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Deeks walked into the bedroom, not surprised that Kensi and Derry were already piled up on the bed watching tv. The black and white kitty raised her head and looked at Deeks as if to say "and where do you think you're laying?" Deeks picked the munchin up and laid back down with her on his chest. Kensi looked over from her side of the bed and experienced a pang in her chest, She knew that Deeks was one of the best guys she'd ever known, and that fact scared her. With her track record of failed relationships, she kept reminding herself that she still had to work with Deeks, and he was the best partner she'd ever had. She just couldn't let the sexual tension she felt get in the way.

Deeks watched the emotions flit across his beautiful partner's face and wondered what she was thinking. He knew it was serious by the way she kept frowning, and then smoothing out her forehead. He didn't think Kensi realized how expressive her face really was, and he knew she would be horribly embarrassed by it if she knew. Derry patted him on the cheek and meowed, as if she was saying "Mom will be ok." The cat's uncanny ability to sense emotions still floored Deeks sometimes. He had never realized exactly how smart cats were.

Kensi knew she was losing her battle to not do something stupid, so she decided that she'd try to antagonize Deeks in order to keep from oh, say, jumping his bones. "So, what's going on with you and Miss "Can't-Keep-My-Eyes-On-My-Own-Husband?" Kensi was still steamed over how Jennifer had been so blatant about staring at Deeks. "Don't forget, you are supposed to be married to me, not free to roam." Unfortunately, Deeks saw through Kensi, and instead of getting mad, he asked her, "Why does Jennifer bother you so much? I will never forget that you are my partner, not her. It doesn't matter what other women do, it's you I will be faithful to. As a partner, and as a friend." Deeks figured he might better put that last statement on there, because he didn't want to risk another dislocated finger. But, he meant what he said. It was Kensi who had his heart; Kensi was the one he wanted to be around all the time. But he didn't tell her any of that, because she wasn't quite ready to hear it. Sometimes, Deeks didn't think she would ever be ready to hear it.

Kensi blushed, upset, but pleased that Deeks had seen through her attempt. She thought that is what made him such an amazing partner; Deeks had the gift of seeing what she needed, and being able to give it to her. That was one reason she tried so hard to tamp down the attraction she felt. Battling herself over the attraction she felt was bad enough, but she would definately lose the war if she had to battle Deeks also. Deeks smiled at her, and asked, "Ok, what is really bothering you? You haven't tried to pick a fight in ages." Kensi blushed again and mumbled something under her breath. Deeks leaned towards her to see what she'd said, and when she turned her head, his lips brushed hers. In shock, they jumped apart, and looked at each other. "Kens, I am so sorry! I didn't mean to ummph" the rest of what Deeks was going to say was swallowed up by Kensi kissing him again. Deeks just sat there at first, unable to believe what was happening, and then started responding with a vigor that left Kensi in no doubt that unless she did something to stop him, Deeks was fully prepared to take their "thing" to a whole other level. As spontaneous as they were being, Kensi wasn't really sure she wanted to go that far yet. "Deeks, stop. We don't have any birth control" Kensi finally got Deeks to stop licking her breasts with that reminder. "Kens, if you want me to, I can run down to the store and be back in just a few minutes."

Deeks knew he was playing with fire, but he couldn't stop. The fact that Kensi had let him kiss her still blew his mind, and he was hoping that she wouldn't get self-concious now. He very much liked kissing her, and planned on doing more, but not without her permission. He knew the moment was over when, instead of answering him, Kensi pulled her top back down and looked at the kitten. Derry had gotten tired of watching her two slaves and curled up on Kensi's pillow to take a nap. Deeks watching with no small amount of trepadition as Kensi scooted back to her side of the bed and turned her back on him for a minute. He knew he had blindsided her, but she was the one who started it. Now, he just had to see how she was going to handle it.