Alright this is my first time writing so I'm hoping you like it. Please review. The story is set a few years after the Time of Troubles

"How long are we gonna do this Tel?

"Until the others get here or the bastard moves again. You know that."

"But why are we waiting when we could go in and get him now?"

"Because, you crazy dwarf, he's not alone in there and we know it. He hasn't left the guildhall in the week we've been watching him. He knows we're here. Do you want to take on half the thieves in this city and every merc they could hire despite your 'creative' tactics for dissuading the locals from aiding him?" seeing the gleam in his companions remaining eye Telvain Sancryn sighed and continued, "Don't answer that you imbecile." again the half elf sighed and wished that Eldryn had sent someone else on this mission. "Aren't dwarves known for patience at a task? What's wrong with you?"

"Lad, do you see a forge anywhere near us? I'm as patient as the next dwarf but we've been sitting on our arses for a week now watching that traitor. We don't all have spells to study or potions to mix and if I sharpen these blades anymore there wont be anything left of 'em." but even as he said this he harrumphed and went back to sitting at the little table of there room at the inn and playing cards, an activity he had become increasingly bored with over the previous week. Torgadden Hardhammer was a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield but patient, he was not. Had it not been for Telvain's reminders of their duty he probably would have already run out of the inn and attacked the guild hall across the street.

"I'm going to check in with Eldryn and the others. Any questions for them? Or just the usual how long and where's the beer?" seeing no response coming from his surly companion the mage decided he may as well get it over with and went to his crystal ball. Concentrating on his leader's image he was shocked when the image appeared. "Tor, get the door."

"What in the hells are you talking about you blasted mage there's no one at the bloody do-" just then the sound of knocking at their door interrupts the frustrated warrior "-or. Oh. Well aint you a sneaky one I thought you were checking in with the blasted priest not watching the hall." the dwarf complained as he got up to get the door.

"I was checking in but then I recognized his surroundings and figured I could talk to him and the others in person as soon as you let them in." he laughed at the surprised dwarf's expression as he opened the door to reveal their missing companions. "Welcome ladies and Gentlemen to our humble and temporary abode, my manservant will take your cloaks if it pleases you." his companions burst into laughter at the look on poor Torgadden's face at this. Tel enjoyed teasing his surly companion and knew that things would quickly get serious now that the others had arrived so he wouldn't have much opportunity in the very near future. Besides, even the continually surly dwarf found their constant good natured teasing to be both enjoyable and funny (though he probably wouldn't admit it) so why


"Yeah, yeah laugh it up you charlatan. Then go amuse some more children with yer juggling and pretty lights." Torgadden replied testily. The other companions looked at their mage with looks of overly dramatic looks of shock.

The mage looked at them and sheepishly admitted "ok, once. It happened once. I was out back practicing some light spells and the children ran up and asked if I could show them some magic. So I created some glow globes and taught them to juggle the things. It amused everyone, passed some time and was harmless. The only person hurt was the dwarf when he joined in and managed to bounce one into his eye. Isn't that right dear Torgadden?"

"Alright yes it was amusing can we get to work now? Please?" the companions surely wanted to hear how the dwarf had managed to do that but decided to pity the warrior and get details later.

"Where is he, brother?" Telrann, of course. Impatient as always. Telvain sighed as he put the crystal ball back his pack since it would not be needed. "Well, do you know or do we need to start looking?"

"No dear brother you don't need to search. Our dear thief planted my tracker on him just as we planned. It has not left the building directly across from this inn in the last week. Since there was always the possibility that it had been discovered I did some scying and confirmed that it is indeed still on him. Don't you already know this? I've been keeping Eldryn apprised of our situation the entire time we were separated."

"Former thief, Telvain, former." Lyna was quick to correct him as always. "I've retired from stealing from merchants and nobles to steal from orcs and goblins. The pickings are slimmer but the authorities actually pay me to do it for some reason. They use to try to hang me whenever I stole something. Not that I'm complaining about the change in attitude."

"Anyway you know how impatient your brother is when his blood is up. He couldn't sit still long enough to listen to me brief the others after your reports most of the time." The warrior-priest of Torm, as was his habit, had sat on the floor in the corner in a meditative pose while everyone else got comfortable in the suddenly crowded room. Brynashae, a strikingly beautiful drow priestess of Eilistraee sat with her husband Telvain on one of the beds while the reformed thief Lyna and Telvain's half brother Telrann sat with the dwarf at the table as they began to reshuffle the cards.

"In his defense, dear one, your brother did spend most of the first two days hovering over me to make sure I was alright." Brynashae was quick to come to her brother-in-laws defense. "He would barely let me help out in camp until he was confident that my wound had healed completely."

