The Monument Keeperoliver Chapter 15

Dobby's returning to Harry could not have come at a better time, as Luna had a bad case of morning sickness. This lasted for two weeks, until she stabilized. This occurred a month after her and Harry returned from France. Once she was done with the sickness, she changed back into the carefree and happy woman she was before it started. Dobby watched the boys while Harry helped her through it.

As time continued to pass, and as Luna began to show, she carried her baby with pride. She knew she was carrying a girl, but she kept it to herself. She also knew the baby's name if she did deliver a girl. Like she promised Tonks, she would be named Nymphadora Selena Potter. She knew that Tonks would argue the point, but deep inside, she would be proud that she had a niece named after her.

It was now eight months into the pregnancy, and Harry had the bag packed and ready to go. Once again Dobby was of great assistance as he was always there to help Luna in and out of chairs, helping her reach things she could not get to whether it was too high, too low, or to far too reach across. Harry took to rubbing her back and her feet. Her feet were quite swollen.

They had learned that Luna was having a girl, and like Luna thought, Tonks had a fit when Luna told her what her name was going to be. "Why in the bloody hell would you shame the poor baby by naming her that Luna? Why not just Dora?"

Luna smiled and told her, "She has to get to know her godmother's name, and what better way than to learn her own name. Unless of course you do not wish to be her godmother?"

"OH, now you're going with the guilt trip. Well, it works this time. You really mean for me to be her godmother?"

"Of course I do Tonks. I can't think of anyone better. With Remus being the godfather, it will work out perfectly. Now, why don't we go and have ourselves a good laugh, and see what James and Sirius are doing?"

When they entered the room, they saw that Lily was in the middle of James and Sirius and they were tickling her to the point of tears she was laughing so hard. She also saw that Sirius was bleeding from the nose, and James had a black eye. But they continued on with the torture.

Luna turned from their portraits to see the portrait that Ginny and Dean gave them for Harry's birthday. Right next to it was the Gryffindor seal that Hermione made. Harry had put it in a frame and hung it. Luna loved them both. The emblem was so special as she had done it completely out of hair. The colors were perfect for it, with all the red, brown and golden colors in it. There was quite a bit of hair involved with the gift, and a whole lot of love. Yes she loved it, but the portrait took the spot of her favorite. Dean was such a great artist. He captured the family perfectly. The smiles on all their faces, the tricks of the hair, especially Harry's. Lorcan and Lysander sitting so straight on hers and Harry's laps. She must have thanked Dean a hundred times for the gift. Each time was the same answer. "It was Ginny's Idea." Then Ginny would get the thanks, and tell her, "Yes it was my idea, but Dean did all the work."

Then Luna would get them both together and give them both a hug and kiss. Harry did his share of thanking them all for the gifts. He could not choose one above the other like Luna did. He loved the beauty of the portrait, but he loved the intimacy of the emblem. That and because Hermione looked like a little girl with her hair cut short. She received a lot of ribbing because of it, but, she felt that the gift was appreciated by Harry and Luna, and it was.

On Harry's birthday, he was awakened by Luna telling him it was time. Harry mumbled something, then was hit in the head with a pillow, "Harry James Potter, get your arse out of bed. I said it's time, and I don't don't mean five minutes from now."

Harry heard it correct that time, and jumped out of bed, and was hopping around the room, trying to get his pants on. They refused to cooperate. He finally sat down on the bed, and found the legs of his trousers were tied. "Lorcan, wait until I get my hands on you." Harry heard Luna snicker. "It was YOU? Why you little stinker. Now you will just have to wait, until I get them untied to take you."

"Why should I wait, I know my way. Just follow with the bags if yopu would. Unless of course you would rather Dobby take them?" Dobby heard his name called and popped in.

"Missy Luna needs Dobby?"

Luna turned to Harry, who was takling his time with his pants. "Yes Dobby, would you please take my bag to the hospital for me? Harry seems to preoccupied."

"Of course Missy Luna." and the bags were gone.

"Hey, I would have done that. Dobby, you go get those bags and bring them back here."

