Chapter 2 - Lust

Ashley stared at her father as she didn't know what to say. He looked at her as if he was angery. What could she say? She was upstairs sleeping with me last night and she recommended Philip not to go in there because Alyssa was naked. Then Philip would of asked why Alyssa was naked. Ashley was so confused right now. She first of all didn't know why Alyssa was kissing her. After all. She was a virgin. Is she now a virgin since Alyssa have made out with her? She didn't know. Ashley hopes that that it don't ever happen again.

"Well"? Philip asked her again in a angeryer voice. Ashley looked up at him about to cry then she turn and walked away in the dining room. Philip was getting mad. Philip went upstairs and went into the 2nd hall. He went into Stephanie's room and looked around in there. No one was in there but Stephanie still sleeping. He heard a door beside him that could only be next to Stephanie's room. Ashley's. He stepped back into the hall and saw Alyssa. He stared at Alyssa. "Did you just came out of Ashley's room"? The old perve asked Alyssa. Alyssa scratch her head. "Ummmm... yes. But I was sleeping in there because Ashley ask me to". Said Alyssa still scratching her head. Philip believe her and walked out of the hall and back down stairs. Alyssa still stands there wonder how did she get into Ashley's room. "Bates. Did you do something last night to Ashley"? Asked Alyssa.

Bates never answer her. He was kind of being to quit. Alyssa guesssed it was him then she think hard why she was naked. Then she thought harder. Then she had a nasty thought in her head that maybe Bates did. "Bates, don't tell me you and Ashley..." She could not finsh the rest.

It was to sick to even talk about could not even think about it. It was just to gross. Alyssa went down stairs and went into the kitchen. She saw Philip, Kathryn, Michael, and Ashley. Stephanie wasn't in there just yet. Ashley was sitting down at the table looking straight down at and Philip where standing up talking, and Kathryn cooking breakfast. Alyssa toke a set right down by Ashley. Ashley looked at Alyssa. Then she put her head back looking down.

"Ashley, did you by any chance….." Just before Alyssa was about to finished. Philip and the rest sat down. Kathryn started putting down the plates and silver wear down. She put the breakfast down on the plates after she was down. Michael and Philip diged in. After a few moments Kathryn did to. Stephanie just come in the kitchen with a puffy green skirt on. Her top was yellow and looked like a pumpkin. She sat down on the other side of Ashley. Ashley got back up and went out of the room. "Did I do something wrong"? Asked Stephanie. Alyssa got up and walked after Ashley. Alyssa fallowed her to the bathroom. She knows what's wrong with her. She was acting so strange.

Ashley sits on the bathroom toilet. She was a little confused and sir ten of Alyssa. She was looking down at her knees. She was so sad and upset that she begin to cry.

Alyssa knocks on the door and startled Ashley. Ashley ran into the second part into the bathroom. She was in the bath tub part. She climbs up on the tub shaking a little.

"Ashley, are you doing okay in there"? Asked Alyssa behind the bathroom door.

"Ye….yes…..yes I'm okay". Ashley said it very strangly voice.

"Are you sure you're okay"? Asked Alyssa agin.

"Yes I'm fine"! Shouted Ashley.

Alyssa went in there anyways. She opens the door and started looking for Ashley. She notice she was not in the first part of the rest room. She went into the door onto the right where the bath tub was. Ashley was in there.

Ashley was just about to fall. Alyssa ran over to her and catches her. Ashley had her eyes closed at the same time then she open them. She looked at Alyssa with her sweet inanest eyes. Alyssa smiled down at Ashley. Ashley rustled to break free from Alyssa. Alyssa leted her down and Ashley backed away from Alyssa. Ashley was just about to run away into Alyssa grabbed a hold of her arm.

"Get off of me"! Shouted Ashley.

"No, Ashley listen. I know how your feeling and please let me…." Alyssa could not finshed.

"No! Let me go"! Ashley shouted again.

"Please just let me talk first"! Alyssa shouts back at her.

Ashley stop pulling her arm and looked up at Alyssa. She begin crying.

"Okay…" Ashley said.

Alyssa smiled big and closed them and then open them again.

"Ashley… Bates…. I mean….. he rapped you"? Asked Alyssa.

"Bates? No your Alyssa"! Shouted Ashley.

"No, Ashley. I have this other ego inside me name Bates. He that makes me do weird things. I can make him stop doing things that make people upset". Alyssa said.

"What do you mean"? Shouted Ashley.

"Did you hear me sound it all like a man last night"? Asked Alyssa.

Ashley stopped and think about it. Alyssa closed her eyes for a moment then she open them.

"Here….. let me get him out". She said.

Alyssa's body had a purple fire around her. Ashley remember seeing that purple fire before. Bates toke over now. Bates walks over to Ashley. She just sat there and stared.

Bates touches her arm. She turns her head blushing.

"Baby….. I could tell that you were missing me…." Bates said rubbing up her arm.

Bates soon reached up to her face with his hand. He rubs her face. He turn her head trod him. She was looking deeply into his brown eyes that where close to red. He was looking back at her as well. He moves closer to her face.

"Are you aloud to kiss me? After all… you're a virgin after all….." Said Bates.

