March 15,

It was a friday and it was early in the morning to. Alyssa was getting ready for school. She got out of bed and undressed herself. She put her uniform on and brushed her hair. She looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled a little and giggled.

"Good morning Bates". Alyssa said.

Bates did not answer her. He was mad what have happen yesterday. Alyssa was was walking home from school that aftgernoon. There was these young school girls walking by that looked like they where in the middle school. Bates could not stop looking at the girls. He toke over Alyssa's body and try to attack them and rape them. Alyssa fight back. She told the girls to hurry and run. The girls didn't at first intell they heard Alyssa say 'I want to fuck you' in a man's voice. The girls ran as fast as there legs can take them.

"Now remember, Bates. Don't come out in the middle of class. I don't want the teachers thinking I'm bi-poaler. Don't forget we are going over the Tate's home for the weekend. We always go over there fridays. I don't want you to make me look stupid in front of them as well". She told him.

Bates once again didn't say anything. Alyssa stopped looking at the mirror and put her headband on went down stairs. She looked at the clock. It was 7: 12. Her father 'Allen Hale' was already at work. She ate her breakfast and quikly went out the door. She was walking on the side walk. It was a good thing that She lived next to the school. She went into the school and went by her locker. She got what she need for her first class then she went to Math.

Alyssa toke her set in the class room. Her teacher. just come in the roon after Alyssa have did. He told everyone to open there text books to page 230. Alyssa and the whole class did what he have said. The teacher walked over to the white board and begin writing down there homework.

"I want you all to do page 230 for homework. You should alread know how to do this". He said then he sat down at his desk.

Alyssa wrote down her homework in her agenda. She got done then open her note book. She looked at the text book.

"You know this stuff is fucking missed up"? Said Bates in her head.

"Bates. Not now. I have work to do". Alyssa whisper to herself.

The class mates begin looking at Alyssa. She begin blushing. She felt so embarrassed for sound like she was talking to herself. The girl that was sitting beside her name 'Possie' Laughed very low. Alyssa knew that the girl was making fun of her. Possie always make fun of Alyssa. The girl begin laughing more and more. Hanting Alyssa with fear. Possie tapped the girl in front of her. She whisper in the girl's ear. The girls giggled and pointing at Alyssa. Alyssa blushed even more hard. She felt more and more embarrassed.

At that moment. Alyssa shocked of fear. Bates couldn't take it and came out. He jumped on top of Alyssa 'her own desk' and yelled in Bates voice at the sametime as hers.

"Alyssa Hale, sat down young lady. I already told you before not to stand on your deask". Mr. Harden yelled back.

The girl 'Possie' was looking at Alyssa with a evil sile on her face. Alyssa picked up a desk that was on the oppset side of hers and threw it at Possie. Possie falled to the floor and did a face cry to get her way. Bates knows she was lying that she waas hurt. The teacher told Been 'a class student' to take Possie to the nurses office. He did to. Bates left Alyssa alone and let her teacher walked over to Alyssa and pulled her by her hair into the priceables office.

The rest of the day in school didn't go so well. Everyone kept taliking about Alyssa Hale. She was like the biggest room in the whole school.

It was finally the end of the school day and Alyssa just got off a train. This train takes Alyssa to her uncle Philip and Kathryn's house. She started walking to the Tate's house. As she was walking she was talking to Bates in her head.

"Bates what have I told you? Don't come out in school time". Alyssa whispeard.

Bates as always don't answer if her did something wrong.

Alyssa arived at the Tates house and went in there gate. She walked and walked to she stopped on the porch. She knocked at the door. Philip open the door. He smiled when he saw Alyssa. Alyssa smiled back at the old man.

"Alyssa, your here early. We are delighted to see you and coming to stay with us". Said Philip.

Philip open the door fully and went by the side of the door. Alyssa want in the Tate's home. She looked around the house. She didn't know why the house looked difrent a little.

"Oh, we spring clean are house. Anyways. The guest room is clean out now. You don't have to sleep with Michael anymore". Said Philip.

Alyssa didn't say anything to him anymore and went on to the guest room. She sat her suit case down on the bed. She open it up and got undressed. She put on her everyday normal clothes after school. She was wearig a white shirt with a heart that was the color of red and a skirt that went above her kness.

Alyssa pulled out her homework and sat down at the desk that in the room. She then begin doing her homework. 2 hours passed and there was a knock at the door. Alyssa stopped was she was doing.

"Who is it"? Ask Alyssa.

"It's dinner time. You can come to the dinning room". The voice said. It was Michael.

"Okay thinks, Michael". Alyssa said back.

She got up and went into the dinning room. As she went in there. Kathryn, Philip, Michael, Stephanie, and Ashley was there. Alyssa sat down in the chair by them 5. She felt happy and worm. She felt fluffy in side. Philip told everyone to put your hands up close your eyes and pray. Alyssa did as he toldd her. (Alyssa thought that Philip was praying to God. He was really praying to Michael).

