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A four year old boy with messy spiky blond hair, bright blue eyes, and whisker marks on each cheek was walking down an alleyway that led the Ninja Academy that he was attending. The boy had ragged cloths that fit him too big due to his small stature. The boy was known as Naruto Uzumaki from the Hidden Leaf Village, one of the strongest ninja villages in the elemental nations. Naruto is an orphan, and is considered a "demon", and always being abused by the other villagers.

In his arms was a pure white rabbit with lavender eyes. During one of his night beatings, the villagers quickly left before the Hokage arrived when he heard a small squealing sound. Naruto tried his best to ignore his pain as he crawled to the sound. When he came near the edge of the forest he saw an injured little baby rabbit with a kunai stuck on its hind legs. Naruto took out the kunai as gently as he could and held the little rabbit close to him holding it tenderly. Over the months he's been raising the little rabbit always making sure to take good care of it, and named it Hinata after finding out it was a girl rabbit.

"Almost there Hinata-chan", said an excited Naruto gently stroking the rabbit's fur. Hinata had her eyes closed enjoying the relaxing sensation that was being produced by her master. Naruto has been taking Hinata to the Academy grounds to make sure that she was able to exercise a little during his free time.

Academy Grounds

Naruto placed Hinata on the ground as she excitedly jumped around all over the place making Naruto chuckle at her actions. Hinata stood on her hind legs looking at her master as if trying to tell him something, "Want me to play too Hinata-chan?"

The little rabbit hopped a bit towards Naruto before standing on her hind legs again, Chuckle "Okay then, here I come Hinata-chan!"

Naruto chased Hinata only able to catch her a few times, but he was still happy to play with his only friend. Even though Naruto didn't have friends, he still considered Hinata his friend even if she wasn't human.

Naruto and Hinata continued playing throughout the whole day until the sun started to set, "Come on Hinata-chan, it's getting late", said a tired Naruto with Hinata hopping into Naruto's arms.

Naruto was walking down the alley way when he realized that he was being followed. Naruto looked behind him and saw several villagers chuckling mischievously knowing full well what they were planning to do, 'Oh no! Not now! Not while I have Hinata-chan with me!' thought Naruto as he ran forward with the villagers chasing him. Hinata felt her master's heartbeat increase when she looked up and saw that her master was panicking.

Naruto turned into several different alleyways when he arrived at his apartment. Naruto ran inside instantly locking the door and hiding Hinata in his closet, "P-Please w-whatever you do H-Hinata-chan, d-don't come out", said a scared Naruto with Hinata staring at him with worried eyes. Naruto hid under his bed when the villagers burst through the doors.

"Now you're trapped demon!"

"This time we'll kill you!"

The villagers vandalize Naruto's apartment when he noticed one of them about to open the closet that he quickly ran out from under the bed hoping to lead them away from his rabbit with one of the villagers grabbing him and pinning him down on the floor.

The villagers beat Naruto and stabbed him with knifes they brought. They stabbed him so many times with Naruto trying his best to protect himself when one of the villagers slashed him near his eyes blocking his vision. Another villager slammed his head against the floor causing him to bleed from the point of impact. Naruto was starting to lose conscious when the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and several ANBU subduing the villagers, "Take them to the Interrogation department! Ibiki will have fun with his new company" said the Hokage glaring at the villagers.

"No! I'm not leaving until that demon is dead!" yelled one of the villagers struggling against one of the ANBU when he threw his knife at Naruto. Naruto closed his eyes waiting for the knife to end his life. The sound of the knife piercing through flesh was heard with a loud squeal. Naruto opened his eyes looking up to see Sarutobi over him with a kunai in his hand ready to deflect the oncoming knife when he stared shocked at the floor.

Naruto followed his gaze and saw a white rabbit with a knife sticking out in a pool of its own blood. Naruto eyes widen at the scene in front of him, "H-Hinata-chan…" whimpered Naruto.

Hinata looked at Naruto with tears in her lavender eyes, "Hinata-chan please you can't die! Please Hinata-chan!"

Hinata eyes slowly closed causing Naruto to panic, "Hinata-chan…" whispered Naruto gently shaking the rabbit as it lay motionless, "Hinata-chan! HINATA-CHAN!"