"I… I don't know". Ashley turns her head again.

He moves close to her ear and blows in it. She started blushing. He then breathes into her ear. She then blushed even more.

"Come on baby. My body is calling for you. I can tell that yours is calling for me". Bates whispered.

Ashley felt weird and had a feeling like she had butterflies in her stomach. After that was all happening. She started to breath funny. He puts his face up to hers.

"Baby, baby, Ashley. Come on. I know you like it. Your blushing for me baby". He said still whispering to her.

She turn her head to him and then she looked at him again. He was only looking at her lips that where the color of a light strawberry pink.

"I….. I don't care". Said Ashley in a law voice.

Bates laughs evilly. He putted his lips on hers. Ashley eyes where still open. He kisses her deeply then decide to slid his tongue in her mouth. She doesn't do anything back. He still continues this. He shove his tongue down her throat. Making her what to gag a little but she didn't. He putted his arms around her little whites. She sat there still doing nothing. He then makes his hand rub down on her butt. He started rubbing it. She blushes as he was playing with her butt. He sticks his hand into her underwear and still was rubbing her butt. She blushes hard. She then started French kissing Bates stopped kissing her. She looks at him with her mouth open.

"Let me her your voice now". Said Bates.

Bates Pulls her skirt and pulls her panties down a little. Ashley looks at him blushing and making her get turn on. He sticks his figure into her little puss making it go in and out of her. She moans a little making Bates get turn on. He went back to kissing as he did this.

Philip was walking into the main hall way and herd something like to stickers touching and ripping apart. He heard it where he was going. The rest room. He put his ear on the door. He then her moans of a girls voice. He opens the door and looks in there. Bates let's Alyssa take over her body again. Ashley hears the door open and pushes Alyssa off of her, and pulls her panties back up. Philip went into the 2end bathroom.

"Ashley what's Alyssa doing in the rest room with you"? asked Philip razing his eye brawl.

Ashley doesn't say a thing and looks down. She cried a little then was out of the restroom. Philip watched her leave the bathroom. Then he looked at Alyssa.

"What on earth happen in here"? Asked Philip.

"Well you see…. I came in her because I had to use the bathroom. When I was, I saw Ashley almost feel onto the floor. It's a good thing I saved her. She would of hit her head on the tub then we all have to rush her to the hospital". Lied Alyssa.

Alyssa ran out of the 2end bathroom. She was heading to the door that leads out of the restroom. Philip fallowed into the first restroom.

"I thought you had to use the restroom"? Asked Philip.

"I do, I'll just go upstairs". Said Alyssa, and she went out of the restroom.

Alyssa headed upstairs. She had a feeling Ashley was up in her room. She went in there she was right. She was crying on her bed with her face on the right side of the pillow. Alyssa walked over there to her and sat down on the bed beside her.

"Ashley, there is no reason to cry". Said Alyssa.

"I can't help it". Said Ashley.

"Why"? Asked Alyssa.

Ashley lays up and sat down by Alyssa. She hold Alyssa's hand.

"I want that Bates that is inside you to come out". Said Ashley.

"Ohhhh…. Okay I get it. So you do like Bates"? Asked Alyssa.

Ashley don't answer and puts her head down. Alyssa looks at her face. She felt sorry for Bates and Ashley. That they both liked each other but they couldn't be together. She wishes Bates had his own body to play with Ashley. Even though that it's Bates coming out. It feels like and she was a lesbian or is one in front of others.

Ashley got up from the bed and walked out on the boucany. She begin crying feeling the morning chilly air. She could not help it but to cry. This was hard for her, after all. It was her first love. Alyssa came out on the boucany. Ashley quickly turn her head and whipped her tears. She didn't want Alyssa see her foolish crying over a lover. That's what Ashley calls it. Alyssa walks over to Ashley and didn't notice her dried her tears.

"Are you feeling okay"? Alyssa asked her with a happy face.

Ashley didn't answer her. She kept thinking about Bates. Ashley wanted Bates to come out and kiss her. She loves it when Bates feels her up with his lust talk. She wanted him but Bates wouldn't come out.

"Alyssa…. Can you let Bates out. I…..I…." Ashley did not finish. She was embarrassed.

"You want him"? Alyssa asked.

Ashley didn't say anymore. Alyssa closed her eyes and asked for Bates to take over. After a few moments of the wind blowing and touching the trees, making the leaves danced. Alyssa open her eyes. Her eyes where the color like there before. The color of brown with a red color in it. Ashley looks at Alyssa.

"Are you Bates"? She asked her.

Bates walks closer to her and hugs her. He made one of his hands rub up on her thigh and then it touched her puss. He light grabbed it. Ashley blushes at him.

"I am, the one and only sexist to you". Bates said to her.

She blushed more and then looks down at his feet.

"Bates… will you touch any other girl besides me"? She asked him another question.

"Of course not. You're the only girl I'll fuck in my life. Besides, I kind of think your more than cute and adorable. I find you very sexy…." He said.

Ashley ups her head up a little and hugs Bates back with a trust smile. He rubs on her head and plays with her hair.

"Bates, your sweet. What are you planning to do when you have to leave the tomorrow"? She asked him.

"I will find away to play with my girl again". He said.