Haha, thanks for the reviews, everyone! If you are a fan of Supernatural or Naruto, you should keep an eye out for the fanfictions I am planning to write. The Naruto one will be up, probably tomorrow. The Supernatural one will be done Tuesday. So, just thought i'd let you guys know. Back to the questions! ^^

SR: Hey! So, I actually have to schedule some stuff, so I will be updating this just about every day. I have about a month until my vacation starts, meaning in a month I will be updating more. Okay, I wanna get right to the questions, so the first is from Chairmodeactivated09 again. She says:

Chris, *blushes* hey, you know, you wouldn't be loved if I didn't hug you! Someone deserves a thank you for that.

Wesker, Fluttershy is your wife? Wha-when did Fluttershy like you? You shoul've picked Twilight but I love Fluttershy so... It's okay

Nemesis, this time, this doesn't include stars okay? Say "I love chocolate"

Ashley, could you wear your alternate costume too? :)

Claire, play dress up with Chris! :D

Chris: Well thanks! (:

Wesker: *Facepalm* I didn't really marry Fluttershy. I just said that because everyone wanted me to confess.

SR: Knew it. I mean, it'd be creepy if you'd sc-

Jake: No. Just don't.

SR: Okay..?

Nemesis: I l-love ch-chocolate.

SR: *Is clapping* Yay! Great job!

Ashley: Sure.

Claire: Oh hell yes! Be right back! *Drags Chris into her room*

*10 minutes later*

Claire: All done!

Chris: ... *Comes out wearing a red dress and has makeup on*

Ada: Hey that's my dress!

SR: Bahahahahhhahha! Oh my gosh this is a Kodak moment! *Takes a picture of Chris*

Chris: ...this dress is torture..

SR: Okay Chris go take that dress off and stuff.

Chris: *Goes into Claire's room and comes out wearing his normal clothing* Much better.

SR: Haha, okay next question is from AngelInTheDark19. She says:

It's all thanks to you SR :) You put a great show! Tee-hee,Chris You're so cute when you blush :) Chrissy sounds cute too XD

Albert-sama,are you married already? Never thought that you hit with a girl so easily,I know you have high preference for Women,Im kind of Disappointed to your confession :( l know that... *began to cry* Is Fluttershy is a kind of Pony?

Claire, you heard his confession,he confirmed that Jake is his son and hit on a random girl? what is your reaction? Do you still love him?

Then she left a second review..

Continuation :)

It's not like I dont support ClaireXWesker anymore,I still love them,Claire if Leon or Steve still love you,will you take one of them as your BF? Do you feel jealous to jake's Mom because Wesker hit on her?

Albert,do you ever feel Jealous? if that happen to Claire,dont worry i still love you,Can i have a kiss? say you love me too XD You are still my No.1!

Salazar,I dont know why I call you cute,I just feel it everytime and your Laughing! How much do you hate Kennedy? on knife scene

Chris: *Is blushing* T-thanks..

Wesker: Like I answered before Ally, I didn't really meet Fluttershy. She's a cartoon pony! I would never..

Claire: I still love him, regardless of who he hit on in the past. As for your second question, I would not date Leon or Steve.

Wesker: I love you too, Ally. *Kisses her on the cheek*

Claire: ...

Salazar: I hate Kennedy more than everyone else. It would be a pleasure to see him die.

SR: Damn, a bit harsh. Okay, next questions are from DarkCrimsonPhanton21. He says:

Nice Job so far SR, I Promise you that my questions will always go on, Im studying to be a Lawyer,I guess my words squeeze Wesker to tell the truth, As always here's my questions...

Wesker,you disappoint me man,I know you hate killer parties and you are not a sociable one,you just sit and focus on your laptop typing all the time,when you are drinking,I know that you do not want others to disturb you and I know you have no interest in women other than Claire,and who is this? is it a cartoon pony?


Jake,Is it true that your Mother is Fluttershy? You know the answer for this very well...

Jack Krauser,how much you hate your comrade,Leon? It seems he really cares for you,when you die

Human Unit Never Killed,who is your new master now? and really, what is your true name?

Ada, is it true that you hit with Wesker? Do you hate him?

Leon is this your final decision? choosing Ada? no more hitting on other girls?

Chris,I have a favor,can you punch Wesker on the face? If you can, Thankyou...

Wesker: I only said that it was a cartoon pony because everyone was so set on getting a confession about it.

Jake: No. Her name's Sarah..

Krauser: I cannot stand him! He wants to wipe out a virus that could give him immense power! He is a foolish man..

Ada: No, I did not hit with him. I really do not like him..

Leon: Yeah, that's my final decision. No more hitting on other girls.

Chris: Sure! *Punches Wesker in his face*

Wesker: Chris, you are weak. Even with your steroids boost.

Chris: Oh yeah? Well your mean!

SR: Ohh nice comeback.

Chris: Shut it!

SR: Whatever. Next questions are from TheManInTheHood. I had forgotten his questions last chapter. Here's what he had to say:

You can ignore the questions in my last review since I know your kinda have a lot of questions in your hands. I just do have 1 question though.

Sherry: What is it like to be working in the government after being put through so much?

Thanks SR.