Eight Years Later

A twelve year old Naruto was slowly walking towards a training ground that was dubbed as the Forest of Death. Naruto wore a bright orange jumpsuit with a black shirt underneath his jacket, and a Leaf headband on top of his head. In his hand he had several flower bouquets each with a different kind of flower as he made his way inside the forest training ground.

Forest of Death

Naruto walked a good distance into the forest when he came across a small clearing with seven piles of rocks with a name craved on the top stone making them appear as graves.

Naruto kneeled in front of the first grave place a bouquet of lavender roses, "Hey Hinata-chan, it's good to see you again. I finally got my ninja headband just like I knew I would chuckle…I miss you, and the others too. I felt lonely without you, but…I met other friends who were really nice, and you would've loved them just like they would've loved you. But…they were also taken from me as well just like you. They died protecting me…I…I just don't know what to say" said Naruto with his voice cracking as he wiped away some tears with his sleeve.

Naruto turned to the second grave placing a bouquet of pink carnations, "Hi Anko-chan. Nice to see you like always. You always were a weird snake, but that's what I liked about you. Even you're appearance was strange. I don't think I've ever seen a completely white snake before", chuckle Naruto.

Anko was a completely white snake that was discovered in an abandoned laboratory, and escaped as soon as it was opened. The snake ran away from Sarutobi and his ANBU when it stumbled into a dead end where Naruto and a group of villagers were ready to beat him again. The snake quickly barred it's fangs to the villagers as if trying to protect Naruto when Sarutobi appeared arresting the villagers, and was about to kill the snake when Naruto intervened begging him not to kill her. Sarutobi argued with Naruto that the snake was dangerous with Naruto being too stubborn to release it. Evidently Sarutobi pleaded with Naruto only to end up letting Naruto keep the snake with the condition that he would keep a close eye on it to see if it really was dangerous. Naruto was thrilled to have a new friend and named the white snake Anko since she was hooked on dango after letting her try it just once, and it was the only thing she would eat. Both were inseparable with Naruto sneaking her into the Academy under his jacket, but always ended up being caught by Naruto's professor Iruka Umino. During one of their spar sessions Naruto was paired up with a boy named Sasuke Uchiha that Naruto considered his rival, and was close to beating Sasuke when Sasuke broke the rule and used a Fire Jutsu on Naruto only for Anko to jump out of Naruto's jacket taking the hit for Naruto.

Several tears fell onto Naruto's hands as he remembered Anko's death, "I lost another friend that day, and you would still be here if it wasn't for that damn bastard breaking the rules."

Naruto turned to the third grave placing a bouquet of amaryllis, "Hello Kurenai-chan, you look beautiful as I remember. You didn't like me that well in the beginning, but I'm glad I was able to win your trust in the end."

Kurenai was a young falcon with unusual red eyes. Naruto found her wounded on the ground with a broken wing. He cautiously went up to her as he bandaged her wing, but not before the falcon started clawing his arm with her talons thinking she was defending herself. When Naruto was done the falcon had gotten up realizing that he was trying to help her after noticing all of the scratch marks on his arms left by her talons. Naruto tried his best to look for Kurenai's nest when he saw a destroyed nest when a large gust of wind blew through the trees. Naruto decided to take the falcon to his house where she could recover peacefully and named her Kurenai for her eyes. One day Naruto took her to the training grounds to help her fly. Once she took flight she started showing off by doing all kinds of aerial tricks making Naruto stare at her in amazement when Kurenai suddenly spotted something and dived down taking a kunai hit for Naruto that was thrown by his former crush Sakura Haruno, who blamed him that he was in the way of her target practice and that Kurenai deserved to die for being with him.

"I can't believe I use to like her, and it was your sacrifice that helped me see it. I'm sorry Kurenai-chan for being such an idiot. Maybe if I was smarter I would've realized it sooner, and then maybe you would be here with me", whispered Naruto.

Naruto turned to the fourth grave place a bouquet of white camellia flowers, "Guren-chan, my precious little blue gem. How I miss you're singing", said Naruto.

