Cross-over Fights 7

Disclaimer: All familiar characters belong to Marvel or Capcom.

One Shot

Tony Stark, the armored hero Iron Man, had gotten the call. An unknown assailant had broken into a lab storage facility and had barricaded himself inside it. From what reports he had gathered, the assailant was dressed in orange armor with a long braid of blonde hair. Also, he was wielding some sort of lightsaber weapon.

Iron Man barreled into the storage facility and shot through the barricade. He landed and saw the orange-armored man looking for something. Iron Man blinked,

He had heard of the Reploid from some files he had once on building a combat based android for military purposes, but it never took off. Somehow, someone got the plans and decided to build one.

Zero looked at Iron Man and, drawing his lightsaber, made a beeline for the armored billionaire. Tony got a repulsor shield up in time and blocked the first attack, but the lightsaber seemingly drained the energy shield. Iron Man had to get that lightsaber away from Zero, so he lashed out with a laser blast and knocked the former Maverick away. Zero lost his saber, but somersaulted and landed on his feet. He looked up, with an almost maniacal look in his eyes and dashed again, a sort of sadistic grin appearing on his face. Iron Man shot up into the air to try and dodge the incoming blitz, but Zero jumped up and, coming within eye-contact of the armored hero. The orange-clad robot then delivered a powerful kick to Iron Man, sending him flying to the ground.

Iron Man groaned as he tried to get up, and Zero, pulling a pipe out of the wall, began to slowly walk towards him. Tony looked up and saw that Zero was almost on top of him. Thinking fast, he fired his jet boosters at Zero, temporarily blinding the android long enough for Iron Man to come in with a hard punch. And another. Two more hard punches and Zero went sailing back into some boxes. Zero shook his head as if to clear his mind, but then noticed his lightsaber. He quickly made a grab for it and, getting it, he turned and went at Iron Man again, in a maddened frenzy. Iron Man launched a laser attack at Zero, but the android deflected it.

Zero was almost on top of Iron Man and would deliver a powerful deathblow when something happened. Iron Man noticed it too as a 'W' appeared on the head sensor of Zero's forehead. Zero suddenly stopped and began holding his head, screaming out, as if in pain. Iron Man had no idea what to make of it, but, taking advantage of the situation, he launched a laser blast at Zero with enough force to smolder the android.

Zero lay in a heap and, as the android was being taken away for study, Iron Man could not help but wonder what made the android go berserk and then suddenly stop himself. A greater power was at work, and Tony Stark was going to find out why…

End of One Shot