Set somewhere around season 2. I had this idea for a while now and finally decide to write it before it corrupted my brain like a faulty intersect. We can't have that now can we? So here's my contribution to the Chuckverse FF I hope you guys like it and feel free to leave a review I'd really appreciate it. And one more thing I do not own Chuck but if I get my point.

Chuck was sitting at the Nerd Herd desk like he does everyday either waiting for a call for an off-site install or some one with faulty electronics he could fix with his eyes closed. He was also hoping that either Casey or Sarah would tell him they have a new mission but with no luck of that happening anytime soon he just watched the numerous activities of the "BuyMorons" as Casey liked to call them but of course he would never tell them that.

Sole name giver of the "BuyMorons" was in the process of trying to sell a Beast Master. Chuck thought it was weird to see Casey this passionate about something other than guns. As for Jeffster they were aimlessly roaming around the store stalking every woman that walked through the door only to be confronted by Big Mike and a Subway sandwich about the 27 customer complaints he had gotten in the last hour causing him to lose business so he sent them to work on computers in the cage for the rest of the day. That altercation made him laugh a little because Chuck knew it wasn't a normal day without Jeffster getting in trouble daily for numerous acts that could easily be traced back to them. Morgan aimlessly followed Anna around the store like a lovesick puppy dog while she was preparing for an off-site install. As Anna was on her way out the door she turned and kissed Morgan, who after she left couldn't remember his name after such a mind-blowing kiss. Chuck knew that feeling all to well because Sarah had that same affect on him every time she kissed him for the sake off their cover relationship and boy was he hooked fake relationship or not.

He was now fantasizing about the things he would do to Sarah if their relationship were remotely real. No never mind that he was going to fulfill one of his fantasies for real so he looked at the clock and saw it was two minutes till his break. Chuck got up and headed for the break room to use the secret doorway leading to Castle in search of Sarah but she was nowhere to be found so he went to the computer terminal and activated surveillance for the Orange Orange and there she was looking like a goddess while wiping down the tables and counter. Now having located her his plan for fulfilling his fantasy was set in motion as he turned surveillance for the Orange Orange off and headed up the stairs to the freezer entrance of Castle.

Sarah Walker was in the Orange Orange waiting for Chuck to go on break and come through the door any minute so she had turned the open sign to closed because she didn't want her time with Chuck to be interrupted. Even though it was to keep up the appearance of their cover relationship she really enjoyed the time they spent together especially during his break from the BuyMore because it was the only time they ever got to be alone throughout the day. She looked at her watch and saw that it was only ten minutes until Chuck went on break so to pass the time she cleaned the tables and the counter as she got lost in her thoughts about a specific BuyMore nerd. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice Chuck enter the Orange Orange from the freezer.

Chuck entered expecting Sarah to be ready to take him down like he was some kind of intruder because overall she was a well trained assassin who was always alert. Except this time she wasn't which he thought was weird because it looked like she was thinking about something as he could see from where he was standing on the side of her watching with adoration as she bit down on her lip in concentration. He decided to watch her for a few minutes since she wasn't aware of his presence yet so he gazed at her and took in all of her from her sun kissed golden locks to her succulent lips down to the orange tank top that accentuated her cleavage and taut abdomen perfectly that led down to her perfectly toned bottom and legs that went on for days. As he finished taking her in he looked back up to find her now looking at him.

Sarah had snapped out of her deep thinking as she felt a presence to her right towards the freezer. She looked over and saw Chuck gazing at her not that she minded especially when the gazing was being done by Chuck. She noticed that he didn't notice that she was looking at him because he was busy admiring her assets so she waited until his eyes drifted back up to hers then she spoke.

"Hi, Chuck" his knees went weak when she spoke those words but he did his best to keep himself from fainting.

"Uh um, Hi Sarah" mustering all his courage to get his words out.

"How long have you been standing there?" she asked.

"Not long" he said finally getting a hold of himself.

"I didn't notice you come in through the front door"

"That's because I used the entrance in Castle instead" he said as he made his way to yogurt machine to fix him a cup because he was hungry but the yogurt by itself would not be enough to calm his appetite he thought as he took his first scoop and licked the yogurt from it as he turned to face Sarah who was now approaching him.

"Why?" she asked as she tip toed up to him inches away from his lips.

"Oh it was shorter and I figured that I really wasn't in need of a tan on my way over here I happen to like my pale olive skin just the way it is" he said jokingly as he realized how close she was to him causing his breath to hitch.

"Someone could've seen you" she said as she closed the distance between their lips only for a second or two.

"I made sure that I was extra careful and there was no one around in the break room" Chuck said while he was trying to collect his thoughts from that mind-blowing kiss even though it didn't last long sent shivers down his spine.

"Ok" she said as she noticed Chuck lean down to kiss her again even though she knew she shouldn't she let him go through with it anyway because she really wanted it too.

The kiss began to escalate as she leaned into him cupping his neck pressing his body closer to her as he put his palm on the small of her back with his one free hand. Chuck's hand began to roam under Sarah's tank top caressing her soft milky skin causing her moan to vibrate through his lips. Sarah was almost over the edge and knew she couldn't let this go any further so she broke off the kiss and removed Chuck's hand and backed away from him trying to get rid off the red tinge that was now evident across her face and school her features.