Guren was a bright blue swallow that to Naruto she would appear shining in the sunlight like a gem. Naruto was feeling more depressed than ever after losing three of his best friends that Sarutobi tried to cheer him up and bought him blue swallow that Naruto named Guren, even though Sarutobi argued the her name didn't match her color, Naruto argued that he liked the name, and so did the bird. Guren would sing gentle songs to him everyday that Naruto found delightful. He would even let her fly out in the open with Guren always being near her master. Even when he was being chased by the villagers Guren would always seem to lead him to safety by flying ahead of him looking for a way out. The villagers also saw this and immediately hatched a plan to get rid of the bird. That night, the villagers ambushed Naruto as he was returning home with some of the ninja in the mob instantly impaling the bird with a kunai. The villagers tortured Naruto with a group of ANBU showing up break up the mob. Naruto cried that night in the hospital over the loss of his blue swallow.

"I lost my precious blue gem that day, even if no one saw it, you were a precious friend to me Guren-chan", said Naruto.

Next he placed a bouquet of wild roses on the fifth grave, "To my little kitten Shizuka. You such were a playful little thing chuckle, and you also were very curious about everything", said Naruto wiping away his tears once again, "You always did love to cuddle. Then again so did the others", chuckled Naruto

Naruto saw a black kitten with white paws and a white underbelly with jade green eyes on the ground barely moving from starvation. Naruto took the kitten and nurtured it back to health that the kitten was grateful. The kitten barely made any noise that Naruto decided to call her Shizuka. Shizuka always happily followed Naruto by his side, and waited patiently on a tree outside of the Academy when Naruto was attending class. Shizuka also seemed to have the same disinterest in Sakura as Naruto since Kurenai's death that he would always get defensive around Sakura making sure to protect Shizuka from her. However, Sakura planned to get her revenge during target training when Shizuka was waiting near the tree line to watch her master. Sakura faked in missing her target with Shizuka dodging her attacks when a barrage of shuriken suddenly appeared out of nowhere trapping Shizuka, and the last shuriken slicing her stomach. Naruto watched in horror as Shizuka was struck when he saw Sasuke twiddling with another shuriken in his hand. He threw the last shuriken with Naruto dashing towards Shizuka taking a hit in his hand. Naruto quickly grabbed Shizuka rushing towards the vet, but by the time he reached it, Shizuka had already lost too much blood.

"That was the second time that bastard and pink banshee took another friend from me. All because you scratched him when he purposely stepped on your tail. I gave him a good punch to the face just for you Shizuka-chan", said Naruto.

The second to last bouquet of gardenia flowers was placed on the sixth grave, "The ever cool wolf Samui-chan. You really did have a cool personality, and yet you were also very warm", said Naruto remembering how he met Samui.

Samui was a blonde young wolf that was hunting in the winter with Naruto hiding out in the forest that time from an angry mob. The wolf spotted Naruto as it slowly approached him with Naruto looking at his surrounding when he decided to throw some spare rations at the wolf. The wolf accepted the meal despite that it tasted awful. Naruto continued to share some of his food with the wolf while at the same time hoping it wouldn't eat him, when the villagers spotted the wolf and his arm as he fed it. The villagers quickly rushed towards Naruto's directions when the wolf quickly growled, and barred her fangs at the crowd making them think twice about their decision. The wolf charged at the villagers successfully chasing them away, when the wolf turned around looking at Naruto as he respectfully bowed to the wolf. The wolf appeared to have mimicked Naruto's actions as it slowly get closer to him and brushed against Naruto's hand as if allowing him to touch her. Naruto named the wolf Samui for her cool attitude and as a type of pun for meeting her in the winter as the two got along fine. Samui showed that she was extremely loyal to Naruto growling at anyone that she sensed was a danger to him. Naruto would always provide her with food making sure that she liked it first before buying more. What shocked Naruto was when she would snuggle against him like his previous pets, but Naruto didn't mind at all since her fur actually kept him warm in the winter nights. Apparently the villagers had enough of Naruto's new "bodyguard", so they stormed his apartment one night instantly incapacitating Naruto and Samui as they tortured and killed Samui in front of Naruto, and were about to do the same to him if not for two ANBU showing up at the scene.

"Every winter night after that felt long and cold. I never got to properly thank you for helping me…and for protecting me. You really were cool Samui-chan", said Naruto.

