WonderWall – unbeta version– chapter 2 – 20120427

Kurama walked towards his fallen prisoner. He's been asleep for so long, that he'd forgotten how long exactly his prisoner... friend has been there as well.

He almost wished this didn't happen. But what does it matter? It appears like Naruto got himself into something that he doubts he will be able to get out of.

Kurama laid down next to the boy. Only thing was that Naruto is considered a man now considering the years that past.

Or seconds.

He didn't know really.

He almost snared at how much chakra he had to recover. For himself and his friend.

They were both empty and almost to no energy filtered into their prison.

Tartarus is hell.

In the end he sighed. There was nothing he could do in this situation except wait and hope his friend recovered.

But he almost doubted it.

It's been so... long. Kurama smiled grimly, almost to the point that his teeth exposed rather highly.

"Please wake up Naruto," he said thoughtfully. "I don't want to be alone anymore."

Hippolyta glanced at the restored city of the Amazons. She was proud of how fast her sisters were able to fix things, but she was a bit more bitter considering only one creature did so much damage.

She clenched her fists at her side and briskly walked back into her chambers.

Though she was happy the beast-man had not contacted her from Tartarus, she was more than looking forward to cutting off his head for what he'd done.

She ignored Persephone as she walked, and made her way to her chambers.

"Wait, my Queen," Persephone called out once more, but was ignored.

The doors slammed shut and all she could do was look at the unmoving stone door ahead.

"Having troubles with mother?" Diana asked from behind her.

Persephone turned immediately, and ignored the pounding of her heart. "Princess! Don't scare me like that! I almost attacked you!"

She steadied herself and looked away from Diana's half amused and concerned face.

"Yes, I will remember that. However, I'm still wondering what to do about mother. She seems more distracted than I have ever seen her."

Persephone shot Diana a look and sighed. "I've seen that look your mother's face before, Diana. It was when Hercules and Hades came. It – it was where their punishment lied that made her take such form."

Diana nodded. Even thought she wasn't born when Themyscira was invaded by men, she had heard stories of the atrocities that were committed.

But, even with stories she couldn't help but wonder now beyond her paradise to Man's world.

"It will take some time princess, we must be patient with our Queen."

Persephone gave Diana a quick hug and left her presence.

Diana was quick to follow behind.

However, as soon as they left, Artemis rounded up the corner with her sister, Alexa close behind. Artemis still had a spitting scowl since that day of battle, and there was nothing to satisfy her except the spilling of the beast-man's blood.

Diana understood her sister's plight, for she was trampled by whatever that beast was as well.

She nodded to her fellow Amazonians sister before Artemis focused her attention towards Persephone.

"Where is Pillipus? I must speak to her."

Persephone shrugged, and blew a strand of her brown hair out of her face. "I do not know where she is. Perhaps she's supervising the training of our forces. She was a little bit peeved when most of the our sisters returned beaten. Still, she was surprised no one was lost that day."

Artemis grunted but then nodded in thanks. She turned her head and focused on Diana.

"How are you doing princess?"

"I am fine Artemis. How are you?"

"Stressed. I'm itching for a fight. Training just doesn't work as well as it used to."

"Then how about I fight with you?"

Artemis smiled a bit like a predetor. "That's fine, but I shall not take it easy on you."

Diana smiled, too. "That's fine. I shall meet you at the arena. Let me prepare first."

Artemis nodded and Diana walked off.

Alexa placed a hand of her sister's shoulder. "Are you OK?"

Artemis nodded. "I'm fine sister."

She walked off without a word after.

With unbridled ferocity Artemis leapt towards her opponent, slashing her weapon at their head, only to have it blocked by her opponent.

Without hesitation she dove to the ground, instantly sweeping her opponent's feet out from under them knocking them onto her backside. However her opponent swiftly sprang back to their feet as they brought their fist slamming into her stomach.

Artemis grunted with rage as she defensively faltered backward, waiting for the breath that had just been knocked from her lungs to return.