Sherry: It wasn't how I planned on spending my career. I wanted to be a doctor. But I guess it was work for the Government, or be confined for life by them.

SR: Nice point, Sherry. I would have done the same thing if I were in your situation. Okay, next questions are from CeavaRose. Ceava says:

Hi SR!

I knew it! But isn't Excella attractive, loyal and intellegent also? Why you killed her, Wesker? Excuse me for hugging you.. *hugs Wesker like hugging Teddy bear*

Felt sorry to you, Carl :( *friendly hug*

Jakey! I can't wait to see your action in RE6 *hugs Jake almost like glomping*

And Chris.. *punched his left eye* Your new apperance make me hates you..

See yaa :DD

Wesker: ...She was annoying. Almost as bad as Ashley. *Hugs Ceava back* It's fine. SR is making us give free hugs, so it's fine.

Carl: Thanks. *Returns Ceava's friendly hug*

Jake: Haha, yeah. It's gonna be awesome!

Chris: Ow! Damnit!

Steve: Stop stealing my line!

SR: Shut up Ginger! *Sigh* Okay, next question is from BlissaLee. Blissa says:

Bonjour :)

Can anyone here speak French? Or any other language?

Chris: what are your hobbies other than taking steroids or working out? (I still love you even if you do take steroids :))

Ada: I will admit that when I was younger and my dad or brother played the RE games, I would pretend to be you :) You're awesome!

Nemisis: What was your life like before all of this?

And can I have a hug from Wesker and/or Chris?

Luis: I speak Spanish.

Leon: I can speak French.

SR: Really?

Leon: Yes really.

Chris: I read.

Everyone: O.O

Chris: Oh shut up! I do read!

Ada: Well, that's very flattering. Thank you.

Nemesis: I-it was g-good until W-Wesker g-gave me the v-virus.

SR: Great sentence!

Nemesis: Th-thanks.

Wesker: *Hugs BlissaLee*

Chris: *Hugs her too*

SR: Haha, alright then! Next review was from Jayfeatherlover3. She says:

It's meh again! :3 I love dis.


Wesker- Hmm, I can arrange for you to meet her... :) If you want, I can describe how she looks. ^.^ I was too lazy to type it up yesterday. :P Anyway, a few more questions: Do you like your theme music? Go to YouTube, type in Resident Evil 'Run Forest Run' and laugh. :P Can I have a hug? xD

Leon- *rolls eyes* Chicken... *gives SR $200* Hmm, if you won't punch her for money... would you punch her if I gave a sportscar? :D

Chris- I see... Anyway, watch the same video I asked Wesker to watch. How do you feel about that? xD

Sheva- Aww, come on. You have to feel SOMETHING... I mean I KNOW Chris likes YOU... right, Chris? ;) *nudge nudge*

Ada- It must be difficult considering how high the heels are...

Wesker: That would be nice. And I don't really mind my theme song. Also, sure. *Hugs Jayfeatherlover3*

Leon: N-no.

SR: Score! *Pockets the $200 and punches Ada in the face again*

Ada: Damnit!

Chris: *Falls over laughing* Hahahahaha!

Sheva: *Sighs* W-well, I suppose I like him a little..

Chris: *Stops laughing* Uh...Y-yeah. Same here.

Ada: It is very difficult. But I've adapted to it.

SR: I bet. Alright, next questions are from VoiceOfTheVoicelessSxE. He/she says:

Hewwo! :P I have to say, I'm addicted to these stories :D Okay, so down to brass tacks...:

Wesker: If you had a theme song, what would it be?

Chris: GET OFF THEM 'ROIDS, BOY! *coughs* Anywayz,.. why do you always yell "WESKER"? I mean, even the fan girls don't yell it as much as you do.

Claire: You should call him Whisker. x]

Leon: You. Are. A. PLAYER.

Jake: Who would you want to be be your mother out of Jill, Sheva, Claire, Ada, and Excella.

Excella: You are the only person in the world that could beat Ashley in an Annoying Contest.

Thats it! Keep doing the good work! :) Lots of love 3

Wesker: Hm.. not really sure.

SR: Im thinking 'Fake It by Seether'. It just feels like you. And Light from Death Note. xD

Wesker: I suppose so.

Chris: I'm not exactly sure why. I just do.

Claire: Haha that's SR's nickname for him.

Leon: I'm n-

SR: Player!

Leon: I give up.. *Sigh*

SR: Maybe Ada can change you into a good guy instead of a player.

Ada: That's my plan.

Jake: I'd have to pick Claire. She'd be one hot mom xD

SR: ...That's a little creepy. If she were your mom, you wouldn't say that.

Excella: I am not annoying!

SR: Yeah, you really are.

Excella: *Sighs*

SR: Alright! Last questions are from Anna's Rebellion! She says:

Steve:why is your name steve? Have you ever worn make up? Have you ever smoked?

Steve: I have no clue why my name is Steve. My parents liked it, I guess.. And no, i've never smoked. And I've never worn makeup.

SR: Mhmm. Well guys, sorry but I gotta get working on a few other fanfictions while the ideas are fresh in my mind! I'll see you guys in about two days. Remember: Read and Review! Okay, bye everyone~

Will update in 2 days.