The House of Many Whims KHR


Synopsis: In a time where magical occurrences are not unordinary, Tsuna lives in a house with magical properties that allow 'Travelers' to go in and out of his home. No one ever passes by a second time, except for a man named Hibari. How is that possible?

The idea for this came from a dream my friend once had. It was strange, because she dreamed that she was walking around her home, and whenever she looked into a cupboard or into a room, there would always be a person in there. And people just kept going in and out of her house. It was funny to listen to.

I think of Tsuna's house as something like the Lakehouse, Howl's Moving Castle, and Hogwarts combined, but I also think of it as a train station as well, ne.

I suppose I must also say that this is an extremely random story. I don't even know how to explain it, it's almost like it just wrote itself ^^" Anyway, I hope you guys like it.

Disclaimer: I do not own Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Any similarities in events or characters living or dead are entirely coincidental.


Chapter 1

It was normal for it to rain on Tuesday mornings. The umbrella stores in the town of Namimori always made a good profit, because without a doubt, at exactly 4:54 am on every Tuesday of every week in the year, it would rain. The clouds would roll in sometime during the night, accumulate, and by the said time in the morning, the sky would be crying, allowing the droplets of water to fall to the earth and paint the roads, sidewalks, rooftops and windows with the sound of pit-pat, pit-pat.

It was on a familiar, dreary Tuesday morning that Tsuna opened his eyes and blinked them blearily, not used to getting up half an hour before it was time for him to go to work. The twenty-one year old sighed, snuggling down into his sheets, hoping for a few more minutes of much needed sleep. But he was rudely interrupted when his closet door flew open and a young woman with chin-length reddish brown hair stumbled out, pulling Tsuna's sweaters and jeans off her in distaste.

"Gods, what is this stuff? What a horrible fashion sense!"

Tsuna rolled over and sat up, glaring at the intruder. He watched as the woman, who was dressed in fashionable, brand name shirts, designer jeans and fantastically expensive boots dig through her giant purse and pull out a bedazzled phone, flipping it open with a huff and dialing a number with long, manicured nails. She tapped her foot impatiently as Tsuna staggered out of bed, walking over to the closet to push his clothes back in with a roll of his eyes.

"Hello, Ken? When are you?" the woman snapped, tossing her hair so that her cell phone charm jingled. "What? I'm at Station 27. Hmph. Fine, I'll be there."

The woman snapped her phone shut and stuffed it back into her purse. She located Tsuna's bedroom door and threw it open, strutting down the hall, accompanied by the perfect sound of click, click from her heels. Tsuna watched her go, rubbing sleep out of his eyes. They didn't normally come out of his closet. Usually it was the downstairs broom cupboard and the wardrobe from the guest room. The woman disappeared down his stairs, and Tsuna closed his bedroom door, yawning. He might as well change now, since he was already wide awake from the noisy intruder.

As the rain fell down upon his window, Tsuna located his usual set of work clothes; a crisp white shirt, a black vest, and a pair of black skinny jeans. He debated on whether or not he should attempt to find socks to wear, but gave up, knowing his closet was too messy for him to actually locate anything.

He opened his bedroom door, walking out of his room, mussing up his spikey hair. The sound of heels punching into his hardwood floors through his house wasn't there anymore, so he supposed the noisy woman had left. Tsuna headed down the stairs and was passing by his living room when he heard a pounding from the empty drawer next to his couch. Raising an eyebrow, Tsuna walked over and inspected the piece of furniture. It sounded like someone was trying to come out, but couldn't, because the drawer was locked. Tsuna blinked, wondering when he'd locked it, before walking over to where his television sat and picked up the key sitting atop of the machine. Unlocking the drawer, a small boy popped his head out at once with a small gasp.

"Whoa," the child said, climbing out. "That was stuffy!"

Tsuna watched as the youngster clambered out, dusted himself off, and picked up a giant book from the drawer. He fixed his scarf pleasantly and smiled at Tsuna before hurrying out of the living room, dragging the ridiculously large volume with him. Tsuna nudged the drawer shut, placing the key on the smooth wooden surface. He still couldn't remember why he bothered locking the thing. Someone was going to come out of it one day or another, so why make things hard for himself? If he locked everything, he'd be running around all day opening doors.

The brunette wandered into his kitchen and opened his fridge, choosing a Styrofoam bowl of noodles he'd saved from last night. As he microwaved it, he heard the sound of somebody tripping over his welcome mat in the front foyer and the telltale bang of his washroom door opening as another being popped out of his medicine cabinet. His reaction was to roll his eyes and yawn, wondering if he should to the bakery for lunch or the coffee shop around the block.

Any normal person would be freaking out at the fact that people were popping up all over their house from literally nowhere.

But for Tsuna, this was the norm.