No, she thought in pure rage. She would not lose this time, she absolutely refused to.

With speed that may have just rivaled that of the messenger god Hermes, Artemis struck back, slashing tirelessly with her sword, not giving her opponent so much as an inch to retaliate. With one final slash of her sword her opponent's sword was shattered into splinters and rendered useless.

Instantly she mightily delivered the sole of her foot into the solar plexus of her foe, sending them reeling backward and crashing to the ground.

As her opponent moved to get back on their feet they were stopped short as the tip of the red haired warrior's blade was pressed against their throat as Artemis stood over them in absolute triumph.

With rage in her eyes Artemis pressed the edge of her weapon against her horrified foe's throat as she leaned in to speak her departing words into their ear. "This time," she said in a dark and merciless tone. "I win!"

And with that she dealt the final strike, ensuring her victory.

As Artemis rose from her fallen opponent Diana among many others stared up at the red haired woman in sheer disbelief. She had never seen her sister fight with such ferocious intensity before. "How could she-" she began, perplexed.

"As an Amazon warrior Diana you should know how it feels to lose in battle and live with that shame," Hippolyta said. "An Amazon's pride as a warrior is one of our most sacred treasures, to lose that in battle drives only us to become stronger so that it may one day be restored."

Diana shook her head as she sat up from the ground rubbing the top of her head, nursing the final blow her sister had delivered with the flat of the wooden sword. "Yes but it was that boy who defeated us, not me," she grimly chuckled, still somewhat stunned by her defeat.

Hippolyta chuckled as she helped pull her daughter back to her feet. "You seem to forget all the defeats you have handed her over the centuries," Hippolyta said with wry smirk. "Nor the gloating you often chose to revel in after."

Diana glanced at what remained of the mock blade she still gripped in her hand. "But those were just sparring matches mother," Diana pointed out.

The queen nodded. "Exactly," she replied. "To lose in sparring is one thing but for a proud Amazon warrior to lose in actual battle, to a child no less is another matter entirely, and considering that you are the latter in Artemis' eyes you can naturally understand the frustration she often feels after your matches, even though it be just sparring."

Knowing she was right Diana nodded. "Mother about that boy… I'm not sure if I feel right about him," she said nervously. "I too would dearly like to pay him back for the defeat he handed us, but I feel… hesitant about it – that is – if he ever tries to free himself from Tartarus."

Hippolyta eyed her daughter nervously, not sure if she liked where this was going. "How do you mean daughter?" she asked, hoping her daughter would better explain herself.

"Despite his actions what he did was not under his own power," she sated. "Even though he attacked us he was under Hades' influence. From what I have seen he did not seem to bare any ill will towards us. In fact during our first encounter he seemed to be fighting Hades' influence. The firsts who found him said so themselves."

Having feared that her daughter might have become somewhat enamored by the boy, being the first man she had ever met, Hippolyta inwardly gave a relieved sigh, now knowing it was merely Diana's conscience her daughter was struggling with. "Diana, men are deceivers who hold nothing but rage and treachery in their hearts, pure and simple," she stated assuredly. "True, some may seem to have good in their hearts but it is always to further their own agenda. No matter what you have seen from this boy you have also seen the side of his true self embodied in that monster. While it may have appeared that he was struggling for control of his actions, I have no doubt in my mind it was likely a mere attempt to distract you and Artemis."

Knowing the history her people bore Diana could only sigh and nod to her mother, albeit with reluctance as the image of the monsters pained face as it held itself back from finishing them still lingered in her mind.

"I see you still have your doubts," Hippolyta observed, noticing her daughter's expression. She sighed and shook her head. "Sometimes I fear living such a sheltered life from the outside world has perhaps made you too trusting."

"Is that so wrong mother?" Diana asked.

Hippolyta shook her head as she smiled proudly at her daughter. "There is hardly anything wrong with having a trusting heart Diana," she replied. "It is perhaps your greatest strength, and something that fills me with great pride as your mother… even if it does give me worry in moments such as these."

