Of Spades and Witches


"Come to me. Come to me, child. Come to me."

That voice. That soft, quiet, melodious voice. It called him. And he…he had to come. That voice was so welcoming, he just wanted to please it. He would die if he couldn't answer that call. It was so alluring. So beautiful. So tempting. So…perfect.

"Alfie? Alfie, where you going?" another voice called. "Al? Alfie?" But this new voice wasn't anywhere near as beautiful, as sirenic as-

"Child, come to me. Come here."

"Mom! Mom, something's wrong with Alfred." That other voice called again, but it was only a mild annoyance.

"Child, come to me. Hurry."

He had to hurry. There wasn't much time. He opened the door and walked outside. His breath came out in hot puffs and the abrupt cold stung his cheeks. He paused in uncertainty. But then-

"Come child. Just a little farther. I'm here. Come to me."

And he had to.

His feet moved steadily down the stone dirt path through the garden behind the hostel. The leaves rustled quietly with his passing and small glimmers of light darted here and there like living moonbeams.

He pushed a branch away from his face and saw it, the one who had called him. The person was as beautiful as his voice. Soft, porcelain features that flickered like a ghost in the moonlight, golden hair as wild and untamed as its owner, and eyes like the deepest, darkest depths of the sea.

"Come to me, child. You're almost there. Come, just a bit further."


The beautiful person jerked in surprise, his eyes rising to stare at the owner of the new voice. Who was the owner? The boy started to turn around, but was stopped by that beautiful voice again.

"Come now. You know you want to. You're so close. Come here."

The boy turned back to the beautiful person, but something was wrong. The beautiful one seemed afraid of something, his voice wavered and his eyes kept flickering between him and whatever was behind him.

Suddenly the boy wasn't sure if he should go forward or not. He wanted to be with the beautiful one, but that new voice…it belonged to someone he cared about. Someone…someone…

"Child, come please. Come here. Just a few more steps now. Come on."

Again, the voice wavered and again the boy questioned.

"Alfred, don't!" That voice, it belonged…who…?


The boy jerked and whirled around in surprise. "Mattie? What're yelling for? It's nighttime." A body slammed into him and he automatically wrapped his arms around it. "Mattie?"


"Mom?" Instantly, the boy was engulfed in a warm huge. "It's alright, I'm here. And you! How dare you try to take my son from me. How dare you, you…you…monster!"

Monster? Who was his Mom yelling at? He turned his head in an effort to see and was greeted by the most terrifying and yet, the most beautiful person he'd ever seen before.

"Why did you stop me?" the beautiful one demanded, fury coloring his words in a heated manner.

"Why- He's my son and you were going to take him from me just days after I lost my husband? No sir. He's my son and I will be dead before I see him fall to one such as you."

Silence. A sigh.

"Lady, just give the child and you will not have to-"

"Devil! Be gone! Your hellish kind are not welcome here. This is sacred ground!" yet another voice belonging to the high priest hollered drowning out all other sound.

The beautiful one flinched and cowered. His image flickered dimly before becoming clear once more, just as emerald eyes met cerulean blue. "Here me, child of man, you are destined for greatness, but much hardship will befall you, but you must overcome them. You must, or it will be the end of everything. And when the time is right, remember this. Do not destroy the Amber. If you do, then hope will be lost…and you will never be mine."

"Enough!" the priest screamed once more. "Be gone demon! And take your hellish prophesies with you."

The beautiful one met the priest's eyes with his own orbs of emerald fire and just stared at him in silence. Then he smirked. "As you wish," the beautiful one murmured in an elegant mockery of a bow then he was gone.

But the boy, Alfred, could have sworn those emerald eyes met his own one last time before he was gone. But he could never be sure, and who could blame him for forgetting some facts. After all, he was only five at the time.

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This is most definitely USxUK and Cardverse with a bit of a twist. Hope y'all enjoy.

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