"Good I'm glad at least one message got through to him. I'm not losing anyone else to Bel'shyr. And I'm not losing you ever. I told him that he should tie you up in the wagon if he had to but you were to do nothing but rest for at least a few days. You barely survived that traitor's blade even with all our healing abilities." Telvain sighed as he tried to control his emotions, waiting to see his beloved after her near death had been taxing to say the least. Regaining control he returned to business. "Okay now that we're here I suggest we gear up and hit him as soon as possible. I've already spoken to the watch commander and he will allow us to make the raid on the thieves guild so long as we notify him beforehand so that he can surround the place and apprehend any thieves that try to escape. I figure that works even better since they might also catch Bel'shyr if he tries to run. I told them to be on the lookout for any drow not traveling with us. I've also made replacements for the healing potions we used after the ambush and the ones I left with you. Most are the usual recipe but the ones with the black corks are… special"

Telrann suddenly groaned. "What do you mean special? I've been the guinea pig for far too many of your little 'experiments' to be comfortable with trying out a new concoction as I go into battle."

"Don't worry little brother this one has already been tested for most of a week on brave Torgadden. Besides, when has on of my experimental potions ever harmed you?"

"Hmm.. Lets think… what about that time you turned me into a ferret for two days until your master figured out how to turn me back? Or the time I spent a week as a sentient puddle? Or when I was twenty-eight and that potion turned me into a woman three hours before the Greengrass festival?"

"Hmm.. Id forgotten about those. Still all those potions were technically successful. They were just harder to reverse than I had planned. Except for the ferret thing, that was supposed to be a voluntary shape shifting ability and only last a few minutes. How was I supposed to know that it wouldn't reverse automatically when the effect ended like it should have?"

"You say that after you spend time as a ferret. Or a puddle. Or go to a very awkward Greengrass festival with a very annoyed elven maiden who hadn't planned on remaining a mai-"

"Okay brother I said I was sorry for that didn't I? Besides Amaranthee agreed afterwards that you were far more attractive as a maid than as a man."

"I'm going to kill you for one of these little experiments one of these days."

"Anyway, like I said, this one has already been tested. It's a preventative antidote mixed with a rejuvenation potion. It should block most poisons and heal minor wounds almost immediately after you receive them. The more it does the quicker the effect wears off though so do be careful. Torgaddens ran out after about two hours but its mostly magic doing the work so it should last longer on the rest of us. I tested this last batch myself and it lasted about four hours. However I'm not sure how effective it will prove to be if Bel'shyr brought any poisons from home."

"Not sure why but yer brothers potions all taste horrible. I told he should start using beer as the base instead of water. I figure it couldn't hurt and I might volunteer to help with his experiments more often."

"Better than nothing. Let's divvy them up and get moving before our friend decides to try to escape again."

"I'll send the message to Captain Kanek right before we move out. After that there will be about twenty minutes until he and his men are in position." Telvain retrieved his crystal ball from his pack then set about preparing himself for combat as his companions went through their own preparations. Torgadden put his war axe in his belt loop, gathered his brace of throwing axes then, round shield strapped to his forearm, took up his war hammer and left the room to wait in the inns common room. Next to leave were Lyna and Telrann, one having finished checking her daggers, short sword and crossbow, then tuning her lute, while the other checked his greatsword, short sword and shield then meditated on his spells and said a short prayer to Mystra. Shortly after Eldrynn finished his own prayers and, seeing that Telvain had finished his own preparations and was waiting for his wife to finish hers so they could talk in private, joined the others leaving the couple alone for a few moments. As soon as Brynashae had finished her prayers she looked up and, seeing her husband holding out her sword and shield she smiled and rose, hugging him then stepping back and to take her equipment.

"Not going to try to convince me to stay behind and out of harms way Tel?" She asked curiously.

"Would you listen to me if I did?" He retorted, knowing from long experience that his strong willed and sometimes outright stubborn wife would not.

"No but I don't mind your attempts." she confirmed while laughing at his scowl.

"Please just promise to try to stay close to me during the fight my love."

"So that my brave champion may protect his damsel in distress?"

"No, it's so that you can keep those damn thugs off me while I take out as many as possible before I have to draw steel. I'm not very worried about you in this fight. Most of the foes are disorganized ruffians thanks to Tor's 'conversations' with the local mercenary leaders. The rest are thieves. However I do have a present for you." With this he reached into his and removed the ring he had spent a decent portion of the last week finished when he hadn't been studying or mixing potions. "It's an ironguard ring that I've been working on for a while. Say the command word inscribed on the inside of the band and any unenchanted weapons will pass right through you and your equipment for about five minutes. Only use it if we get overwhelmed though because it's only got enough power for two uses a day."

"When did you learn to make these? I thought the ironguard enchantment was beyond your abilities?" While asking speaking she removed her gauntlet to put the ring on next to the betrothal ring he had enchanted so that they could always find each other so long as he wore its twin. It had proven useful several times over the century since he had given it to her.

"It is really. Draken had been helping me craft it before he was captured. We were almost done so all I had to do was finish it. I can't make any more of them unfortunately." Seeing that his wife was ready to leave he adjusted his enchanted sword belt and grabbed his staff.

"Shall we go to battle, my dear?" He held out his hand he asked in courtly fashion as if he had invited her to a grand ball.

"Aye, beloved, I think we shall" She held off her laughter long enough respond in the same airy tone and, mimicking a noble lady holding her skirts so as not to drag them across the ground, she proceeded to the door.

Arm in arm the laughing couple made their way to the common room to join their comrades.