Diana couldn't help but smirk. "And all this time I thought my greatest strengths were the gifts the gods gave me when you made me mother," she chuckled.

"Those too," replied Hippolyta with a chuckle before she grew more serious. "But you must realize Diana trust in a stranger is something that must be earned, especially from a man. Just remember Diana the line between trust and foolhardy naiveté can sometime be an elusive one, the wise often choose to locate it first and foremost."

Again Diana nodded. "I know your right, I just can't help but have questions about this boy," she replied.

"I assume what you are leading to is your desire to personally further interrogate our new prisoner?" her mother assumed.

"Well if I am to fight him tomorrow I do feel it best that I learn as much as can be provided," Diana replied. "And didn't you once tell me 'know thyself, know thy enemy and you will hold the key to victory'."

Hippolyta couldn't help but arch an eyebrow. "First of all my daughter, just what makes you think that you will even have the opportunity?" she replied. "Persephone is to fight him before you and since our first battle with the boy I have noticed an especially vengeful glint in her restored eyes. I have my suspicions she intends to reclaim her pride as a warrior well before you can be given the opportunity, and from what I've seen of that boy's physique I doubt he's much of a match against one of our fiercest warriors." She then added with a mixed tone of curiosity and coy suspicion towards her daughter. "And secondly, just whenever did I give you such sage words of wisdom?"

In truth her mother had never said anything of the sort. Diana had just come up with the adage on the spot hoping it would support her desire to interrogate the boy, and maybe learn more about where he came from. "I believe it was when I was a child mother," she bluffed.

Sincerely doubting that Hippolyta couldn't help but suppress the tiniest smirk from forming on her lips, as Queen of the Amazon's not to mention her daughter's mother she knew perfectly well when someone was trying to deceive her, much less her daughter who – despite the many things she excelled in – was less than masterful in the art of lying.

Nevertheless she couldn't see the harm in humoring her daughter's desire to retrieve more information about the boy. "Well regardless I suppose it couldn't hurt to learn more from him," she continued. "For the Gods to actually be persuaded into sparing him after he beheaded one of their own, there is likely more to him than meets the eye. Something you should be weary of if he should actually succeed in defeating Persephone."

Diana nodded. "Mother that is something I have been wondering, why exactly do you think the Gods wish for Artemis to be the boy's opponent after me?" she asked, the question having been weighing on her mind since Hera had spoken their words. "As you said I have beaten Artemis many times in combat, so shouldn't she be the second to battle if Persephone is defeated."

"Once again Diana I remind you those were merely sparring matches," Hippolyta replied. "While it is true you have beaten Artemis she has the advantage of experience over you. Had your matches with Artemis been actual battle it is possible you might have found yourself humbled on more than one occasion."

Diana arched an eyebrow at this. "Are you saying that Artemis has been letting me win Mother?"

The queen shook her head. "Of course not Diana," she replied. "As I have often told you actual war is a different breed of battle. In it you abandon all restraint you have and rely solely on your Amazon training and instinct. It is something that I pray you never have to experience for yourself."

There was a brief pause from Diana as her mother's words set in. While she knew herself to be a far better warrior than Artemis, having been blessed by the God's themselves, she also knew the truth in her mother's words. It was a fact that obviously the Gods had taken into account in their selection of the boys opponents.

"So then I may borrow the lasso mother?" Diana at last said, breaking the silence between them as she returned to the original subject.

Noting the glint of excitement in her daughter's eye Hippolyta chuckled and nodded. "Yes do," she replied. "Personally I would rest easier tonight if I knew just what manner of evil our new prisoner was capable of."

"Mother must you call that boy evil?" Diana asked. "He seemed to be many things, but I don't think evil was among them."

Secretly Hippolyta couldn't help but realize the boy wasn't evil. Still, she more than anyone knew just how deceptive and treacherous the likes of men could be, and as such when it came to the likes of mankind it was better to err on the side of caution.