The young man had long since lived with the fact that his home, a simple, two-floor dwelling with a kitchen, a comfortable sitting room, two bedrooms with washrooms and a nice private study was known as "Station 27", a place where strange beings known as 'Travelers' could go in and out of his house through any closed-door rooms or furniture pieces. Don't ask how this happened, it just did.

Tsuna had resigned to the fact that there would never be privacy in his home, plain and simple.

The radio played a soft, bass-filled jazz song when Tsuna turned it on before sitting down and eating his meal. He lived alone, even though the house had been his parents'. He'd been in this house all his life, and in his younger years, he'd lived comfortably with his parents, gone to school, played the piano and picked up karate as a sport when he grew older. One day, he got up on a snowy Thursday morning (Thursdays were always snow days) and found his mother sitting alone downstairs, a small, sad smile on her face as she held a family photograph of the three.

That was the day Tsuna found out his father had left and wasn't going to come back.

"But he didn't run away," his mother had told him, smiling. "Parents don't stay forever. You have to learn to grow up, Tsuna. When your father and I chose to become Parents, we knew that we'll have to leave you eventually. It's just the way things are."

It saddened Tsuna, because he didn't want to lose his mother as well, but by the time he graduated from high school, he came back one day to an empty house. His mother had gone too. Tsuna hadn't cried, searched, or asked for his parents back. He simply packed up his mother's remaining things and placed them in the wardrobe of his parent's room, which was now the guest room. Not that Tsuna had many guests over, if any at all.

He wondered where his parents went sometimes. He hoped they were safe.

It was around the time his parents left that the first Traveler appeared in his home. The brunette had been studying downstairs in the living room when a man with long silver hair suddenly came bursting out of the closet in the hall, yelling something about him being late on time and his boss being angry with him. Tsuna had been momentarily alarmed by the sudden intrusion, but he could only stare as the silver haired man ran into his kitchen, opened the cupboard under the sinks and disappear into them. When the brunette checked afterwards, all he could find were his usual cleaning supplies, his recycling bin and a twisted bunch of pipes.

No magical portal, black hole, wormhole, secret trapdoor, or anything.

Tsuna had spent quite a bit of time wondering why he couldn't teleport out of his own house.

Over time, he'd occasionally stop and ask a passerby for information, but he never go much out of them. They never told him where they were going, or how they knew where to exit his house, but it was through a clumsy blonde man in a green parka that he'd learned his home was known as "Station 27", a young man who spoke Shakespearean English that they were simply "Travelers" using his home, and a cheerful girl with black hair tied up in a ponytail that they'd only ever appear at his home once.

And that was true.

No Traveler ever appeared a second time. This made Tsuna a little sad, because he'd met quite a bit of nice people who'd sometimes stop and make quick conversation with him, or offer him help when he needed it. An energetic boxer had lent him a hand with his broken toaster and a sweet young woman with brown hair like him had helped Tsuna bake a cake for his boss' birthday. Some Travelers were kind, some were cheerful, most were in a rush and there would be the occasional rude and noisy one, but they never stole from him, broke his things or ruined any part of Tsuna's home. It was a bit strange, but he got used to it.

It was like some kind of weird train station.

Tsuna scraped the last of his rice together and finished his meal, wiping his mouth with his napkin before dropping his chopsticks into the sink and his bowl into the trash. He checked the clock on his stove; he was ten minutes earlier than usual, thanks to that loud woman from earlier. He checked his reflection on the side of his repaired toaster, popped a piece of gum in his mouth and grabbed some money out of the cookie jar for his lunch before running upstairs to his study to grab his bag.

He didn't expect to run headlong into somebody exiting his office.

Tsuna yelped in surprise as he collided into a tall figure. He stumbled back a few steps, rubbing his nose and staring up. It was a man he'd run into. He had raven black hair, a pale pointed face, and depthless onyx eyes that seemed to burn with an unseen fire. He had a simple white shirt and black pants on, and there was a strange ball of yellow fluff sitting in his hair. Tsuna suddenly felt very small.

"…move, herbivore."

Tsuna's eyebrows shot up. A rude one, he mused.

Stepping aside, he watched the man exit his study and walk down the hall, glaring at everything he saw. The raven vanished down the stairs, and the brunette chewed his lip before walking into his room. The towering, polished filing cabinet was open, showing where the raven had come out of. Tsuna rolled his eyes; it couldn't kill the guy to close the door after him, would it? He located his shoulder bag, grabbed his house keys, an umbrella, and hurried down the hall and down the stairs as well, nearly running into a silver-haired, green-eyed male that was sprinting up his steps.

It occurred to him in the back of his mind that this was the first time anybody had arrived into his home through his study.

The brunette opened his front door as he pulled his shoes on, tripping over his own welcome mat. Glancing back, he was surprised to see the raven haired man he'd run into earlier standing in his kitchen, staring out the window with a small frown on his face.

Weirdo, Tsuna thought to himself. Then, he opened his door, opened his umbrella and ducked into the rain as he hurried out to work.

Chapter 1 End

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