All of the Naruto/MK crossovers that I see are Shao Kahn making Naruto amazingly powerful, pure evil, and a chick magnet. They also make the story go way of track with stuff like Orochimaru dying way too early, Sasuke not being able to leave Konoha, or the Hiruzen being a total anti-Naruto dick.

So I decided on trying out a story where things pretty much happen like they normally did in the Naruto storyline, except with some MK characters involved. So here it is, enjoy.

The Mortal Kombat character's appearances are from MK 2011.

I do not own Mortal Kombat or Naruto

Chapter 1

"Wait, what?" asked Sonya, in disbelief at what her commanding officer had just tasked her with.

Jax just sighed and said, "Raiden predicted that the next mortal kombat tournament won't take place for about six or seven years and that when it does happen, then Shao Kahn will have an extremely powerful arch demon under his command. To prevent ourselves from being completely decimated we need to recruit an equally powerful warrior of our own."

"And this warrior is, a kid" stated Sonya still in disbelief.

"Yes" confirmed Raiden, "In another realm known as the Chakra realm, there is a village called Konohagakure, or simply Konoha for short. There resides a small orphaned boy named Naruto Uzumaki, who has a powerful demon known as the Kyuubi, or nine tailed fox, as the locals called it sealed within him."

"So you want me to go there and train him to become strong enough to be able to harness the Kyuubi?" asked Sonya, who had finally snapped out of her state of thinking that they were insane.

"No" answered Raiden, and got a look of confusion from the lieutenant. "You will provide the boy with emotional support by adopting him and gaining his trust as his surrogate mother."

"Oh, right" Sonya gloomingly stated, when she was reminded about the part that she had initially suppressed. "Now I remember I get the kid on our side, while the walking freezer here trains him." The spec ops girl said, as she motioned over to the silent cryomancer standing next to her.

"Yes, you are the most compassionate one of us when it comes to innocents and Sub-Zero's own skills and codes will allow him to train the boy with little difficulty in understanding how their world works," informed the thunder god.

"Do you accept this mission, or would you rather we send Nightwolf or Johnny Cage?" asked Jax.

Sonya thought for a minute, "Nightwolf would probably freak the kid out with his spirit talk and Johnny Cage would just well, be Johnny Cage. He'd probably end up getting kicked out of the village for disrupting the peace of the female villagers before he even got a chance to adopt the orphaned boy."

"Alright I accept" stated Sonya.

"Good, now here are your supplies" said Jax, who was relieved that his lieutenant finally saw reason and handed each of them a bag. "Inside you'll find enough of the village's money to support each of you for about three years. I'm afraid that this is all we can do for you guys. You'll have to buy food, clothes, and other items, from their world and Raiden will drop by every year or so to check up on your progress. Now any questions?"Asked Jax

"No sir" answered Sonya, while giving her CO a salute while Sub-Zero simply nodded.

"Good, now please proceed through this portal that will lead you to Konoha, you will then need to locate Naruto Uzumaki and adopt him" stated Raiden, who opened a portal on the wall to the right of him.

"Alright then let's get this over, shall we" exclaimed Sonya, as she disappeared into the swirling orange vortex that the thunder god had summoned while her cryomancer partner for the next six years followed and the portal closed behind them.

"Well there they go" sighed Jax, still staring at the wall his allies had just vanished into. "Are you sure that they were the best people to send on this assignment?" Jax asked as he turned to the elder god next to him.

"Yes, those two will provide the young Uzumaki with what he will need to prosper. It will also prove to be beneficial towards Sonya and Sub-Zero as well." answered Raiden, who just got a confused look from the spec ops major and decided to elaborate with a sigh. "After losing his old apprentice Frost, this task will allow Sub-Zero to regain confidence in himself by training a more loyal and successful student. As for Sonya, caring for the young boy will allow her to emerge from her strict military shell and live her life for once and through that she will become a much more resourceful fighter" restated the thunder elder god.

"I hope you're right" stated Jax, who looked at the wall that had held the portal once more before they proceeded to leave his office.

Chapter 2

Meanwhile in Konoha, it was late at night but the streets were far from quiet when a mob of leaf ninja and citizens came running through the streets carrying weapons and chasing after a ten year old Naruto Uzumaki.

"Please stop, why are you doing this, what have I done wrong?" cried Naruto, as he ran breathlessly down a nearby alleyway.

"Shut it you little demon brat" yelled a leaf chunnin, as he threw a kunai at the young blond.

The kunai barely missed Naruto as it dug into the dead end at the end of the alleyway. Naruto reached for the ninja tool and dug it out of the wall in an attempt to keep his attackers at bay.

"You see that, he's threatening us even now" yelled a citizen, who pointed accusingly at Naruto. "This is why scum like him needs to be wiped out of our village" exclaimed the man with others in the mob nodding with approval.

"Please, please don't" cried Naruto, as he slouched down in utter terror.

"Did you stop when we begged you to? Now you're going to pay" yelled a leaf shinobi. He unsheathed the tanto that he had strapped to his leg and charged towards Naruto. As he closed distance between himself and the boy, an orange portal suddenly opened and two people stepped out of it with the gateway closing behind them.

