Author's Note: This will involve characters from Total Drama Island, World Tour and Revenge of the Island. If they do appear, they are 16.

"Hi, my name is Dawn. I hope you can all be my friends!" I smiled brightly, knowing that it was clear that I was hiding a sense of nervousness and awkwardness. I walked down the isle and sat in a chair with a tall boy with shining black hair to my right. He was wearing a blue short sleeved shirt, with a yellow '1' on the front, and khaki shorts. I smiled at him, and he just gave me a fake smile back. I looked to my left, and there sat a red haired girl with a flower in her hair, green-brown pants and a weird shirt that I hadn't seen before. It wrapped around the lower chest and the upper waist, and nothing else. How did it stay up? Before I could ponder, she noticed that I was looking at her, and waved. I waved back and looked down at my desk. Horrifically, there was writing all over it, and it felt as if there was nothing but gum underneath.

"Ew…" I whispered to myself, feeling disgusted.

I was just moved to this school, Wawanakwa High, after a small misunderstanding got me kicked out of my old school. My parents moved here, knowing I had no friends and that that would limit the amount of trouble I could get into. Unfortunately for me, I had a hard time making friends. Between my looks (bright blue eyes, long blonde hair, short height and naturally purple lips), my attire (short sleeved, blue, button up t-shirt that was too small, green jumper and long purple pants) and my aura reading, I was an outcast. It had taken me many years to get friends, who moved away just before I got into Year 7, and the friends I had just lost had taken me the next 3 and a half year to get. I made a promise to one of my old friends, Scott, who I heard had moved here. I was hoping to meet him.

"Oh, yes, Dawn! The Principal would like t speak with you." said the teacher, eyeing me while holding a note. I had been so busy reminiscing that I hadn't realised that the bell had rang. I quickly got my bag and ran to the Principal's office. I had memorised the layout of the school from the map I'd gotten.

As I opened the door, the Principal wheeled around to look at me.

"Hello, Principal McLean." I said awkwardly.

"Hello Dawn. Liking the school so far? Made any friends?"

"Hehe, not yet…" I smiled weakly, rubbing my arm.

"Well, in your next class, after lunch, start up a conversation with whoever sits next to you. It probably won't be an instant connection, but stick it out and someone will listen." He smiled, shooing me out.

"Doesn't like to talk much…" I frowned, walking to my next class, Maths.

"Hey, you're that new girl who tried to talk to me in Science, aren't ya?" said the same tall boy from before, walking up to me.

"Er...uh…yeah…" I smiled back weakly.

"Well don't!" he yelled back, angrily, pointing a finger in my face. "I don't wanna be known as that guy who was the first friend of the new girl! That'd just make me unpopular! And you DON'T wanna make Lightning unpopular!"

He walked off, spouting all kinds of nonsense, as I walked off sadly to Maths. That was not a good first impression…

In Maths, she was sat next to 'Lightning' again. On her other side, however, was an orange haired girl with a short green shirt with a hole in the chest area, and a strange wrap around her legs.

"Oh my god you're the new girl!" she screamed and ran up and hugged me.

"Er…yeah?" I replied awkwardly, being bounced up and down.

"Put Dawn down, Izzy!" yelled the teacher, smacking a ruler down onto my desk.

This happened throughout the other periods until just after school, where she clung to me like flies to faeces. I finally felt comfortable to talk back to her, and when I did, she replied ecstatically.

"Oh! Yeah! My name's Izzy! Sorry for freaking you out back there. I saw Lightning bully you earlier, and just had to warn you. You wouldn't have noticed me if I didn't do something drastic!" She smiled, punching her fist into her palm.

"You could've said hi?"

"Where's the fun in that? Anyway, I'd stay away from Lightning and his gang. They're bad news. They dominate all of the sports, and think they're better than everyone else, but put ONE maths test in front of them and they run like pussies. Got any friends yet?" she said, running up to me and changing the subject quickly.

"Not yet but-"

"I'll be your friend! I love new friends! But I'll need to introduce you to my other friends first!" she yelled, grabbing my wrist and practically dragging me to a spot in the far corner of the oval out the back of the school. "This is the new girl! She's our friend!"

"Hey, I remember you. You sat next to me in Science!" smiled the same red haired girl from Science, as she jumped from the branch in the tree. "My name's Zoey."

"I'm Noah, this is Owen, and Mike's not here today." said a brown haired boy, with dark skin. He sported a long white shirt, covered with a short, light blue shirt, covered with a red, sleeveless shirt. He had long khaki shorts and brown sneakers. Owen wore a white short sleeved shirt with a blue maple leaf on the front. He, too, wore khaki coloured shorts, and one of his shoes was bigger than the other.

"Actually, I've gotta get going. Parents are gone for the week and I've gotta see them off. Why don't you come over later? Bring Mike." said Owen to the group, standing up and trying to jog away, only to get tired quickly and dawdle.

"I've gotta get going too. Why don't you walk Dawn home, Zoey?" offered Noah, walking in the opposite direction of Owen.

"Um, sure! I'd love to." Zoey replied, taking Dawn by the loose cloth on her shoulder and walking a bit. Izzy was nowhere to be seen, and she had taken her bag with her.

"So, where do you live?" asked Zoey, walking ahead.

"A few streets away. I'll show you." I said, rushing up to her, holding my bag carefully. "Why are you all being nice to me?"

"Wha-? Where'd that come from? Why wouldn't we be?"

"I don't know…It'd just that most people aren't nice to new kids and-"

"We don't have reason to hate you yet! Oh, I need you number so I can call you over for Owen's party later." Zoey replied, pulling out her phone.

"My number is **********. And party? I thought-"

"Owen is going to throw a party. His parents aren't home and it's Monday, his brother won't get back until Thursday. Plus, his parents aren't really protective of the house, so they let Owen bring friends home randomly."

"Oh!" I replied.

Author's Note: There. Chapter 1. A little rushed I think, but chapter 2 will be the party so…yeah! Won't be too long!