Becker sighed as he finished training in the ARC's new gymnasium. He picked up a towel and walked into the locker rooms. He looked around the Brand New locker rooms. There were only two lockers in use. One belonged to him and the other to a young girl – Jess.

He sighed as he looked at the lockers which had been brought here by Lester. Connor Temple, Abby Maitland and Danny Quinn.

Leaving a fresh set of clothes on the benches by the shower cubicles. He turned one of them on. He stripped off his sweaty training gear and threw them to the floor. Walking under the warm water, he let it wash over his aching muscles, and he began to relax as he thought of his friends.

It had been three months since Abby, Connor and Danny had walked through an anomaly to the future and had disappeared. Two whole months since Sarah had died. He berated himself for that.

What was he going to tell Danny when he came back? He had known that Sarah fancied the ex-policeman. Danny had fancied her too. It had been obvious he had seen the way she looked at him, the way he looked over her... He clenched his fists once again. If only he had gone instead of Danny, if only...

Why, oh why did Lester insist that he came back to the ARC! Now he was in this new building, with only a little girl to help him, and how good was she anyway? What did she know about anomalies? Was she even aware of how dangerous these animals were?

He groaned as the water began to grow cold... Now he couldn't even have a decent shower! Wrapping the towel around his waist, he stepped out and padded over to the boiler. He was just about to turn the thermostat up when he heard footsteps...

He froze; it wasn't, was it...?

He didn't see Jess come through the locker room door.

Jess screamed... She actually screamed.

Becker was so surprised that he jumped and let go of the skimpy towel that hung around his waist.

Jess tried to turn away, she knew that she really should spare the man, but she could not help it. She had liked him from the very first moment they had met. But things were going to be very different between them... How could she work with him now?

She had seen him... Naked! And if truth be told she had like what she seen. After all, who would not want to see Captain Becker's, glistening wet body? His broad hairy chest and his muscled arms? And as her gaze had travelled further down...

OH BOY! Jess started to drool...