"Diana you have been fortunate enough to have never encountered a man in your life," she sighed, understanding what her daughter must have been thinking, "and I wish to Hera that that were still the case, but sadly it seems that the fates had other plans in store. Just heed me when I tell that you must never drop your guard around them, no matter how innocent they may seem."

"Wise words indeed my queen," agreed a new voice.

Both Diana and Hippolyta flinched on instinct as they turned to face the newcomer.

Hippolyta couldn't help but smile a wry smirk at Phillipus, general of the Themiscyrian army. "General must you always be such a creature of stealth?" the Amazonian queen inquired with a chuckle. "I swear only Hermes himself is lighter of foot."

The tall raven haired ebony skinned woman returned the queen's smile as she nodded. "Forgive me my Queen, but as they say old habits die hard," she replied with a chuckle.

As she immediately shook the start the woman's sudden appearance had given her, Diana couldn't help but arch an eyebrow at the woman as a smirk of her own formed on her lips. "That, and the pleasure you always seem to find in startling me whenever the opportunity arises Phillipus," Diana noted.

"Merely a good natured effort in always making sure your wits about you my princess," Phillipus replied with a slight smile. "The fact that it is one of the few joys I prefer to indulge myself in is simply mere coincidence."

"And the fact that in this instance you succeeded in doing the same to your queen is also mere coincidence, albeit a pleasant one," Hippolyta couldn't help but observed with a chuckle.

"Precisely my queen," she replied, hiding her delight on that fact from her features as best she could.

"Frivolities aside Phillipus, I take it you've come to us on a matter of great importance for you to leave your post at our new prisoner's cell," Hippolyta observed, her humored features shifting to becoming more serious.

Phillipus' smile diminished as her expression became more solemn as she nodded.

"Has something happened to the prisoner?" Diana asked concerned.

"No my princess," she replied shaking her head. "He remains in his prison. However, I found something of great importance."

"Then what urgency did you bring?" Hippolyta asked.

Phillipus produced a frog shaped purse, a big scroll from her back. She handed both items to Hippolyta. As soon as she got them, she opened the purse and searched it's contents.

"Where did you find this?" Hippolyta asked as she rummaged.

Inside she found just a few coins and just three pictures.

"Pictures?" Hippolyta questioned out loud.

As soon as she said that, it attracted Diana's attention. Hippolyta realized this and handed the pictures to ease Diana's curiosity. She already knew of her daughter's fascination of man's world, and sometimes she cursed the gods for bestowing her such curiosity.

Phillipus stepped forward. "I was curious about where this man first landed. I investigated, and found these close by."

She stepped back and allowed Diana to move closer to her mother.

"May I see these pictures mother?"

"Why?" Hippolyta asked.

Diana gazed back at her mother with a bit of hesitation. "I, I just want to know what kind of man he is. And..." she trailed off. She flushed just a bit. She found her explanation weak and unjust. Something not fit for an amazon princess. Especially for a warrior of her caliber. "You know mother. Know thy enemy, for ye know thyself," she finished. It was a surprise, however, when her mother nodded at her with a small smile.

She handed her daughter the pictures and turned her head to Phillipus. "It's a shame you didn't try to investigate this matter early on. Why now, I wonder."

Phillipus smiled. "I couldn't really abandon my post, my Queen. We were is disarray. Most of our city was destroyed. I had to boast moral, my Queen." Phillipus turned her head to look at the princess who was looking at the pictures in fascination. An amused smile crossed her face.

Hippolyta nodded to herself though. She understood, almost lost in her. However, it didn't add up, she thought. Why hadn't any of her sisters found these items before?

She frowned. She felt something twist in her gut, and she didn't like it. Her warrior instincts were screaming at her.

Something was coming.

But where and when?

Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, almost jerked to attention when he finally felt movement from his blond prisoner.

