I awoke with a start. My head was spinning, and all I could smell was fresh toast. I wandered downstairs and walked into my laundry, to see the clothes already folded and ready to put away.

"Thanks, mum…" I mumbled, walking in the direction of the kitchen. My brain finally caught up with me.

"Someone's in my house, and their being eerily kind!" I screamed in my head, running next to the opening into the kitchen. I peered around the corner and saw Noah standing and humming while preparing a breakfast. He looked up, saw my face and smiled.

I slapped myself in the forehead. This wasn't my house. Izzy had taken me to the wrong house.

"Well, well, well. Look who's awake! Someone let Izzy drive them home last night. How wasted were you?" he asked with a snicker.

"I don't drink…" I mumbled, sitting on the floor.

"Really? Someone slipped you something then. It's around 4 in the afternoon." he chuckled, putting some fresh pancakes on a plate.

"Then why are you making a breakfast?"

"Never too late for a breakfast. Though it's for you. You're a guest! Gotta make you feel welcome!" he smiled at me cheerily.

I sat at the table in the middle of the room, and wondered to myself how I knew where the bedroom was.

As I was staring into my spoon, I saw the reflections of Izzy and Owen walking down the stairs. I turned and smiled at Izzy, who smiled at me and ran a little too close for comfort.

"Have a good sleep, pal? Owen was nice enough to let us stay over!" she cheered, jumping into the arms of her hubby.

"You mean this isn't Noah's house?" I asked, looking at the tanned boy.

"Oh god no. I just stayed here for the night. Nice excuse to miss a Friday of school." he smiled, stretching his arms over his head and relaxing in his chair.

"Wait…Friday? The party was on Monday night…I missed four days of school?" I yelled, pulling at my very messy hair.

"Calm down. It's the weekend. Live a little!" Owen smiled, pulling my hands from my face.

Izzy jumped towards the fridge and grabbed a bottle of milk. She chugged almost all of it, burped, and sat next to me.

"Ooh. You missed four of your five first days of school. Harsh." she chuckled. I pulled at my hair again and started chewing it.

"Don't worry. Principal McLean knows us. Just say you're our friend and you'll be let off the hook, and get to play hooky whenever you want! He is totally lenient." smiled Noah, watching Izzy chug the last half of the bottle.

I loosened my grip and started eating. It wasn't until about 5 that something happened.

"You've become a really good friend in the…day we've known you." smiled Izzy, grabbing my arms and dragging me out into the backyard. There stood one of the most amazing vehicles I'd ever seen.

"A monster truck!" I said, awestruck.

"Yeah. Bought it a few days ago." smiled Noah, leaning against a tyre the size of him. "Hop in. I want to show you someplace."

As I waited for Owen to climb into the back seat. Izzy threw me up and into the open boot of the truck. She climbed in, and the engine started revving.

"Wait!" I yelled, but Noah had already started the vehicle and was moving around the house. I was blown into the back wall, and looked over at the place Izzy was seconds before. I searched quickly, and saw that she was sitting on the roof and laughing maniacally. I was shocked, and continued to stare at the anomaly until the sun got into my eyes. I yelled.

After what seemed like an hour, we finally stopped. Izzy, who hadn't hopped off the roof the entire time, had her hair blown back, and looked as if she was about to pass out. Owen and Noah jumped out of the front seat, Owen landing perfectly while Noah toppled and fell face first into the dirt.

"This is the place!" Noah smiled, getting up and dusting himself off.

I was, again, awestruck by the sight. Here stood a three storied castle-like building.

"Welcome to Castle de la Noah!" he chuckled, walking through the front door. "Mum! Dad! I'm home!"

A man and woman ran down the stairs and smiled when they saw their son. They snuggled him, and then saw the rest of us.

"Izzy! Owen! Um…you're new. What's your name?" the woman, Noah's mum, asked me.

"Dawn. Pleased to meet you." I answered, bowing.

"How polite. Where're Zoey and Mike? Left them behind?" asked Noah's father with a chuckle.

"Crap!" yelled Owen, remembering that they were both still at his house, asleep in an upstairs bedroom.

"Hahaha! Delightful." he smiled, walking off with his wife and into a room opposite the front door.

"No need for a tour. Take a map!" Noah smiled, showing a map rack next to where they were standing. "This is where it'll all happen, Owen. Tonight. No mishaps."

"Hell yeah!" Owen replied, bumping Noah's outstretched fist.

"What's happening?" asked Izzy before I could. Noah and Owen looked at her amusingly.

"It's the unveiling party!" smiled Owen.

"Destruction of Wessbon IV is coming out today! I'm having a copy delivered here, and we're ALL gonna play a few rounds of VS mode!" Noah cheered, holding his hands in a 'woo!' position.

"I like that game!" I yelled, surprised that I actually knew what they were talking about. "Amazing!"

Owen, Noah and I all ran around in circles cheering, while Izzy looked dumbfounded.

"I don't get it." she said. This made all three of us stop in our tracks.

"You will after tonight." Noah ticked, pointing his finger at Izzy.

"Should we show her DoW III?" Owen asked, turning to the smart kid.

"We totally should!" cheered Noah, running upstairs and into a room. He ran back down mere seconds later. "We should get Mike and Zoey first."

Author's Note: This chapter is too short. This will start a small arc, that shouldn't run for too long.