So I'm a huge fan of both shows and how awesome would it be if Shawn and Mike were related and did nothing but cause trouble for Henry and Gus? I don't really have a plot set out yet, other than Mike and Harvey are on a forced vacation in Santa Barbara where Mike looks up his uncle and cousin. This is slash of the Mike/Harvey and Shawn/Lassiter kind. Don't like, don't read. Please review.

Ok, I realized something, thinking about Psych, Henry has his brother, 'Uncle Jack' so I made Mike's mother their sister, duh so I've made a slight change to the story, sorry, please forgive my stupidness.

Mike had left Harvey at the hotel as he made his way to the address he had memorized and now stood outside on the front porch, staring at the door. It had been years since he had seen his cousin and uncle, Henry had been his mother's brother and when Mike had been ten they had had a huge falling out. When Mike's parent's had died when he was fifteen, both Shawn and Henry had shown up but had only stayed long enough for the funeral before leaving. He had been left to the care of his father's mother in the wake of their death and had rarely spoken to either man afterwards.

Taking a deep breath, Mike raised his hand and knocked on the door and stood back to wait. A minute later, the door opened to his Uncle Henry standing there, he looked older, had lost some hair but was essentially the same.

"Yeah? Can I help you?" he asked, not recognizing the man standing in front of him.

"Uncle Henry, it's me, Mike, Mike Ross," Mike asked and the other man squinted at him. He was Henry's only nephew that he knew of, unless uncle Jack had had kids without his knowing, so he gave his last name, just in case.

"Mike?" the man asked, stepping closer to get a better look and Mike smiled. "I'll be damned," Henry said and pulled the younger man into a hug. "Come on in," he said, stepping back and leading Mike into the house that he remembered from his childhood. "How have you been?" he asked and they sat down in the family room, Henry taking a chair and Mike taking the couch.

"I've been good, still living in New York, I'm a lawyer now," Mike said and grinned.

"Congratulations," Henry said, "do you want a drink?" he asked, standing and going into the kitchen before he returned with two beers, handing one to Mike. "How is your grandmother?" he asked, returning to his seat and taking a sip from the bottle.

"She's in a home, her health isn't the greatest but she's surviving," Mike replied, rolling the bottle between his hands.

"That's good, that's good," the older man said and they sat together for a long moment in silence. "Sorry we haven't kept in better touch," he said suddenly and Mike blinked at him.

"It goes both ways," he said, shrugging and Henry grunted before he took another drink. "How's Shawn?" he asked and the older man snorted and rolled his eyes. Before he could respond, the front door opened and a voice called out.

"Dad?" Shawn asked, walking in and looking around for his father.

"Ask him yourself," Henry replied as he stood and turned to greet his son. "Shawn," he said in greeting and Mike stood as well and Shawn tipped his head to the side.

"Mike?" he asked and the other young man grinned as Shawn walked forward and pulled him into a hug. "How are you? What are you doing here?" he asked, pulling back. Shawn hadn't changed much over the years, he was taller of course, but he still had the unruly hair and big grin.

"I'm good Shawn, how are you?" Mike replied, pulling back. They had been close growing up, though Mike lived in New York his entire life, he had spent two months a year in California with his cousin and uncle.

"Good, Gus will be excited to see you," he said.

"How is Gus?" Mike asked.

"Good, he's at Psych," Shawn explained and Mike cocked an eyebrow.

"Psych?" he asked and Henry snorted from where he had sat back down.

"Oh, you'll love this Mike," he said, "Shawn's a psychic." Mike snorted and looked back at Shawn, both eyebrows raised this time. With having Shawn as a cousin and one of his best friends growing up, he knew about the other man's unbelievable memory, like Shawn knew of his. Combined they had driven both Gus and Henry crazy with the pranks they had come up with.

"Psych is my business, I'm also a psychic consultant to the Santa Barbara police department," Shawn said, grinning.

"And they believe you?" Mike asked incredulously.

"Most of them, there's one detective, Lassiter, who hasn't had the wool pulled completely over his eyes," Henry spoke up again.

"I'll bring him around," Shawn said shrugging and led Mike to the couch where he they both sat. "What are you up to these days?" he asked Mike.

"I'm a lawyer," Mike replied, grinning and Shawn grinned back.

"Finally stopped taking the LSAT's for other's and took it for yourself huh?" Shawn asked. When Shawn and Henry had had their falling out, Shawn had made his way to New York in his travels and they had caught up. Shawn had been highly amused with Mike's money making scheme but had not been impressed with Trevor and the pot smoking. Shawn was five years older than Mike and had chewed him out, having always been overprotective of the younger man he saw as a younger brother.

