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"What's this?" Mike asked, picking up a piece of notepaper lying on Shawn's desk, it had been folded in half at one point but it was now open with a messy scrawl filling most of the page.

"Nothing," Shawn said, waiving a hand dismissively but Mike took a closer look at it.

"Shawn this is threatening note," Mike protested, reading the words, it was simple, only six words, reading 'Stay away from the Peterson case'.

"Please," Shawn said waiving his hand in dismissal, "I've seen worse, in fact last week, we were working on a jewelery heist and a brick was thrown through our window. I keep them in this drawer here," Shawn said pulling open a drawer in his desk to show a small stack of papers.

"You said that was an accident," Gus said from across the room, rising to see this stack of papers, but Shawn closed the drawer before he reached them.

"It was," Shawn defended, "and this isn't even a good threatening letter, there isn't even a threat."

"Does Lassiter know about this?" Gus asked, taking the note from Mike's hand and reading it for himself.

"If I told Lassiter about every threatening note or phone call, he'd never let me out of his sight."

"Phone calls?" both Mike and Gus repeated.

"Guys, seriously, don't worry about it," Shawn said, clapping a hand on both of their shoulders but Mike pushed the hand off and turned away.

"Shawn, I do worry about it, you may pretend that it's not a big deal but I'm not looking for trouble, I'm leaving tomorrow, I'll see you tonight at your dad's place." With that, Mike turned and walked towards the door and opened it.

"Mike, hold on," Shawn called out as he noticed two men stopping outside the window's, facing them. They stood out because they were wearing dark clothing, dark baseball caps and sunglasses and as he turned to face them fully, he saw them raise guns.

Gus started to follow Mike out, wanting to talk to the other man as well as being upset with Shawn about the phone calls and notes when the glass in front of them exploded. He ducked down, covering his head as glass rained down on him. Over the sound of gunfire he could hear screams and people running and he scrambled backwards towards the wall. It seemed to take forever before the gunfire stopped and the silence was loud. Gus stuck his head over the window cautiously, checking for the men but they seemed to have fled and there was no sign of them.

"Shawn," Gus turned to where his friend had been and found him lying on the floor blood pooling below him. "Shawn!" he cried, crawling to his side, trying to avoid the glass. From what he could see there was a long gash on his head, his arm was bleeding as well as his chest. "Oh God," Gus said, his hands fluttering, not knowing what to do. "Mike, call 911!" he called, turning towards where Mike had been to find him also on the ground. He made his way towards him and found him also lying in a pool of blood, most of it coming from his chest area. Gus had a moment of panic before he reached for his phone and pressed his hand to Shawn's chest.

Lassiter, Juliette, Henry and Harvey pushed their way into the hospital, making their way to the receptionist desk, demanding to know where their loved ones were.

"Lassiter, Henry," a voice called before they could get far and they turned to see Gus standing there, he was wearing a scrubs shirt, his left bicep and hands were bandaged.

"Gus," Juliette rushed forward and pulled him into a hug, "are you alright?"

"I'm fine," he replied and Juliette gripped his wrists in question, "glass, and I was grazed by a bullet," he said looking at his arm.

"What about Mike and Shawn?" Henry asked anxiously.

"I don't know," Gus said, shaking his head, "they went into surgery." Those around him took a deep breath and sat down. "Henry, should we call Neal?" he asked the older man and Henry looked up, surprised.

"I didn't even think of that," he said, "I don't have a number to reach him at."

"Who's Neal?" Juliette asked, holding Gus' hand gently.

"Mike's brother," Gus replied.

At the nurse's station this was being taken care of though, unbeknownst to those waiting for word on the two young men. Nurse Amy Fuller pulled up the information on Michael Ross to call his emergency contacts. After reaching Harvey Specter earlier she called the second number listed under 'Dante Haversham'.

New York

Across the country, Mozzie was enjoying the afternoon at one of his favorite cafes when his phone range and a number he did not recognize other than the area code flashed across the screen. Very few people had this number and he knew all of the numbers that would call him there and knew those who knew this number would not give it out unless it was important. So, with a sense of dread, he opened the phone and put it to his ear.

"Hello," he said, wondering if he would need to change his number again, the paranoia gnawing at him.

"Is this a Mr. Dante Haversham?" a female voice asked and Mozzie quickly ran over the things he could tell by that voice. She was young, maybe early to mid twenties, professional but there was a note to her voice one that spoke of an age older than her own that set him on edge.

"May I ask who is calling?" he replied.

"Yes, my name is Amy Fuller and I am a nurse at Santa Barbara General and I have you listed as an emergency contact for a Michael Ross."

"I'm Dante Haversham," he said finally, a million things running through his head as she explained the situation. Once she was done, he thanked her and hung up and sat there for a long moment, processing. He talked to Mike on a monthly basis, wanting to know that a kid he had looked to like a brother at one time was alive and well, even if his real brother couldn't be bothered. Mike was funny and smart, scary smart, and would have been a great thief one day, if he had felt the calling.

Standing quickly, he threw money down on the table and made his way towards Neal's building. Once he reached it, he didn't bother knocking, too preoccupied, and nearly scared June to death as he walked in. Throwing her an apology over his shoulder, he made his way upstairs to Neal's apartment and barged in, again without knocking.

"Call the suit and get permission to go to California," Mozzie said and Neal looked up from paperwork spread across the table in front of him in surprise.

"Peter would never let me and why would I?" the other man asked surprised at his friend.

"Mike's been shot," Mozzie said and Neal felt the air whoosh out of his lungs.

"You don't have a brother," Peter Burke said as soon as he arrived at Neal's apartment to find the thief packing.

