that would interrupt her are the same people she was defending.

"Naruto! S-Sasuke-kun…?" she exclaimed. Naruto defending girls was normal but...Sasuke? Just who the hell is this girl?

"Enough Yamanaka..." Under normal circumstances, Ino would have jump for joy knowing that her long-time crush knew her name, even if it's just her surname, except that he was also looking at her like he'll literally rip her to pieces. Even the usual laughter filled eyes of the blonde boy beside him are replaced with murderous ones.

Naruto would let Sasuke get this one, for as much as he hate to admit it, he'll have a better affect than him.

The whole class gulped. Sasuke Uchiha rarely talk but when he does, everybody should listen...

"... or I'll make sure that that will be regretting it to the grave."

...because he meant every single word.

"W-why? Just who is she anyway? That she even needs the protection of the school's top boys?"

The class silently groaned. Of course, it's just like her to use this opportunity to show that she has a backbone even if her knees are already shaking and her voice is slightly quivering. The president of Sasuke-Naruto fan club (though she's more on Sasuke) would know everything that they want in a girl and will do anything to become one.

Sakura was about to retort, feeling tired of the accusations of the Yamanaka girl (besides, the death grip of the girls are beginning to hurt and she was sure that there would be a bruise later and their nails are starting to dig deeper which will prove to be troublesome later) when she heard Kakashi sigh before faking a cough to get the class attention.

As much as he like to watch the unfolding drama, Tsunade would clearly kick his ass for letting such things happen to the exchanged students and what's more that her very own niece is the one being bullied in less than an hour after stepping in his classroom.

"Good question Ino. Now will you please go back to your seats so we can clarify all your questions." After all students have settled in their seats. (Kakashi has to glare to the two stubborn boys until the more sane one drag his idiotic friend and we obviously know which is which) and Hinata led the girl-on-the-tip-of-her-patience back in front, Kakashi sighed before speaking again.

"I'm sure I have told you about the experimental student exchange program about Konoha Midori High and St. Patrick Academy-" a loud chorus of "YOU DIDN'T!" interrupted him.

Kakashi faked another cough and proceeded like nothing happen and was once again interrupted.

"Sensei! I think you have a cold! You've been coughing quite a lot this morning! I think it's because you're early today!" loud snickers followed the comment

"As I was saying..." despite the tension, the students sweat drop at their mentor's attitude and others even cracked up laughing at Naruto's earlier statement.

"What? It's true!" Naruto exclaimed, unconsciously interrupting Kakashi once again as he turned to his snickering classmates.

"Dope" Sasuke whispered.

"You know, you can't call me that anymore" He commented, smirking at the indifferent look on Sasuke's face


"...and do that too!"

"Shut up" He hissed, making Naruto's grin wider.

Knowing it will just be a waste of time reprimanding the loud blonde, Kakashi continued his introduction "These two girls are just a part of the four student representatives that St. Patrick Academy entrusted – ENTRUSTED – to us. They will also be joining us for a week, observing how the class system operates and also the general behavior of the students before they exchange classes with the other two for another week" The class shivered at their mentor's -unseen- smiling face directed to the whole class but it was more like directed to the girls, but Ino is unaffected.

Translation: Do what you did awhile ago and you'll say bye bye before your graduation. A series of nervous faces averted their eyes.

"So! If that is clear, can we ask our two visitors to introduce themselves?" Kakashi continued, a little –too- bit cherry and snapping his book shut and making the nervous student jump.

The raven haired girl was the first one to step up but not before looking at her friend who seems to be battling between snapping and staying calm.

"I'm Hyuga H-Hinata, a third year student from St. Patrick Academy. I never really travel a lot and... I believe that the beauty of a place depends on its people. I also used to think that your town is an absolute sweetheart... w-well... until now that is..."a few embarrassed looks were reflected as the shy girl mumbled her last word but it was quickly replaced by a small smile as she continue "But I wish you could prove me wrong in the next two weeks." No one can see her struggling to keep up her strong façade from crumbing, all that they can see is an emotionless face and eyes that seems to be able to pierce into their own soul, making them more nervous.

But even though the redness of her neck remain hidden from their gazes, Sakura can see it like a carabao amidst a flock of birds and she knew that her friend is fighting off the urge to just faint and shrink to oblivion.

Hinata mentally sighed when she felt her friend's presence beside her after a few second.

"I am Haruno Sakura" She said with a loud voice, immediately getting the attention of the class "Also a third year student at St. Patrick Academy. My hair is naturally pink" A series of gasp as heard "And I used to live here in Konoha before flying to states when I'm seven so I knew I am familiar with some of the faces here and I'm also friends with Sasuke and Naruto if you're wondering about it" A louder gasp was heard before Naruto interrupted once again "Correction: BEST FRIENDS!" which was followed a small "Hn" of confirmation from the other boy.

".. I hope we can be friends!" she continued, making the class snapped their attention back at her.

