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She sat on that bus, her hands pressed to her thighs and biting down on her lower lip as the wheels took her closer and closer to Philadelphia to him. She hadn't seen him in over a year, not since the night she'd shown up at his open house and kissed him, she'd had such a hard time walking away from him that night. She still couldn't get the shattered look of his face out of her mind. The bus pulled up in front of the hotel they would be staying in during their stay and her breath caught in the back of her throat as she got her luggage from the back of the bus and walked down for her first step in the city in so long and she couldn't help but think about how her and Jess were now in the same town.

She checked into her hotel room and deposited her suitcases; she left and walked out the hotel doors looking around. She was tempted to just pull out her cell phone and use the begged for number she'd gilmored out of Luke with her baby blues only five months ago the day before she stepped on the bus.

She walked down the sidewalk and stopped into a Starbucks coming out the familiar heat of a cup of coffee in her hand she felt her courage bolster slightly. she hailed a passing cab and gave the driver the address she seemed to have engraved on her mind as she sipped her coffee the exlicer of life she looked down at her empty wedding finger and thought about Logan's proposal and the reason's she turned him down.

It just hadn't felt right, the words will you marry me coming out of his mouth, her heart didn't jump at the thought of forever being Mrs. Hunztburger. A yes wasn't on her lips instantly actually a no was the first thing she wanted to say. The blond in front of her wasn't the one she wanted to hear those words from no the one she wanted was more Burnett with a leaning towards the monosyllabic. If she'd had her way she would have jumped in her car and headed towards Philly that night but she didn't there was too much to do people to see and then she got the job offer and she was off on a bus for an undetermined amount of time, but now they were stopping in Philadelphia and she didn't have any excuses anymore Philadelphia was a big stop and she had three events but they were here for a week and she knew the first thing she had to do was see him. The bandage approach was always better her mother said.

She got out of the cab and paid the driver. She looked at the sign over the door proclaiming trenchon book sellers and she took a deep breath wiping her sweaty palms on her jeans and getting ready to step through the door when her cell rang. She fished it out of her bag and looked at the caller id seeing Mom flash across the screen she opened it and held it to her ear.


"Daughter of mine, how are you and why haven't you called mommy in two days?" Lorelai babbled and Rory sighed.

"Mom I'm going to have to call you later,"

"What why?"

"I have a date with destiny."

"Rory are you ok sweetie you're not making any sense? Lorelai asked in concern.

"Mom I'm in front of Trenchon,"

"What is that a strip club or something?"

"no it's a book store."

Then it all started to click into to place, "Your in Philadelphia aren't you?

"Yes," Rory whispered.

"Sweetie are you sure?"

"mom I have to do this," the phone was cutting into her hand she was clutching it so tightly.

"Ok sweets, I'll talk to you later and remember I'm always here."

"Thanks mom," and with that the call disconnected and Rory looked towards the door once again pushing it open and wondering what the place behind would hold for her.

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