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Chapter 1

I groaned loudly, as my head throbbed. What did I hit my head on? I move my hand toward my skull- then stopped when I feel the ground around me was wet and mushy. I opened my eyes- Though I instantly regret doing so as the light from the sunshine made my eyes hurt, and nauseated.

My whole body hurt, sitting up was a challenge. I looked around and see that I'm in a forest, different colored leaves were everywhere, and even on top of me...

"What the-?" I muttered, majorly confused. What the hell did I do last night? My stomach started to turn, when I realize that not only do I not remember what happened last night. But I don't even remember my own name or anything else about me for that matter. I think hard, Was it Ryan?-No, that doesn't sound right, Robert maybe? Or Riley?


My head begins to throbbed again.


"Ah!" I cried out in agony, putting my palms on my temples, the pounding becoming unbearable as my eyes began to water.


Then suddenly the pain in my head is gone, went away as quickly as it came. Slowly I removed my hands from my skull.

Richard? Was that my name?

"Richard" I said aloud giving it a try, it sounded right, though to grown up, not one I think I like to use most of the time. I scoff at myself. Not that I even remember what I like.

I blinked. Maybe... "Dick?" that sounded right too, I liked that one a lot better.

"Okay, one mystery solved" I groaned as I forced myself on my feet, trying to ignore the stabbing pain that went threw my legs and up my back. The light from the sun was a mixture of red, orange, and yellow, though it was still low in the sky, indicating that it has just came up.

The rays from the sun rise was warm and the air around me was fresh, I feel almost relaxed as I started to smile a little- I stop when I remember the situation I'm in.

Even though I know my name is Dick, I still don't remember anything about myself, or how I got here, all injured and confused.

I try to remember- "Ah!" and I immediately stop when my head begins to pound, feeling so dizzy that I had to hold on to a low branch from a tree.

I made a noise between a groan and a growl, completely annoyed with myself. This is ridiculous! "How am I suppose to figure out who I am or even how I came to be in this stupid forest, when my head hurts every time I try to think!" I asked the forest frustrated, though knew I wouldn't get a reply.

Wanting to explore more of my surroundings, I limped around the area for a few minutes, nothing looked familiar. I lend against a tree a couple of feet away from where I woke up, body screaming in agony, protesting that I stop.

I closed my eyes, biting my lip to try and forget the pain that racked my head to my feet and everything else in between. I wiped away sweat from my forehead, even though the morning air was cool and peaceful, I was burning up, as well as having trouble breathing.

"That's not good" I said knowing well aware of how stupid it sounded, but not caring in the least.

Suddenly I heard leaves moving, which was strange cause there was no wind, so they shouldn't be moving at all.

I realized that they weren't moving gracefully, but frantically in different directions, as if being thrown-

"Where did he go!" a voice asked frantically

More leaves being tossed. Pushing off the tree I limped toward the voice, and saw two men near the spot where I woke up only minutes ago.

The two men didn't look familiar either, but I study them. They both had blond hair, their eyes at the distance from where I was looked green. One had a chubby face, like a blow-fish, the other had a slim face, almost like a horse.

Maybe they might know who I am? as I took a step toward them.

"I thought you said that he was dead, Luke!" said Horse-Face

I stopped, frozen where I stood. Dead? They tried to...kill me? My heart started to beat rapidly.

"He is dead Jack!" said Luke

"Well obviously not, since he's gone!" Jack said frightened, as I saw him kick leaves into the air.

"Calm down we'll find him and-"

I didn't stick around to hear what else Blow-Face was going to say. And I seriously didn't want to know. Limping my way away from the two men, with no general destination, my body screamed in distress with the sudden movement, I winced with each step I took as the shooting pain became worse, I tried and failed miserably at ignoring it.

"Whoa!" I grunted when my feet hit, the black road underneath me, almost causing me to fall on my face, but I surprised myself when I stretched my hands out and did a flip and landed on my knees instead.

I blinked several times... Where did that come from? That was like something out of an action movie! Doing that felt so natural... I frowned. Why? I don't want to remember anything else, unless I want to pass out...

I sighed. I'm never going to figure any of this out if I don't.

I close my eyes, and forced myself to try and bring some unknown memories from my mind. I winced, my head begins to beat against my skull.

Feeling safe, warm, and peaceful,

In a bed...maybe?

"Happy Birthday Richard!"

Who's that? It's a man, but who is he? He sounds strong, and happy, I feel that way too.

"Thank you so much, D-"

Beep Beep!

I opened my eyes, to lights and something collided hard with me, sending me flying through the air.

"I love you too, my little bird"

"W-Who are y-you?" I stammered coughing, feeling blood run down the edge of my mouth as I lay on the cold road, my vision blurring.

Then everything went black...

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