The class was in awe. This is the girl asking them to be friends with them after she has been bullied a while ago.

She has guts.

"With that clarified, I'll leave you for a free period to get to know the exchange students and oh, Sasuke and Naruto will be the partners of the two since you are already acquainted with Haruno here.

Loud protest echoed across the room but Naruto's voice rang loud and clear, making the two girls smile. "HELL YEAH! C'mon teme!"

"Hn. You also can't call me that" Naruto paled at the realization making Sasuke smirk in triumph.

After Kakashi plopped down his chair and started reading his orange (badbadbad) book, the students started to gather to the two students, asking them questions after questions. Some, who have the decency to leave their private lives...well... private, just asked them about their life in the states and how different St. Patrick from KMH (Konoha Midori high).

Hinata and Sakura tried to answer them to the best that they could but a few daring persons (and some who just can't stop but ask. Read: gossip queens) step up and ask them the unspoken questions that the two have been dying to ignore but it seems like luck is not on their side...

"Is it true that you are the Hyuga Hinata, daughter and heir of the billion dollar Hyuga company?"

"How long have you known Sasuke-sama and Naruto-sama?"

"Why are your eyes white?"

"If you are really Sasuke-sama's best friend then why do you have such short hair?"

"Are you single?"

"O-M-G! is that adorable charm bracelet like from Sasuke-sama and Naruto-sama? That is sooo like cute!"

"Are the two other participants of the exchange program girl or boy? Are they HOT? Or HAWT?"

"Do you two have any plans on dating a KMH student before your two weeks expire?"

Sakura sweat dropped. 'If this are the ordinary students, then I can't wait till I meet the school paper's staffs' Sakura thought sarcastically then quickly look at her frantic ravenette friend as she tried to avoid the questions thrown to her at lightning speed.

Hinata is a relatively shy girl, waayyyy more shy before the little pink lioness befriended her. That's why Sakura was really grateful and astounded when she was the one who introduced herself first and gave a speech to defend her friend awhile ago because truth to be told Sakura was really scared of what happened a while ago, she never realized that her best friends would be this popular to the opposite gender. But that quickly evaporated and transform into anger.

The one of the things she hated is when someone step on her and she didn't even gave a fight but Sakura is a peace loving girl and wouldn't act harshly unless they overstep the boundary.

Seeing her friend squirm, Sakura smiled. 'It must have been hard eh. Hinata?' just was she was about to excuse herself and save her poor friend from the never ending questions of the girls around her, Sakura unconsciously shivered when she felt another barrage of glare from her right.

'Speaking of the females.'

At another corner of the room, a blonde was whining to an indifferent Uchiha.

"C'mon teme!" Naruto said in an annoyed tone "Why don't you want to go there and snatch Sakura from those bullies like we used to do? Look! They aren't even giving her air! She's gonna die! She's -"

"Hn" was the only reply Naruto got from the silent lad while he was fiddling his own bracelet with a small blue stone.

This action was a mannerism that the two teenagers had developed over the past years whenever they are thinking of something. There is just something in the accesory that help them calm down and think or maybe it's just because it was given by Sakura who always told scold them with the fussing-over-something-would-never-solve-your-prob lem-much-less-going-around-and-destroying-everythi ng- Seriously-I-will-never-understand-boys! speech. They mostly do this whenever they have problems and sought comfort or they are thinking something related to the pink haired lass (or when Naruto did not know what to do in a test and was already panicking.).

Naruto just sighed after looking at his preoccupied best friend. He knows that Sasuke was shocked at the sudden appearance of their best friend after five years and her surprising come back as an exchange student.

His best friend wasn't the most touchy-touchy person and certainly not an expressive individual unless you counted his 'hn's' and 'aa's' which doesn't really help much. So maybe the drama not too long ago was already taking its toll.

After all, KMH haven't seen the Uchiha lad with such emotion until now.

Sasuke, having heard his friend snickering behind his hand, rolled his eyes, and the morning continued with a glaring Ino, an uncomfortable Hinata, worried Sakura, a brooding Sasuke and Naruto nursing a purple-ish lump on his head.

An eventful morning indeed.

But they still don't know the half of it.

Neji Hyuga has been through a lot. He has lost a father as a child, hated his cousin for having such free life, been admired and feared from a distance, has been and still is the top student in his year and the school, slapped by a little pink haired girl (this is another story) and after awhile, befriended him and fixed his problems with his cousin, in which he has no idea how, why or when it happened (also another story).

And because of it all, he was able to continued his streak across the hall in search for his cousin and their pink haired friend while nonchalantly ignoring the curious and no-so-discreet stares that he was currently receiving.

The lunch bell has just rung and he and Sai had agreed to split the work from fetching the girls and getting a table in the cafeteria because frankly, they don't think they will be given a special table. After all, they aren't to be spoiled in their stay.

The brunette quickened his pace when the gold painted sign come in his view.