Chuck on the other hand had already gone over the edge as Sarah noticed the look in his eyes filled with desire and lust. As she backed away Chuck approached her until there was no space between them and her back was pressed against the counter. Sarah swallowed the lump in her throat not realizing that she was holding her breath the entire time. She could feel the heat radiating from him as he leaned against her and put his yogurt and spoon on the counter behind her and caressed the hand she was resting on his firm chest trying to put some distance between them.

"No, Chuck we can't" she said with a shaky breath as she tried her best not to shiver against his caress.

"Why Sarah? Is it because it's against the rules or is it because you don't want this?" he said as a whisper only she could hear.

Sarah was thinking that she was fighting a losing battle as his breath enveloped her ear as he nibbled and grazed it with his tongue. She closed her eyes and stifled a moan and reveled in the moment but collected her self a minute later and pushed Chuck away but not far enough. Chuck only moved back enough to put both his arms on either side of Sarah and looked straight into those amazing blue orbs he loved so much now staring back at his brown ones.

"Sarah" he said with a look of hurt now evident in his eyes.

"Chuck you know why we can't, please don't push this" with a hint of love, lust, and desire in her voice as she reached up and caressed his face and watched him lean into her touch.

"Do you know how hard it is to restrain myself when I'm with you and how much it hurts me knowing that I'm not really "with" you?" he asked as he locked eyes with her once again as he saw her holding back tears as her eyes began to water.

"I know" she said as he wiped away the tear that fell down her cheek.

"I just want to make you happy more than anything in the world because making you happy is what makes me happy. So please let me make you happy even if it's just for a moment I promise to make it one of the best moments of your life if not the top five because I really don't know how many great moments that you've had throughout your life but I wanna be one of them if you let me" he finished talking and just looked at her waiting for her answer

She loved how heartfelt his confession was and how his incessant rambling was so cute she thought as she listened to him never looking away from his gaze as he continued to speak she waited for him to finish because she already had her answer. Sarah answered the only way she thought was acceptable and reached for Chuck's tie and pulled him down to kiss her and he did just that pouring everything he had into the kiss.

Sarah let the hand that she still had pressed against Chuck's chest slide up over his shoulder to the back of his head as she ran her fingers through his wavy curls and pulled him closer as he picked her up and sat her on the counter. She wrapped her legs around him as he pressed into her eliciting a guttural moan from him as she sucked on his bottom lip and ran her tongue across it and lightly bit on it as she pulled away.

"What about the cameras and Casey?" she asked as Chuck kissed his way down her neck to her collar bone.

"I turned them off and Casey is preoccupied trying to move a beast master and after he's done he has to go on install with Lester to chaperon to keep him in line" he said as he continued to kiss his way down her chest stopping at the top of her bra and he reached his hands down to the hem of her shirt but was momentarily stopped.

"What now?" he asked as Sarah stopped him from lifting up her shirt.

"Chuck we can't do this here and what if a customer comes by and what happened to your aversion to PDA?"

"Sarah Walker the only customers that you have are pubescent high school teenage boys and if I'm not mistaken that means you won't have any customers for another two to three hours and as for my aversion to PDA has dwindled more and more each time you kiss me in public and when I'm with you I'm oblivious to every thing else around us and besides I don't see anyone else around. Do you?" he said with a dangerous grin spread across his face.

Sarah nodded her head and lifted her arms so Chuck could take off her tank top then she pulled him close and whispered in his ear.

"Who knew the resident nerd from the BuyMore could be so naughty?" then she nibbled on his ear as he pressed his hardened erection against her sex eliciting a moan from her this time.

"Hey when you have a girlfriend as hot as you are one can't help but fantasize about the things he would do to you if given a chance"

"Oh really? Then why don't you show me" she said licking her lips teasingly at Chuck.

Chuck was at a loss for words but continued as he kissed Sarah and caressed her back with one hand working his way up to her bra while his other hand gripped here hips rubbing circles along her stomach with his thumb. Sarah had finally gone over the edge and it felt so good while Chuck was kissing and caressing her she was in a state of pure ecstasy. She decided that Chuck had too much clothes on and she craved to feel his skin against hers so she began to loosen his tie but didn't take it from around his neck so she could just remove his shirt because the tie was gonna come in handy soon. Chuck let her remove his shirt as he rid her of her bra as he began to rub his thumb over her left nipple and suck on the right one causing Sarah to arch her back and lean into him further. Chuck suddenly had an idea as he kept Sarah pressed against him he searched blindly with his other hand until he found his yogurt from earlier.

"Lean back" he whispered into her ear and Sarah did without question. Chuck poured yogurt onto her breast and down her torso.

"Ah...Chuck that's cold"

"Don't worry Sarah I'll warm you up" he said as he put the yogurt down and took off her shoes and pants leaving her in nothing but her blue silk panties that made him bite his lip to suppress a moan as he gazed at the sight before him.