"I'm going to pretend that I didn't hear that," Henry said, standing up and walking out of the room, grumbling under his breath.

"Uh," Mike said, rubbing the back of his neck, "not exactly, my boss, Harvey Specter, found me with a briefcase of pot and offered me a job."

"I didn't hear that either," came the call from the kitchen.

"He offered you a job because you were carrying a briefcase full of pot?" Shawn asked, impressed.

"No, Trevor," he said, ignoring Shawn's displeased look at the name, "wanted my help selling the briefcase and because my grandmother had $25,000 in medical bills, he was willing to give it to me if I did this for him. When I got there, there were cops waiting for me so I avoided them and escaped down to an interview room where I met Harvey. Once the briefcase popped open, I told him the whole story, he was impressed then I impressed him with my knowledge of law practices and he offered me a job."

"You know what," Henry said, walking out of the kitchen, pulling a baseball cap on, "I'm going to go grab a bite to eat," he said and walked out without a glance back.

"Have you quit the pot smoking?" Shawn asked, and Mike nodded.

"Yeah, it comes with the job," he said and explained how Harvey had made him stop contacting Trevor and then how he had put Trevor on a bus to Montana.

"Good, that guy was bad news," Shawn replied and Mike rolled his eyes.

"Yeah," he finally conceded, looking at his shoes.

"Well, what are you doing here?" Shawn asked a minute later when the silence became too much.

"Harvey was forced on vacation by our boss Jessica; I was forced to go on vacation with him, to make sure that he stays on vacation."

"So you and this Harvey guy…" Shawn said, grinning and waggling his eyebrows.

"What?" Mike said, ignoring the other man's obvious indication.

"Are you sleeping with him?" Shawn asked and Mike rolled his eyes. "You are!" Shawn crowed and pulled Mike into a headlock while giving him a noogie.

"Ok, ok, yes," Mike cried, pushing the other away.

"Are you happy?" Shawn asked and Mike grinned in response. "Good," he said and pulled out his phone when it started ringing. "Shawn Spencer, world's best psychic detective," he said, answering, "hey Lassie," he cried and gave Mike a wink, "get down to the precinct now, as in now, now?" Mike chuckled and shook his head, knowing how much Shawn loved to get under people's skin. "Ok, I'll be there in ten," he said and hung up.

"That was Lassiter huh?" Mike asked.

"Yup, he needs me down at the police department, do you want to come?" he asked, standing up.

"Sure, let me call Harvey and let him know," he said as they headed out to the blue car parked at the curb. Harvey it turned out was still at the hotel, or at least he said he was and Mike wanted to believe him so he climbed into the car. "Did you get rid of your bike?" he asked.

"No, this is Gus' car," Shawn said climbing in behind the wheel, "well technically Gus' company car, he doesn't mind that I borrow it. We'll stop by and pick him up on the way."

"So Lassiter huh?" Mike asked a few minutes into the drive.

"What about him?" Shawn asked.

"Are you sleeping with him?" all he received was a grin as they pulled into the parking lot next to a building that faced the beach. Mike followed Shawn out and in through the door next to a window that read 'Psych' in large green letters. Mike shook his head at his cousin's audacity and stepped into the back and looked around. There was two desks, one Burton 'Gus' Guster was sitting behind; the other he assumed was Shawn's. There was a TV, with a bean bag and two chairs facing it, a mini-fridge and door in the back.

"Shawn," Gus said, standing when they entered the room, "I can't believe you took the car, how many times do I have to tell you, you can't do that, you're not insured, what would happen if you got into an accident?"

"Gus," Shawn said taking his friend's shoulders in his hands, "I had to, the spirits were telling me I needed to head to my dad's house that someone important was waiting for me."

"Don't try to pull that crap on me Shawn," Gus said, shaking a finger in Shawn's face but instead of responding, Shawn turned Gus to face Mike.

"Hey Gussy," Mike said, waving a hand and the other man grinned.

"Mike," he said and went in for a hug but at the last second stopped and held out a hand for Mike to shake.

"I see you're still putting up with Shawn's crap," Mike said, forgoing the handshake to pull Gus into a hug.

"Someone has to," Gus replied and they both grinned at Shawn who protested at their talk about him.

"Come on, Lassie called," Shawn said and led the way out of the building and handing Gus the keys as they all climbed into the car.