Eyes wide, he turned his attention downward and saw Naruto open his eyes with a gasp.

Naruto was turning his head around in wonder, seemly confused, before he realized something was wrong and saw Kurama there right with him.

"Kurama?" Naruto asked with the familiar confused expression on his face. "Where am I?"

He stood up. "It doesn't look like I'm in the Seal."

Kurama, just a bit overwhelmed, rested his head back down and spoke, "You've been asleep for a while Naruto. I've lost count exactly. And, to tell you the truth this feels like your mind but at the same time it does not."

Naruto just tilted his head in further confusion.

"It was dark in here Naruto. The only thing I felt was cold, empty loneliness. I don't know where you were, but I was alone. I'm glad you're back."

It amazed Naruto that he could here the sincerity in his friends voice; however, he frowned. With what his friend said was truth, where were day. It was not dark or cold.

It actually felt warm, and the light he was seeing...

He gave a reassuring smile at Kurama. "I'm sorry, Kurama. I know how you feel. I wish I could have been there to guild you, but now..." he trailed off. "I promise to never leave you in the dark by yourself again! Believe it!"

Kurama chuckled. "I have forgotten your way for a second Naruto Uzumaki. It – It is good to see you again." Kurama looked around, and he saw things as if he saw them for the first time. "It seems you have changed things already.

Naruto laughed. "See!"

He stopped a few seconds later. "Anyways, since you don't know where we, and obiviously I've been asleep for a while, let's find out where we are. The last thing I remember was..."

He scratched his head. "I don't remember, except...

"Y-you may won Uzumaki," Madara whispered as his mask fell off.

Madara was an old man, that was for sure, and he possessed the signature Uchiha look. "But," he continued, "I'm not going to just lose without having won nothing!"

It was then Naruto noticed the eye change on him. Instead of having two different eyes, they seemed to merge until it form a fusion type of eye. Naruto tried to move but he couldn't. He fell down onto a knee.

Naruto looked down at the ground then back towards Madara and caught him whisper. "Die."

It seemed as though he was being pushed back by an invincible force and was surprise when he felt distortion behind him. Naruto's eyes widened. 'He did a Shira Tensei and Kamui at the same time!'

He knew he was going to be torn apart if he entered that. Naruto did the only thing he could think of that revolved around him not being able to move.

He gathered chakra.

More specifically, he gathered the chakra he lost from the war as well as Nature's chakra.

But he wasn't fast enough. Right when he was sucked into the vortex of nothing, Naruto was able to activate his Sage-Kyu mode, but the energy just seemed to make it worse. The vortex changed into a deep greenish purple and then there was no more.

The vortex just seemed to swallow Naruto up until there was nothing but a crater.

..."Do you think Madara's jutsu transported us here? Where ever here is?" Naruto asked.

Kurama shrugged. "I don't know. If so, it does not explain why I am outside."

Naruto punched his fist into his other hand in realization.

… and then he slouched. "I don't understand either." He scratched his head. "Well, no use in standing around here like idiots! Come on, let's explore!"

Kurama watched Naruto run off. He gave out a sigh before a small smile appeared again.

"Just a few minutes out, and he's already causing me trouble."

"It seems your poster child has awaken, Kami," Hera said with an amused smile on her face. Around her was Zeus, her husband, and Poseidon. Kami himself sat on the other side.

"Finally, I say. It's almost been five dozen years since he awoke," Poseidon murmered loud enough for them to hear.

Kami chuckled.

Zeus however, ignored his wife and brother. He simply gazed at Kami with a piecing stare. "Are you sure this child would be able to accomplish what you have said Kami?"

Kami sighed. Zeus was too serious for his own good. Especially if it concerned Olympus. "Yes, I promise he'll be able. He's a man of change. Believe in that."

Zeus looked a bit more deeper before he glanced at the screen below.

Hera glanced at her husband and knew the signs to well. "For us all, I hope you are right."

Kami smiled before standing up and vanishing.

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