He was about to enter the room when a loud voice was heard from the other side, making his usually emotionless eyes narrowed in confusion. But it wasn't the voice that stopped him, it was what the voice had exclaimed.

"SAKURA-CHAN! HINATA-CHAN! LUNCH! LUNCH! C'mon! I'll introduce you to the love of my life!"

"You already have a girlfriend Naruto?" a familiar female voice said, shock evident in her voice.

"NO! o-of course not Sakura-chan!" the loud voice -Naruto- answered and Neji could almost see him waving his arms up and down in attempt to correct the accuser. Almost.

"B-but you said-"

"What do you think is the 'love of his life' that can only be seen during lunch?" another voice interject. This time it was laced with annoyance at the Naruto guy.

"Naruto!" Sakura reprimanded "I have been telling you in every email that you should cut down your ramen dose!" Email?

"B-B-But Sakura-chan!"

"U-Umm.. S-Sakura.. Can I ask what is this 'r-ramen' you're t-t-talking about?" another familiar voice entered the conversation. It wasn't really hard to know who the voice belonged to. With all the stutters and verbal crunches, he was sure it belonged to his cousin.

The same loud guy let out a terrified gasp "YOU DON'T HAVE RAMEN IN STATES?"

"Shut up dobe"

"Sasuke!" Sakura exclaimed, a reprimanding tone lacing her word, making the loud guy snicker in what Neji can only recognized as triumph and amusment.

"C'mon Hinata-chan! I'll introduce you to ramen and its heavenly effects! Plus we haven't eaten a meal with Sakura-chan in ye-"

Neji then decided that it was his cue to enter the room.

"Hinata, Sakura, Sai already went to prepare us a table. Let's go" He said, giving no room for argument.

He silently took in the scene unfolding in front of him. Two boys that looked like their age are hanging out with the two exchanged student girls. A black haired guy whose hair resembled a chicken ass is leaning casually on the teachers table, his hands in his pocket, a pair of black eyes stared at him, scrutinizing him in a familiar who-the-hell-is-this-guy manner while a pink haired girl in sat in a table in front of him. She has an amused smile on her face but it quickly morphed in an unreadable expression. Then his gaze finally looked at the blonde boy, shock and curiosity evident in his sapphire orbs but did nothing to hide the determined glint as if he was off to some important mission. Then he looked at his cousin who seems to be, once again, sporting a yet to be discovered shade of red.

Neji was at loss. His cousin is indeed shy but why would she blush like she haven't breath for ten minutes?

Just then, his lavender eyes trace the outstretch arm of his cousin then to the...

Neji struggled to keep his eye from twitching. The stupid boy is holding the hand of his cousin. A Hyuga hand! Just as he was about to calm down, the blonde boy turned his attention to Sakura.

"Sakura-chan, who is this creepy gay guy with white eyes? Do you know him?"

The raven head lad smirked. The dope is a hopeless case.

But Neji seemed to have heard and have seen enough. He went to Hinata and wrench her hand from the oblivious blonde

"HEY! Have you ever heard the word RUDE?" Ignoring the blonde's protest, he stopped at the door to look at the pinkette who still seems to be having an internal battle.

"C'mon Sakura, Sai is already waiting for us-"

"Hey!" the blonde interrupted. "I don't know who you are, but Sakura-chan is having lunch with us! And so is Hinata-chan!" he exclaimed. He hasn't seen his best friend for seven years and he won't let a guy with girly features to just snatch her away.

Hinata shifted her weight, uncomfortable with the situation. She couldn't take side with her cousin, knowing that Naruto only wanted to spend time with Sakura and probably wanted to make her taste the ramen they were talking about and she doesn't want to disappoint the guy but she also couldn't take side with him, since she knew that Neji is just being an overprotective 'brother'.

Neji glared. The annoying boy is getting on his nerves. "Sakura" he urged. He wanted to get away while he still have a hold on his emotions, but Sakura only keep quiet, a painful expression etch on her face. She absolutely did not count on this.

"If you haven't heard..." three pair of eyes turned to the guy who has detached himself from the teachers table. A serious expression written on his face.

"...She's coming with us."

Naruto let out an amused laugh when the two men caught themselves in glaring contest. He just couldn't help himself, after all, that statement is so 'Sasuke'.

Sakura sighed. She never thought it would be this problematic. But she was hungry and she's sure that Hinata is too. So she needs to end this now or they will skip lunch and as much as it was amusing to ditch Sai in the sea of the 'unknown', she knew that it would go forever if they don't stop.

Sakura faked a coughed, making Naruto turn to her "Sakura-chan! You're catching Kaka-sensei's germs!" He, once again exclaimed.

Ignoring her friend's worried outburst, she jump in between the still-glaring boys "Why don't we talk about this ne?"

Hopefully, She won't regret her decision.

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-Just the beginning-

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to disturb you but Mrs. Fig ask me to wake you up"

"Eh, you seem to be the talk of the school, Ugly"


"Naruto, aren't you supposed to be banned from the library for a week?"


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