Chuck only paused for a moment then saw Sarah gaze at him with desire. As she saw that dangerous grin again spread across his face right then to her that was the sexiest thing in the world because she had never seen that look on his face before and she was glad it was because of her. Chuck then bent over and licked along her waste line causing her eyes to roll back and her toes curled as she grabbed a handful of Chuck's curls as he continued to lick his way up her abdomen licking up every inch of yogurt like it was his last meal.

"Mmmmmmmm Chuck" she moaned as he now made his way to her breast taking slow tantalizing licks around here nipples that made heart beat faster and breaths becoming more uneven as she dug her nails into his back. She pulled on his curls and brought his lips to hers and kissed him feverishly with desire until neither one of them could breath and pulled away both with labored breaths.

"Raspberry Lemon mmmmm my new favorite" she said as Chuck stood up and walked to the yogurt machine to refill his cup with a smirk on his face.

He walked back over to where she still lay on the counter trying to recapture her breath but Chuck wasn't finished that was only the beginning as he began to slowly remove her panties with his teeth as she lifted up her hips to help him along. Chuck now poured more yogurt on her inner thighs and the rest of her sex then began to lick along each thigh and teasing her lips with the tip of his tongue as she now arched her back and pulled on his curls so his tongue could delve deeper into her folds. Sarah's body was on fire as she felt her orgasm build up inside of her as Chuck continued his lingual assault on her clit as sucked on it and gave it flick with his tongue causing Sarah to pull on his curls even more as her orgasm took her over and Chuck gathered up all her juices not letting any of it escape his tongue. Sarah still riding the high from her orgasm just moments ago reached down and pulled Chuck up by his tie as he trailed kisses from her abdomen to the chasm between her breast up to her neck and finally her lips.



"I want to feel you inside of me" she said in demanding sultry tone

"I thought you would never ask" he said as reached for the condom in his wallet and discarded his pants and slid the condom down his shaft until he was completely covered.

Chuck pulled Sarah to him as he began to enter her a pleasurable moan escapes them both. He tries his best to not think about how good she feels around him because he doesn't want it to end too early so he starts off slow filling her inch by inch until he is all the way inside of her then he pulls out and he starts to pick up the pace as he enters her again as she grabs his tie and wraps her legs around his waist urging him to go deeper. Chuck obliges her and does exactly that as their breathing becomes more frantic and their bodies slide against each other slick with sweat both on their way to oblivion. Chuck steadies himself with one hand on the counter as he lifts Sarah's hips off the counter so he can thrust deeper as he does he feels her tighten around him and he knows that she is close so he speeds up his thrust causing her to moan out his name in pleasure.

"Chuck" she moans as she tightens her grip on his tie and pulls him close.

"I know baby me too" he says as he buries his head in the crook of her shoulder delivering his final thrusts causing both of them climax to simultaneously.

They just lay their for a moment trying to catch their breaths as Sarah looks at him with adoration he looks at her the same and then kisses her and picks her up and lays down on the floor with her on top of him.

"Wow that was-" Sarah says with labored breaths as she's still trying to catch her breath.

"Yea I know" says Chuck as her rubs circles down her spine causing her to shiver against his touch.

"You really give yogurt and fun a whole new meaning"

"What can I say I've had a lot of time on my hands lately"

"Yea me too" Chuck quirks his head at her trying to figure out the meaning behind her statement.

"Wait you the Sarah Walker are telling me that you fantasize about me just as much as I do you" Chuck looks at her with amusement as she raises her head from his chest to look up at him.

"Yep" she says as she smiles at him.

"And me and you on that counter just now was that one of them"

She nods her head and kisses him sweetly and passionately

"I love you Chuck" she says

"I love you too Sarah more than anything on this earth" he reciprocates and kisses her forehead

"Even more than TRON?" she asks jokingly.

"TRON who?" he teases her back as they both laugh at his inane joke.

"Chuck your break ended 30 minutes ago" she says glancing at the clock and looking back at Chuck.

"Technically I'm not on break I'm scheduled for an off-site install for some big electronics company"

"Let me guess you called that install in didn't you?" she said already knowing the answer while running her hand up an down his tie.

"Bingo" he says watching her.

"So how about another round before I have to get back to my shift?" she says as she pulls the tie from around his neck.

"You know I could never say no to you" as he watches her teasingly put the tie around her neck and let's it dangle between her breast as she gets up and walks back towards the counter.

"Oh and get some more yogurt I have a craving that needs to be satisfied" she says winking at him

"Uh yes ma'am your favorite coming right up" Chuck says almost losing his voice as he hurries to the yogurt machine.

"That's not the only thing coming up" noticing Chuck's growing erection as he tries to stifle a groan at her comment

Chuck is back standing in front her with a cup of her favorite yogurt. She leans forward and takes the cup from him and whispers in his ear.

"My turn" Chuck's eyes go wide as Sarah pours the yogurt on his shaft.

" Sarah that's cold" he says as he watches Sarah kiss her way down his torso on her way to her destination.

"Don't worry Chuck I'll warm you up" she says looking up at him and then winks leaving Chuck at a loss for words.

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