"Yes, I do," Neal said, walking to his bathroom to pack his toiletries.

"If you had a brother I would have known about it, remember, I know everything about you," Peter said watching him, noticing his agitation.

"Mike is my half brother, we share the same mother but have different father's, I'm eight years older than him and took my grandmother's maiden name when I was old enough to change it. I hid this from you and everyone to protect him, I have many enemies that would not hesitate to use him given the chance. I haven't talked to him in almost ten years," Neal finished sounding guilty.

"Then how do you know he's in trouble?" Peter asked.

"Because, Mike listed Mozzie as an emergency contact and they called."

"From California?"

"I have an uncle and cousin out there, there's a good chance he was visiting them," Neal said, starting to feel frustrated.

"You have an uncle and cousin?" Peter asked, sounding surprised and Neal sighed.

"I may have hidden that as well," he replied shrugging.

"What's their name and number, I'm going to call and verify," Peter said, pulling out his phone.

"I don't know," Neal said after thinking about it for a moment, wondering if he had their number's somewhere. "But you can call the hospital, Santa Barbara General ask for Michael Ross."

"I will," Peter said, stepping out onto the parapet to make the call as Neal finished packing. Fifteen minutes later, he was back and eying Neal with a suspicious look on his face and they stared at each other for a long moment.

"I've cleared it with the bureau, it took some fast talking but I was able to convince them to let us fly out there for two days and then they want us back."

"Thank you Peter," Neal said genuinely but the other man held up a finger.

"If I find that this is some hoax, some trick you're pulling, you'll be in deep shit, understood?"

"This is no hoax Peter, my brother is in the hospital and I need to get out there."

"Then lets go, I need to get home and pack," Peter said, leading the way out of the apartment, "and you're going to explain some things on the way."


It was a long wait, the coffee wasn't worth the money and the chairs were some of the most uncomfortable that Lassiter had the misfortune to sit in so he ended up pacing half the time and yelling at poor nurses the other. Every time he had asked for any news, he received the same answer, that the nurse's didn't know enough and that they would have to wait for the surgeon's.

"Carlton, please sit down," Juliette asked, running her finger's over Gus' head that lay in her lap after he had finally fallen asleep.

"Why didn't he tell me about the phone calls and notes?" her partner demanded and Juliette shrugged.

"Maybe because he was afraid you would react like this?" she said and that had the older man sitting down heavily.

"Are you saying that I should be reacting differently to the fact that my boyfriend has been threatened?" When she didn't respond he looked to the side to see her smiling at him and he narrowed his eyes. "What?"

"I think that's the first time that you've called him your boyfriend in front of me," she said and chuckled at his sour look.

He and Shawn had only been officially dating for four months and it would probably surprise most people that it had been Lassiter that had made the first move. He wasn't one for outward shows of affection but he thought that Shawn had to know he cared for him though he drove Lassiter crazy.

"What would you have done if he had?" Juliette asked and Lassiter opened his mouth before shutting it without saying anything.

"Locked him up and thrown away the key," Henry said, returning with Harvey, two cups of coffee in each of their hands and each handed one to the detectives sitting.

"And that is exactly what he wouldn't want you to do," Juliette pointed out and both boyfriend and father rolled their eyes.

"Is anyone here for Shawn Spencer?" a voice asked and they turned to find a man wearing scrubs there and Lassiter and Henry stood, Juliette tried to wake Gus but he had been given pain meds and was out cold.

"We are," Henry said feeling anxious. The doctor looked at the two men before him and contemplated asking them to sit but thought better of it from what the nurses had said about the man in the suit.

"I'm Doctor Peterson, Shawn took a bullet to his right shoulder, another to his left arm and another that grazed his head. The bullet to his shoulder shattered his collarbone and will need physical therapy to get full use back, the bullet to his arm went strait through and we were able to patch it up, no problem." Here the doctor paused and took a deep breath. "The wound to his head does have us worried, it did some damage."

"How much?" Henry broke in.

"Honestly, we won't know until he wakes up."

"Wait," Henry said feeling like he had been punched in the stomach, "are you saying there might be brain damage?"

"There is swelling on his brain right now that we're going to monitor and when he wakes up, we'll see if there is any damage. We're going to take him in for surgery to repair his collarbone now and will let you know when we're done."

"Thank you doctor," Henry said when he realized that the doctor was done and Lassiter was about to open his mouth again and the doctor turned to go.

"Doctor, what about Mike Ross?" Harvey called, stopping him.

"Mike Ross?" the doctor asked, turning back.

"He came in with Shawn," Henry supplied and the doctor seemed to think about it before his face cleared and he looked at those waiting again.

"We'll let you know," he said and turned on his heel and leaving. Harvey sank back into his chair and placed his head in his hands.

At least four hours later, they were still waiting, Juliette had fallen asleep, Gus was still lying across her lap, Harvey was trying to stay awake, Henry was snoring across the room and Lassiter had left. He said he couldn't just sit there, he had to do something so he had gone to yell at the police who had processed the scene and find out what he could.

Henry was awoken by a hand on his arm and jolted up, looking around him in a panic before the reality of what had happened settled in. Running a tired hand over his face he looked up to see who had awakened him and found Neal standing over him.

"Neal," he said and stood, pulling his nephew into his arms and the hug was returned.

"Have you heard anything?" he asked, pulling back and Henry shook his head.

"Not yet," he replied.

"What happened?" Neal asked, taking a seat next to him after introducing Peter and Mozzie to those around him and greeting those there. They told them what happened from what Gus had told them and Neal ended up with his head in his hands. He picked up his head and looked to Henry and was about to say something but he was interrupted.

"Is anyone here for Michael Ross?"