"So this is whoa," yelled Sonya, and just barely dodged an attack by a man swinging a short sword type weapon like a maniac. "What the hell was that for you jerk?" asked Sonya, as she grabbed the man by the back of his vest's collar and pulled him towards her to look him in the eyes.

"What's it to you, you demon loving bitch?" asked the man, with a hateful stare towards her from keeping him from his prey.

"What the hell did you just call me you bastard" yelled Sonya, with fire burning in her eyes.

"I called you a Demon, Loving, Bitch" exclaimed the man slowly, while extending the last word a bit.

Sonya threw the man straight through a building to her right and looked to see an entire crowd of people giving her hate filled stares.

"Look the demon brat summoned henchmen to do his dirty work in killing us" exclaimed a woman, who was carrying a broken broomstick and pointing accusingly at something behind the two newcomers.

Sonya and Sub-Zero turned to see a small, spiky blond haired boy, looking at them in terror and a little bit of surprise at how someone had just defended him.

"Is your name Naruto Uzumaki?" asked Sub-Zero, who received a slow fearful nod from the boy. "I see, then there is no need to worry young one we shall protect you" said the cryomancer, and the the boy's look changed from scared to hopeful.

"You see, that man just said that he was going to protect the demon. They're hell spawn of the Kyuubi sent to finish what he started ten years ago," screamed the women with the broomstick once more.

"Kill them, before they release the demon" yelled another vest wearing man, as he charged towards the newly arrived duo.

Suddenly, he was frozen solid after colliding with an ice shard that the blue and black wearing man had sent flying. The position that the shinobi had been in when he was frozen caused him to fall forward and shatter.

"No one will harm Naruto again" exclaimed Sub-Zero, and a chill ran through the spines of the mob (pun not intended). "Now I will ask you once to walk away before you all end up like your ally there" threatened Sub-Zero, as he pointed down to the pile of frozen body parts that had once belonged to a leaf shinobi. His threat was answered by someone yelling that the two demon lovers can't take all of them and the mob charged.

Sub-Zero just breathed a huge blast of ice which froze all of the attackers solid. "It would be bad for us to live here with half of their villagers dead, so we shall leave them here until they thaw. By then we will have adopted the boy and they will hopefully no longer seek to attack us unless they wish to be frozen once more." Stated Sub-Zero, as he and Sonya turned towards Naruto, who was looking dumb founded at them.

"Adopt" muttered Naruto, still looking dumb struck.

"Yes Naruto, we're here to adopt you" informed Sonya, with a smile.

Naruto suddenly, had a big grin on his face and jumped up to hug the woman. He had some doubt in his mind, since people had said that they wanted to about him before only to hurt him later. But this was pushed aside by the fact that no one who had done those things ever saved him. Naruto cried into the woman's shoulder while she seemed a little surprised at first but after a few seconds of hesitation she embraced him back. His crying along with his exhaustion from having run away from the angry mob caused him to eventually pass out in her arms.

"Poor kid," stated Sonya, as she cradled Naruto into her arms and turned towards Sub-Zero with a concerned look on her face. "These people seem to treat him so horribly, and if we hadn't come around when we did, then he might've been killed."

"We should proceed to the leader's house and take care of the adoption before anything else happens" suggested Sub-Zero.

"You're right, let's go then" agreed Sonya, and they began walking towards a large tower near a mountain which had faces carved into it that they assumed belonged to Konoha's leader.

Chapter 3

As they proceeded down a street towards the large building near the mountain, they passed several people who glared at the Earth realm warriors and the sleeping child that Sonya held in her arms.

"Demon" mumbled a passing villager. The warriors knew that this insult was aimed at Naruto, who shifted in his sleeping state when he heard it.

"What an icy freak" whispered a group of kids. This one was aimed at Sub-Zero and Sonya saw them metaphorically freeze at the Lin-Kuei's death stare towards them.

"What an indecent skank" scoffed a wealthy looking woman, as she passed by them.

"Skank" thought Sonya with a tick mark on her head at the insult. It took all of her military training in self control to keep her from giving the sleeping child in her arms to her ice using partner and brutally killing that high and mighty bitch. A stirring Naruto shook her out of her thoughts and looked down at the child as he opened his deep blue eyes to look at her.

"Mom, I'm getting a little hungry" Naruto sleepily said.

Sonya hesitated for a minute over being called mom before she answered with a smile. "Sure we'll get you something to eat, is there anything that you'd like specifically."

"Ramen" answered Naruto, with a toothy and now wide awake grin.

"Why don't you guys go and get something to eat. I will proceed to the tower and fill out the necessary adoption papers." Sub-Zero suggested, but didn't wait for an answer as he jumped on to a nearby roof and disappeared.

Sonya just sighed and asked Naruto where he wanted to eat.

"Ichiraku, they have the best ramen anywhere" answered Naruto, and his grin only seemed to get bigger as he jumped out of his new mom's arms, grabbed her hand, and led her down another street away from the hokage's tower.

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