The Nightmare Queen

Chapter 1

Let's see what I can do here.

If I have the guts, this maybe one of the darkest stories I've ever written.

Nightmares...defined as horrifying dreams, in which, an innocent dreamer endures feelings of sorrow, fear, anxiety, pain, and helplessness. However, a nightmare can also be a harrowing, torturesome experience that brings mental and physical agony.

Regardless, what all nightmares have in common, be they dream or trial, they are all distressing and they can also be warnings. It takes a sensible person to see the warning within a nightmare while it is there, and it takes determination to end a nightmare.

One must always remember a critical certainty...never feed the nightmares.

The people of Ooo and Aaa may thing that the Nightosphere is the most horrofying place in existence. However, they are wrong for their is a kingdom, no...a queendom, that is far more grim, disturbing, and sickening.

This land is called the Nightmare Queendom, what makes it worse is that it anything feared by anybody in the whole world resides there, it thrives on feelings negativity. Cries of sadness, agony, anger, and fear echo throughout the queendom, but the ones that make them are unseen. It is as if the queendom itself acknowledges the piercing negative feelings that nourish it.

However, lately the queendom had been failing, the cries that reverberated throughout it's land grew fainter, the inhabitants were weakening. They were starving, the kingdom was starving.

The Nightmare Queendom's monarch, the Nightmare Queen saw this, and she did not like it.

"My palace, my creatures, my land," she said as she stared down at here decaying queendom "all so haggard and undernourished."

The creature surveyed her land.

"But it can be fixed." she said

The only thing that could revive her land and her people was more negativity, but the question was where to get it from. NQ and her queendom have always gotten their nourishment by finding the happiest kingdoms and taking away their positive aura, thus feeding negativity to the Nightmare Queendom.

NQ used her magical wall fountain to find a good, positive kingdom to turn and drain.

She looked into the fountain water, running her finger through it to switch to a different image.

"Ice Kingdom?" she muttered "no."

She scrolled through the images of the different kingdoms.

"No, no, no, no, no..." she sighed as she searched

"Oh ho," she responde curiously, as she found a particular kingdom "Candy Kingdom? I don't know, it seems way to easy, however, my land does need, what the hell, I'll bleed Candy Kingdom."

Nightmare Queen set the defense shield on her own queendom.

"Who knows," she hissed "perhaps I can have some fun while I'm at it."

Let's see where this goes.