A/N: Just informing you that this story will heavily stick to the main storyline of LaTale, but who knows, maybe I'll add a twist or two if I feel that I'm up to it. A lot of the dialogue in this story is taken directly from in-game NPC dialogues or reworded to make more sense (the Korean-to-English translation of LaTale can be a little wonky at times!). Aside from that updating may be a bit slow. Hopefully you, the reader, will like it.


Strange memories...I've never seen it before...but it looks strangely familiar. I can't tell if I'm dreaming or awake. I am not her, but now I am her. She fights and gets hurt, and feels pain. What was her name again? Iris...

Looming over me was the Demon King, a fallen and corrupted being. He floated in the vast expanse of the cosmos, forever exiled from Heaven and Hell. His entire body was like that of a shadow's, with ruby-red veins that cracked through his wrists and arms like faults through the earth and equally ruby-red eyes that bored down into mine, filled with madness and loathing. What should have been his lower body was a machine with a mysterious blue orb of energy within it. I swallowed nervously and began to speak to him.

"Immortal being, my quest and journey were just for this moment. I will defeat you no matter what it takes." With that I slung an arrow onto my bow, Valkyrie, and fired a single shot at the Demon King. To my surprise and dismay, the Demon King did not suffer any damage whatsoever. I could hear Muwen, my childhood friend and party member, panicking over my communication device.

"Iris! Get out of there!" he cried.

The Demon King grinned smugly, showing two rows of dagger-sharp teeth. Without a word he raised his arms and unleashed a white bolt of lightning at me. My instincts helped me dodge the attack just in time. Rolling away and jumping back onto my feet, I knew I had to strike back somehow. Quickly I readied another arrow, this time aiming specifically at the Demon King's head. Unfortunately this attack did not succeed either.

"It's not working! Why?" I wondered in disbelief. Valkyrie was no ordinary bow-its arrows could pierce anything!

"My rage is unstoppable," replied the Demon King, his voice low and menacing. "This battle will only end with your annihilation!" He fired another bolt of lightning at me, and I barely managed to brace myself before it struck my body. I had endured lightning attacks before, but this felt more painful than any I've experienced. I collapsed onto my knees, still feeling remnants of electricity coursing through my body.

"I defended firmly, but what is this damage?" I managed to choke out.

"If you could overcome that attack with that tiny body, I wouldn't deserve to be called the Demon King," the Demon King retorted.

Levi, the best knight in the land and also a party member, spoke to me from my communication device. "Are you okay?" he asked anxiously. "The beast's attacks can neutralize our magic defense. Be careful!"

Ah, yes, our magic defense. It was the only thing keeping me from being instantly vaporized by the Demon King's lightning bolts. I gritted my teeth and stood up once more, still feeling the pain from the Demon King's last attack.

"Meaningless! Now, give up!" the Demon King roared. Suddenly a black ball of dark energy materialized into the space between us, and I was immediately sucked towards it. I tried to resist its pull, but failed and collided with it. Upon impact I was thrown several feet in the opposite direction and I fell onto the ground, nearly blacking out.

"Iris!" Muwen shouted.

Another party member's voice then spoke from my device. It was Kazno, renowned fight arena champion. "Iris," he said urgently, "you can't render damage to him with normal attacks. Change your attack type. Focus on your original being, and think about what you have learned so far during your journey."

It didn't take much to remember my journey. How could I ever forget the lush and beautiful world of LaTale? All the adventures I had with my party, all the places we explored, all the dungeons we've conquered? I remembered meeting Muwen, Levi, Kazno, and countless others who've helped me on my journey. I could not give up now! I slowly stood up, empowered by my memories and motivation.

"Yes, I know it," I murmured. I took out another arrow-hopefully the last-and slung it on my bow. The Demon King stared at me with a mixture of incredulity and derision. I aimed my arrow at the Demon King's heart, but did not shoot it. Instead several blue beams of light were shot out, finally penetrating the Demon King's body and greatly lowering his defense. While he was vulnerable I fired my real arrow at his head once more, piercing it and releasing an explosion of light. The Demon King writhed in pain, clutching his head and snarling.

"Haa..." I was unaware that I was panting. My last attack had taken a lot of energy out of me.

"This power...it cannot be true!" the Demon King roared.

"This is it!" I had done it!

"Stupid!" snarled the Demon King. His body began to disintegrate into space. "You fool!" were his last words before he completely vanished.

"What-" I asked but was interrupted as a dark wind-the Demon King's remains- rushed towards me and completely enshrouded me. I felt myself being torn apart by it. The pieces of me began to scatter everywhere, and I cried out in pain as I faded away into empty space...

Friends who protect her. People who love her. People who blame her. And her memories, scattered across the world. I have to find out her thoughts, memories, and pain. All of these will be the start of my journey.