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Deeks walked on to the beach happy that he'd been able to get in some surfing this morning. Nothing eased his mind like being out on the water, and lately, he found himself craving the solitude. Things were strained between him and Kensi since she had seen him kiss Nicole while he was undercover, and he honestly didn't know what to do about it. No other woman turned him inside out like his partner, but she didn't want to hear that. He had tried several different ways to let her know that she was the only woman that mattered to him, but she had shot him down every single time, up to and including almost dislocating his finger.

Kensi arrived at the mission knowing that she had to talk to Deeks...they couldn't keep working like this. She was upset that he'd kissed Nicole, and even more peeved that she was upset over it. Sam and Callen had even noticed that she and Deeks were not as happy as they used to be, and had told her she needed to figure out the problem and fix it. While Kensi was not happy they automatically thought she was the one with the problem (even if she was), she knew they were right.

"Hey Deeks, we need to talk." When those were the first words out of Kensi's beautiful mouth, Deeks figured that he was in trouble. When he got a good look at his partner's face, he knew he was. She stood there and glared at him like he'd stolen her last donut.

"Yes Kensi? What did you need?" He figured if she was gonna yell at him, he'd give her a reason. He knew she hated that smart-ass tone, but he didn't really care at this particular moment.

He couldn't have been more surprised if space monkeys had swooped in and landed on his desk when she grabbed his arm and dragged him over to the hall leading to the gym. She didn't let go of him until she saw they were hidden from view. Then she turned around, faced him, and sighed. She honestly didn't know where to start. Even though she was the one in the wrong, she didn't know how to begin to apologize.

Deeks just waited. He thought he knew what Kensi's problem was, but he wasn't going to make anything easier on her. He was tired of being treated like shit for doing his job. When she opened her mouth, her first words shocked him. "I know you are a great undercover cop. I admire that about you." At that, she looked away. He watched her struggle to get control of her feelings, because above all, Kensi hated showing emotions. It was one of those things that drove him crazy, but also made him realize how lucky he was that she ever let him see her emotions. "When you kissed Nicole, that looked real. She fell for it, which was the important thing." Deeks just stared at her, wondering if Kensi could be jealous. It would be the answer to a lot of questions if she was, but he didn't dare mention that to her.

Kensi hated apologizing for the way she'd been acting, but she really wished Deeks would say something. Instead he just leaned up against the wall smirking at her. He knew how hard this was for her, but he was going to make her do it anyway. She cared for Deeks, but didn't want to admit that she was plain jealous, cause that would be unthinkable. She didn't think of Deeks that way...she couldn't.