Naruto placed the last bouquet of ginger flowers at the last grave, "And to my sly vixen Mei, always the clever girl as you were beautiful. You always did love pulling pranks with me, and…now I know why the villagers killed you", whispered Naruto.

Mei was a vixen that had blazing red fur, a white underbelly on her fur, black tip ears and paws, and had bright green eyes with a truffle of fur on her forehead that resembled like bangs covering her right eye. Naruto considered her elegant the first time he saw her as he rescued her from a mob of villagers chasing her. Naruto kept her hidden in his apartment until nightfall where he released her, but she decided to stay with him. Naruto tried his best to make her go back into the forest not wanting to let lose another friend, nor experience the heartbreak of losing that friend. Try as he might, the vixen still followed him home being able to quickly dash inside after Naruto opened the door, and laid down on his bed not wanting to move. Naruto gave up in trying to force the vixen outside, and named her Mei. Mei was always there whenever Naruto decided to pull a prank on the people who badmouthed one of his past friends. Just the day before his graduation, a mob of angry villagers chased him trying to kill him before taking the final with several ninja in the group. One of the ninja threw a barrage of kunai and shuriken that would've hit Naruto if it wasn't for Mei pushing him out of the way, and taking the hit herself making Naruto stop in his track to tend his friend. During Mei's final moments she licked Naruto's cheek affectionately as if saying that everything would be alright when she died. At that point Naruto didn't care if he would get beaten. All he wanted was his friends back as he cried over Mei's body.

"It turns out I have the Kyuubi no Kitsune, or Nine Tailed Fox, sealed inside me. Ironic isn't it, you were a clever vixen, and I have also have a fox inside me. I guess that's why we love pranks so much", said Naruto as he looked at all seven graves, "I know now that I wasn't meant to be happy. Each of you was taken from me, but…I glad that I was able to experience it even if it was for a short while. I'm happy to have met you all, and for all the good memories we share. I can never thank you all enough", said Naruto wiping away his tears, "I can never thank you all enough for everything."

Random Road

Naruto was walking back to his apartment since team placement was tomorrow when he was suddenly greeted by a familiar voice, "Hey Naruto-kun long time, no see."

Naruto turned around coming face to face with an attractive woman with fang-like tattoo marks on her cheeks that showed she was a member of the Inuzuka clan along with another tattoo that resembles a flower on her upper right arm, long straight hair tied in a ponytail with bangs framing the woman's face, black eyes that give off a warm feeling, and was wearing a beige medical ninja outfit. The woman was known as Hana Inuzuka, and the top vet of the Hidden Leaf Village.

"Oh, hey Hana-chan", said Naruto in a depressing voice.

"I'm guessing you just finish paying them a visit huh?" asked Hana knowing full well about Naruto's pet's since he always came to her for their medical checkup and emergencies.

Naruto just silently nodded his head with Hana placing a comforting hand on his shoulder, "I know it's hard to lose someone so close to you Naruto-kun, but do you think they would be happy to see you like this?"

"No…But then again I was never meant to be happy. That's why they were all taken from me…because of me", said Naruto placing his hand over his stomach making Hana realize what he was talking about, "You've know about it too haven't you Hana-chan?"

Hana nodded her head feeling sad for the boy, "But that doesn't mean I think of you as a demon, or anything else the other say. To me you are, and always will be, Naruto Uzumaki. A kind, caring, sweet boy who never gives up. Remember all those times you were with your friends, and their love when you felt scared and alone", said Hana in a motherly tone rubbing Naruto's cheek.

"Thanks Hana-chan, I feel better", said Naruto feeling a bit relieved after hearing Hana's encouraging words.

Naruto's Apartment

That night Naruto was fast asleep when there was a knock on the door. Naruto got up and cautiously opened the door when he came face to face with a beautiful girl with short, dark blue hair with a hime cut on the top, and bangs framing her side, fair skin, white lavender eyes, and was wearing a baggy, beige coat with fur lining on the sleeves and neck, and dark blue Shinobi style pants, "Naruto-sama…" said the girl in a soft and gentle voice.

Naruto blushed at the sudden suffix after his name, "W-Who are you?"

"It's me Naruto-sama, it's Hinata-chan, you're little bunny."

Naruto was shocked at what he just heard and lost conscious.