Dobby snapped his fingers, and they were back.

"Dobby, you send the bags back, and this time you leave them there." Luna added.

Once again he snapped his fingers, and this time left with the bags. "You coward Dobby. Come back here and face me like a man."

Dobby did, and Harry fell back onto the bed, he was so close to him. "Merlin Dobby, I was just kidding. You didn't have to be so aggressive." Harry was laughing.

Luna tried getting off the bed, and had to roll off in order to get her feet down on the floor. She stood as straight as her back would allow her, and waddled to the door. "I'm leaving, whether you are ready or not Harry. I would like to be there before the baby arrives. It's not good to be late for a meeting."

Harry finished untying his pants and, slipped his feet into his shoes, and ran out the door to find Luna waiting for him at the top of the stairs. Hew slipped his arm into hers, "Ready when you are dear."

They floo traveled from the Library so that they could tell James and Lily it was time. Lily was excited as she watched her son and daughter leave. "James we are going to be grand parents."

"Lily we already were grand parents, In case you hadn't noticed."

"Yes, but this time it will be a creation of Harry's. That doesn't mean I will love him more. I will always love Lorcan and Lysander. So don't go putting things in a different order."

"I know Lily, I just didn't want you to over emphasize the fact that our new little angel will be more special than she really is. Lorcan and Lysander decided to keep their last name, but that does not keep them from being a Potter. Please don't get angry with me pet?"

"I'm too happy to be angry you toe rag. And what are you smiling about Pads?"

"I'm going to be an uncle again. Isn't it wonderful."


Harry's greatest birthday present ever made her appearance at 6:45 PM, 31 July, 2008. She had a few soft curls of golden hair, a little button nose, and a rounded face. She had beautiful green eyes. She was Luna, with Harry's eyes. Nymphadora Selena Potter was lying in her mother's arms, as Harry re entered the room with her daughter's god mother and father. Nymphadora walked to her side, and asked, "Could I please hold her Luna?"

Luna nodded her head, and Tonks took the precious child and held her to her breast. A tear formed in Tonks eyes. "OH Luna, Harry, she is beautiful. Look at her Remus, Isn't she adorable. HEY Luna, what a nickname, aDORAble. What do you think?"

"I think if you wish to call her that, then feel free, but I am not changing her name."

"Right now Luna, that is the farthest thing from my mind. Right now I just want to take a swim in those lovely eyes of hers. Ohhh, you're just too cute aDORAble. Yes you are."

"On second thought, Tonks, find her a different nickname. She'll get too full of herself growing up hearing that too often."

"Damn it Luna, you are taking away all my fun. Fine, I'll find he another one, but you best leave that one alone."

"If I can live with it, I won't touch it. Harry, can you go get me a bite to eat Please?"

"Sure Lu, what do you want?"

"Two Cheeseburgers, an order of fries, a chocolate shake, and some pudding. Chocolate of course."

"Just a Bite?"

"It has been a long day, and I haven't eaten yet. Do you mean you won't get these things I ask for?" Luna shed her crocodile tears.

"I didn't say that, but it is a touch more than a bite. That may even be a bit much for, I take that back, Ron would probably want double cheeseburgers."

Luna's eyes got real big, "Do they even make those?"

"Of course they do Lu. OK one double and one single burger, with everything on it, fries, chocolate shake and a chocolate pudding. Be back in a bit." and Harry and Remus took of for her meal. They all got meals. Harry went to the new shop that opened up, called Hardee's, and got Luna her order, and six more single burgers, three more fries and three shakes. He got what they called an Angus Burger. When they returned, Harry handed Luna her bag, and when she pulled the double burger out, she had to keep turning it in her hands, trying to find a place to take the first bite. Finally she squished the sandwich together and was able to take her first bite.

She went through the rest of the meal, finishing it all off. Harry had just finished his first burger, and was getting ready to start on his second when Luna gave him her puppy dog eyes. He cut the burger into halves and offered her one half and kept the second half for himself. Luna was happy with this, as she shot down the half in seconds.

