The Nightmare Queen

Chapter 38

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Last chapter.

When the Nightmare Queen left, all the damage she had done went with her. Everyone who had been "killed" was revived.

Breakfast Prince was reunited with Toast Prince, Ice King came back, Marceline's dad came back, but was immediately sent back to the Nightosphere by his daughter. All the princes who had perished returned, Dr. Princess, Mannish Man, Magic Man, and all the penguins of both Ice Kingdoms came back to life.

The kingdoms went back to their original states, as if nothing had happened to them.

With everything back in order, the candy people came out of hiding and returned to their homes.

Fionna and co. regrouped outside the castle.

"Due to immense traumatization," PG stated, "some of people may have nightmares for a while, but at least we're all alive."

"We'll just do what we always do after an exhausting situation," Fionna said, "we'll shake it off."

She began picking thorns out of Marshall Lee's tattered shirt.

The Lady of Evil joined the group.

"Did you win?" Fionna asked.

Haven appeared to be a bit addled.

" was a...t-tie." she stated.

"Oh," Fionna replied, "well, at least she's gone now."

"Eh...she'll be back." the Lady of Evil growled.

"No worries," Fionna said, "we'll be ready."

"Don't ever underestimate her," Haven warned, "Malicia is a mischievous, relentless, soul."

"She gets it," Marshall Lee said dryly, "you can go home now."

"All right." the Lady of Evil sighed, then she disappeared.

Brief silence.

"So..." Marceline voiced, "if the Nightmare Queen does try again, what exactly will the plan be?"

"Same as always," Fionna said, "we fight hard and we don't stop until we either win or die."

"That's how we do it." Marshall Lee stated.