Once again, I am crazy for starting another story when i have 3 others i'm working on. But i'm making sure to keep up with the other.

NOTICE: This is a modern day tale so no powers or ninja like skills. Still hope you like it. Also this is a story that will have songs in it.

They were the biggest sensation since instant Ramen. They were the rock band Shinobi and they were every boy's nightmare and every girl's dream. The members of Shinobi were considered the hottest of boys.

Their members consist of:

Naruto Uzumaki, the lead singer and main song writer. He is known by his fans as the orange fox. Where the name came from, no one is sure, because he is not cunning or sneaky or even very bright. But he is optimistic, outgoing, and has a lot of heart.

Sasuke Uchiha, the lead guitarist and Shinobi's bad boy. The girls all chase after him trying to solve the mysterious behind him. No one knows his past but a lot of girls would love to find out and be part of his future.

Kiba Inuzuka, the drummer and wild one. Loyal to his "pack" as he calls it. He may cause some trouble but he never turns his back on the band.

Shikamaru Nara, the bass player and smart one. Although he is known for his extreme laziness he is actually quite brilliant, just doesn't like to show it.

Shino Aburame, the keyboardist and a total mystery. There is less know about this guy then Sasuke Uchiha. No one even knows what he looks like. He always has a hood, covers his mouth, and wears sunglasses. What is known is he is wise and only talks when he finds it necessary.

And Kakashi Hatake, the band's manager and mentor. Once a member of the popular band Jounin. He now helps Shinobi become the next big thing.

At the moment the band was on their tour bus heading for their next stop, their hometown of Konoha.

"Are we their yet?" Naruto whined.

Kakashi looked up from his book. "Like I said two minutes ago, we will be there shortly."

Naruto let out a loud groan.

"Patience is a good virtue to have Naruto." Shino pushed his glasses back into place.

"Hmph, whatever."

At Konoha High…

"I can't believe they are coming here…. TONIGHT!" The blonde girl known as Ino squealed.

"I know. I can't wait to see Sasuke. I bet he is even dreamier in person." Sakura, the pinkette, had stars in her eyes.

Hinata stayed quiet as her two closest friends talked about the band, Shinobi. Hinata had never really heard the band actually sing but she sure did know a lot about them. They had been a no name garage band, until Kakashi came and took them under his wing. They actually were discovered in their hometown and even grew up together. Hinata had even been paired with Kiba and Shino for a yearlong group project when they were kids. But they lost touch once they made it big. And now they were stopping in Konoha for a big show. Hinata didn't want to go to their concert but Ino and Sakura said that they would make her life a living hell if she didn't go and she knew that they would.

"So what are you wearing?" Hinata was lost in her thought she didn't hear Ino. "Hinata!"

"Oh I'm sorry. What did you say?"

"I asked what are you going to wear tonight?"

"What I usually wear."

Ino shook her head. "Oh no. That just won't do. You need to do something different, you gotta look H-O-T, HOT!"

Hinata blushed. Both her friends were beautiful. Ino was the typical gorgous blue eyese blonde. And Sakura was unique with her unusual hair color and her bright teal eyes. But Hinata on the other hand, she had too dark to be purple but too light to be black hair. Her skin was a sickly pale color and her eyes were a weird lavender color. Nothing that any guy would want.

"I don't know Ino, dressing up isn't really my thing."

"Promise you at least try?" Sakura asked.

Hinata let out a sigh. "Alright I promise."

Her two friends let out another squeal. "Awesome. Well we better get going and start getting ready. See ya Hinata." Sakura and Ino both waved as they ran to their houses.

Hinata waved back and then walked into her house. She truly wasn't looking forward to the night. The idea of being packed in with a bunch of screaming girls was not going to be pleasant. The only good thing was that she was going to see Naruto Uzumaki.

He had been her long time crush since they were little kids. He was always so out going and never cared what people thought of him. Something that Hinata greatly admired. She was always worried about what people thought of her and that made her nervous and she had a constant stutter. The only people she felt comfortable with was Ino and Sakura.

Hinata walked by her father's office to let him know she was home and then went to take a shower.

With a towel wrapped around her body and another one wrapped around her hair, Hinata walked into her closet. There were plenty of clothes to choose from. Her father traveled around the world for his business and always brought her and her sister clothes. But even with all these choices Hinata wasn't sure what to pick.

Hinata wasn't sure how long she was staring at her clothes but broken from her concentration when she heard someone.

"What are you doing?"

Hinata quickly turned around and saw her little sister Hanabi standing at the doorway.

"I-I was trying to pick out an outfit for the c-concert tonight."

Hanabi let out a sigh and walked passed Hinata and into the closet. A moment later she walked back out and laid some clothes on Hinata's bed. "Wear this."

Hinata looked over the outfit. It was cute but a little revealing for Hinata's taste. "Are you sure?"

"Just put it on." And with that Hanabi walked out the door.

Hinata reluctantly grabbed the clothes and went to her bathroom. Moments later she walked out and went to look at herself in her long mirror.

"I did tell Ino that I would try something different and this is defiantly different." Hinata said out loud.

Hanabi had picked out a short jean skirt that went to her mid thigh. A purple cami with a short sleeve grey cropped sweater. And than some black combat looking boots. Hinata had to admit that she didn't look as bad as she thought. She made a mental note to thank Hanabi later.

Hinata tried to pull her skirt down but it was no use. She would have to deal. Hinata then heard a honk and looked out her window to see Ino and Sakura waving at her.

Hinata grabbed her purse and ran out the door.

The three drove off to Konoha's concert hall.

"Hinata, you look smoking hot." Ino smiled.

Hinata blushed. "Thank you."

"How long until we get there? I wanna see Sasuke." Sakura whined.

"Calm down forehead. We will be there in a few minutes."

"Shut up Ino-pig."

The two went on arguing and Hinata couldn't help but giggle. Those two were friends one minute then enemies the next. But then go right back to being friends.

Hinata saw the concert hall coming into view and decided to break up the pointless argument. "Look!"