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Summary- When Oz was thrown into the Abyss, he felt the time go by. Influenced by Chains and the people in there, what will change? When Gilbert and the others finally go to get him, they sure as hell weren't expecting what they got.

Those of False Innocence, Chapter 1

White lace slammed violently against putrid black liquid, spraying the dark void every which way. Now stained dark, the lace shuddered with the unsteady breathing of the person wearing it's flowing tresses. Strands of golden locks covered bright eyes, now wide in pain and amazement. Oz Vessalius, was lost to the Abyss.

Taking a large, shuddering breath, the trembling boy sat swiftly, only to let out an unrestrained gasp of pain. His hand moved to his shoulder, the air seeming to flicker as he did so, and winced at the added pressure. Pulling it away carefully, he stared blankly at the dark red liquid, now working swiftly to stain him it's vivid color.

Bloody red mixed with the seemingly black liquid, slowly covering him in a dark, deep sort of crimson. Continuing to stare at his blood, he unconsciously conjured the not so distant memories of what, to him anyway, had occurred just minutes before.

Gil. His Gilbert. The boy who had promised him, he had promised, to never betray him. Not his Beloved Master. Oz thought the words venomously, then shook the unneeded feeling away. Gilbert had lied to him. He had done more then just betray him.

He had stabbed him.

Wincing, he placed his hand carefully back onto his shoulder, before allowing himself to let out a long, exhausted sigh. Then, smiling sadly but not uncharacteristically, he stood. He took a long moment to steady himself. He needed it. He deserved it.

Eyes downcast, he began to walk. His once clean boots thudded quietly on the floor conveniently hidden beneath the sloshing, water was it? He closed his eyes, mouth limp of his ever present smile.

A smile that hid the lie, "I'll never betray you master."

He was really starting to hate smiles.

Oz flinched but continued in his slow and unsteady walk. He glanced curiously at his surroundings, searching desperately for some sign of comfort, though you couldn't tell from his expression. He found none, of course. Not a kind object nor a being to talk to. He shrugged mentally and continued looking. It wasn't as if he had any intention of leaving his new home any time soon. Not that he could if he had wanted to.

His teeth clenched, he ignored the throbbing in his shoulder. He didn't want to think about his life. He didn't want to remember anymore. What was it about remembering that people loved anyways? What was so good about remembering unnecessary pain?

Mother gone. Father scorned. Sister to young to understand. They wouldn't miss him. He had an Uncle that might miss him. Though the thought did nothing to comfort the troubled boy.

He sighed, all thought of time passed or to arrive vanished from his mind. "Where do you go," He asked quietly, "when no one is left?"

As if to answer him, his boot clipped a small piece of rubble. Startled out of his thoughts, he looked down. The 'small piece of rubble' as he observed, was much more then that. It was a large, hollowed out chess piece. Sticking his head through a hole on the side, he was surprised to spot a three-legged foot stool. Atop of said stool, sat a large, silver jar. Upon closer examination, there were snippets of writing all along the underside of the lid.

Certain that the small scribbling meant something, but to uninterested to care, he swept his gaze past them. Reaching through the opening carefully, he picked up the small object, and holding it in his arms, he opened the lid.

He bounced on the heel of his boots in amusement, "Cookies…" He shrugged, "What have I to lose?" He popped one into his mouth, and let the rich chocolate wash over his senses. Someone's presence suddenly made itself known behind him, and he turned slowly, cookie jar still in hand.

Swallowing the morsel, he asked with false warmth, "Who are you?"

The figure grinned, sharp teeth glinting as much as a fabric could, as its cotton covered ears drooped over its hollow black eyes. "Nobody, my little poppet." She floated on bouncing tresses around Oz. "And, who might my new poppet be?"

Oz smiled emotionlessly at the hare, "Well then, Nobody, I suppose that I was Someone, but now am no one as well." He smiled at her.

"Why 'No one?'" She dipped her head curiously. He grinned.

"One who is what they can't be, shouldn't try to be what they undoubtedly are."

At her look of adorable confusion, he laughed hollowly and added, "Call me Oz. Just, Oz." The look vanished from her face.

"Well, 'Just Oz'" She sneered, "Care to play a game?"

Oz let the smile disappear from his lips. All curiosity he may have felt toward such a matter had been thoroughly extinguished at the ever present pain from his shoulder. At his silence, the hare whined, "Come on~! I only want to play!" She drew out the 'a' in the word, effectively mimicking a child's begging.

Oz stared at her for a moment, before seeming to reach a decision. He smiled, though not a flicker of joy lit up his eyes. Placing the cookie jar delicately on the ground, Oz bowed deeply.

"I would be honored to play your game, Princesses." The hare recoiled in shock, before letting out a long, fluctuating laugh.

"He knew! He knew!"

"I know! I know!"

Oz smiled emotionlessly as the Hare laughed joyously with herself. Her stitched smile stretched larger, and she asked with the innocence of a child, if he wished to stay with them. Oz took a moment to ponder, and then answered blandly, "Only if you'll have me."

Satin bounced as she laughed and nodded her head happily. "We will! We will!" Her flittering voice flowed pleasantly through Oz's ears, and a small smile adorned his features. It disappeared momentarily when, quite suddenly, she hopped none to gracefully into his arms, but then soon returned.

Continuing her seemingly endless stream of laughter, she said kindly, "Be our brother, Oz." Knowing it was not a question, nor his choice, he nodded, and wrapping his arms around the hare, he forgot his hesitation.

"I would be happy to be your brother, my Princesses." The stitched smile grew ever wider.

"You'll love us." Oz nodded again at the hidden command in her words. Nothing was to be lost when she spoke to him. He would listen, and he would care for her. He would care for the both of them, whether he really wanted to or not.

"I will love you."

Delighted, she continued laughing in his arms, and he closed his eyes. The weight in his arms increased suddenly, and he opened his eyes. And quite suddenly, he began to play a game. A game of chance, and lies. But it was all he could do.

"You are quite beautiful Princesses." This softly spoken comment drew twin smiles to the faces of the two now nestled protected in Oz's arms. Twins of white hair, and dark hair trailed delicately over identical seas of red and white lace, which bounced with the joy of the wearers.

A thought flowed into his head, and he took a small step back, grinning at the confusion of the two girls.

"I very well can't call you Princesses, Nobody, forever. Would you be so kind as to tell me your names?"

Mirroring each other's movements, the twins places a hand delicately in the arch of their back's, and the other on their bosom. The girl with white hair spoke first.

"My name is Alyss. Pleased to meet your acquaintance, Oz." She smiled politely.

Sticking her tongue out playfully at her sister's politeness, the dark haired girl grinned, "The names Alice. Don't go forgetting it, okay?"

Smiling at her, Oz nodded, then tested the names out on his tongue, "Alice, and Alyss." His mask dropped for a moment as he thought aloud quietly, a pleasant look on his face,

"Such, pretty names."

Pleased that he approved, Alyss smiled, and Alice pat him roughly on the back, her tomboy attitude shining through. "You're such a tea-Oz? Are you alright?"

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