They got done with the prayer and begin eatting As they where eatting. They where all chattering. Philip was taling about how he had his dick rubbed by his boss. Kathryn was listen to him. Michael was talking to his sisters. Stephanie was listening and thought he was retarted and Ashley not listening to him. Kathryn turn to Ashley. She told her to take Stephanie a bath and go to bed after there done.. Ashley didn't say anything to her mother and did what she told her to and gets up and helps Stephanie out of her chair and walked off.

After they left. Michael jumped on the kitchen tabble and did a random dance. His mother and father liked it. They got turn on. Philip told Michael to take his clothes off. Michael did. Alyssa was desgusted. Bates was getting mad and he came out.

Bates jumpped on the tabble by Michael. Michael thought she wanted to dance with him. He grabed her sholder. Michael was wrong. Bates pulled Michael off of him and threw him on the floor. Michael got up and ran out of the room crying. Kathryn was mad. She told Alyssa to got to her room and think about how she wouldn't let Michael have sex with her.

Bates came out and it was Alyssa's turn. Philip walked out of the room and so did Kathryn. They both gave Alyssa a dirty look. Alyssa ddin't know why they did that and she walked back to the guest room. She layed down on the bed and asking herself what happen? She don't even remembered. Alyssa sat up.

"Bates... did you come out?" She asked him.

As always again. He did not answer her. Alyssa sat there for a few minutes not doing anything and then she got off the bed. She walked out of the room and stand by the door.

"I'm going to apologize to them". She said out loud and went looking for them.

She saw Philip in the hall talking to Ashley. Alyssa was peeking threw the door in one hall and looking at them in the other hall by the Tate kids bed rooms.

"Ashley, I told you before. You have to have sex with a man in your middle school". Said Philip.

Bates toke over Alyssa body when it heard the word 'Middle school'.

"But daddy. I don't know what sex means. I told you to tell me what is it. You said it was satisfaction with a fingure up you". Said Ashley.

Philip slapped Ashley in the face.

"Shout up you little bitch and go to bed". Philip walked into Michael's room.

Closing the door behind him. Alyssa was not Alyssa now. It was Bates. Bates went into the hall way and went by Ashley';s room.

He touches the door with his right arm and then open the door. Ashley was on her bed looking down at her covers in a pink night gown. Bates walked in there. He even closed the door behind him. Ashley looked up at him. (She thinks it's Alyssa hale)

"Hi, Alyssa". Said Ashley

Bates didn't say anything and sat down on the bed beside her. He rubbs on her arm a little. Ashley just looks at Bates. Bates moved his hand up on her shoulder. Ashley was still looking at Bates.

Bates moves his hand upon her lips. He makes his fingure move around on her lips. Ashley was looking still with a confused look. He put his fingure in her mouth making it go in and out. Ashley pulls Bates hand out of her mouth.

"Ummmm... are you feeling okay, Alyssa"? Asked Ashley.

Bates didn't answer and made his hand go down on her perivet. Ashley pulled his hand away.

"Alyssa... ummm... do you want to umm..." Ashley couldn't finsh what she was about to say.

Bates pushed her down on the bed and he was on top of her. He was looking down at her and she was looking up at him. He pulls her night gown sleave down. Then he started kissing her neck. Ashley sat there and was kind of blushing, and started getting nervis. Bates then started licking her neck. He started pulling her night gown down more and more. She was getting nervis ever more. He toke one of his hands and puts it right back down on her puss. He begins rubbing it. Ashley's breathing got more harder on her. Bates stops and notices that her breathing sounded differnt then before. He toke both of his hands and pulls down her panties, He then stick on of his fingures up there and makes it go in and out of her. Ashley turns her head and moan in a low voice.

"Alyssa...what...are you...doing"? She said in a moan voice.

"Let me freak you. You know you like it". Bates said.

He pulls her head back at him. The hand that was not going in and out of her. Her face was meeting his now. Her bents down and he begins kissing her. She didn't kiss him back but just set there nervisly. He then got deeply into the kissing. He stuck his tongue down his hers and started playing with her tongue. As this was all going. He fingures her harder. She blushes more and more. He uses the hand that he wasn't using and pulls more of her night gown down. Now you could see her flat chest poking out.

Bates takes his hand that pulled her night gown down and put it on her chest. He rubbs it. After a while he toke to of his fingures and pinches it alittle. He let's go of her mouth to her her moan. She moans a little loader then before. He was getting more and more turn on by this. He toke his fingures out of her and licks them. She looks at him blushing so hard and sweat dreeping down hwe face.

"Aaare...u'ell...don...e"? Asking Ashley moaning in a havey voice.

"No, baby." He said.

He started dry hummping her now. Ashley moans a little loader. Bates liked this. He was getting more and more turned on.

It was the next day and Ashley wakes up naked along with Alyssa in her bed. She got scared and got dressed. Alyssa was still in her bed sleeping naked.

Ashley ran down stairs and saw her father at the bothem of them.

"Ashley, I can't find Alyssa. Do you know where she is"? Asked Philip.