"Where did you put it all LU? I swear, you would give Ron a run for his money the way you put those away."

"Well, with Nymphadora gone, I had a large hole to fill, don't you think."

"I don't think our baby weighed that much? I hope you don't continue to east like that, it's not healthy. However, I will take you there to eat once we are out of here. Just stick with the singles though, OK?"

"Of course Harry. When have you ever seen me eat that much before? I was just really hungry is all."


An elderly couple sat in front of portraits of three much younger people. Their talk was of different things that were happening in the elder couple's lives. The friends they have lost, and of the great grand children the great grand children they had gained. The elderly lady called it {The Circle Of Life} as she once heard it used to describe the different generations.

Harry and Luna were the elderly couple sitting there talking to Harry's mum, dad, and godfather. The list of friends that have joined Lily, James and Sirius was becoming larger every year. First it was Molly, then Arthur. Next to go was Remus. Ginny lost Dean not two years ago, and Ron lost Hermione just a few months ago. Ron took this very hard, harder than Ginny took Deans death. Harry and Luna asked each one that lost a loved one to join them in their home to help them through their time of need.

Ron's health was failing, and it was everyone's opinion that he wished to join Hermione in the afterlife, or as Albus put it so long ago, the next great adventure.

Their opinion was a good one as Ron was found dead that very morning, by Dobby. Ginny was with the remaining family members, Fred, George and Percy. Percy was now the Elder of the family Weasley.

Harry and Luna were still with the portraits when Ginny returned, her eyes red from her crying. Even though they knew it was inevitable, death was never easy to take.

Their kids would visit when they could, but they had their own lives to live, and it was hard to balance their time to share with their parents. Harry, Luna, and Ginny appreciated any time that they shared with the family.

However, Harry knew that his, Luna's and Ginny's time was soon to end, and he wanted to have one final family gathering, and share a final moment with them as a group, then if they could manage it later, some one on one time with each child and their family. Things never work out the way they are planned though. Harry asked Lorcan, Lysander, and Nymphadora {daughter} who wished to take Black Manor should something happened. Lysander being the most emotionally stable of the three, thought it would be best if they all shared it. Both Lorcan and Nymphadora had to ask their other halves if this was what they wanted. Nymphadora {God mother} was living with her god daughter and her husband. Teddy was living in France with Vicky where she was the Minister of Magic, and had been for thirty years.

Harry's daughter was the first to move in, and before Lorcan and Lysander could move in, tragedy struck. For reasons unknown, Harry, Luna, Ginny and Tonks died on the same day. It was the saddest day of the family's life. It was as if the four had just given up on life at the same time, and wanted to be with their friends and loved ones once again.


The four looked down on the funeral, and wished they had a chance to say goodbye to their families, but this was not the case. Fate had asked all four in their dreams if they wished to go together. She somehow got all four in the same place to talk. They all agreed that this was what they wanted. And so it was.

They all waited to be escorted to their next station, and were allowed to watch the family as they said their last goodbyes. Somehow, Fred and George kept it lively, rather than somber. It was not festive, it was just they had people come up and share an experience with one of the four that had passed.

Once the service was finished, the scene clouded over, and the four were left to their own sleves for company. It wasn't long when they were joined by someone that looked like Albus Dumbledore. He led them to a cloud bank that appeared to go on for ever, however the moment they entered it, they were through it, and beyond it was like a sight you might take as Mt. Olympus. It was an open building where people gathered and talked.

When they got to the structure, it was Tonks that took off running to her husband. She was the first to find her mate. She was soon followed by Ginny, as she saw Dean with her mum, dad, brothers, and sisters. She left Harry and Luna and ran to Dean who took her in his arms and spun her around. Dean looked like his 20 year old self again, where Ginny looked like the ninety she was. It was explained to the four that the age thing would change soon, and they all would appear twenty. Harry met up with both their families, and shared in a group hug.

Yes, Harry was finally back with his family and friends, Luna was once again with her parents, and the next great adventure had begun.


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