I am having a contest with one of my friends to see who can write the shittier story. We will end up trying to revise/edit each other's and see what we can do with the shit we threw. I aim to top "My Immortal". If you aren't familiar with that story, that's a good thing. You'll save yourself a headache. If you really are curious, just look it up on Google or something. Flames are welcome, btw.

Tajima and Hanai were walking home after practice one day. "Let's cross the street." Said Hanai.

"Wait!" tajima said. Just then a car was headed straight for Hanai!

Tajima pushed Hanai out of the way saving him from injury.

"Tajima!" Said Hanai as he got up from the ground. Tajima had been hit! They rushed him to the hospital.

Tajima was in a coma. All the team was sad. Hanai stayed with Tajima for a long time.

Tajima woke up from his coma. "Tajima!" Hanai said and rushed over and kissed him on the lips!

Tajima looked confused. "I love you Tajima!"

"I love you too, Hanai!" Said Tajima as he kissed Hanai again.

"What are you two doing?" Said Sakaeguchi as he walked into the room.

"We're together now!" said both Tajima and Hanai.

"Cool." Sakaeguchi said.

"Let's get something to eat, Hanai!" Tajima said when they were walking home from the hospital.

Hanai smiled.

"It's good to see you back to your old self again." Hanai chuckled.

They both laughed and went to go get some awesome sushi.

That's about all the bad writing I can stomach. How shitty was it? Let me know in the review section.