Al was brooding at the Gryffindor table.

He looked at Rick and Elizabeth happily discussing the snow outside and at Willow and James who were acting more awkward around each other than usual.

He stirred the cornflakes which had turned soggy by then.

Scorpius told him "This is all your doing, you set up Elizabeth with Rick and forced James to confront his feelings"

Al groaned "I know"

Scorpius asked "And you aren't happy?"

Al let his head drop onto the table "No I'm not"

Scorpius patted his shoulder "It's alright"

Just then James yelled from the opposite end of the table "I can't take this anymore! I love Willow! I asked her out yesterday night!"

Willow hid her face in her hands and groaned "James, you're hopeless"

James took a deep breath "I just couldn't keep it in anymore!"

Please note that he was grinning like a lunatic at this point.

Willow cracked a smile "Surprisingly, that doesn't annoy me"

James asked shocked "It doesn't?"

She laughed shaking her head "No"

They didn't notice the complete silence and shock resonating all around them.

Al asked weakly "You love her?"

James nodded confidently "Yeah"

Al's jaw dropped.

Scorpius said "I'll never understand those two"

Fred punched his fist into the air "We did it!"

Erica let out a gasp and then started laughing "Yes we did!"

Reese grinned at Willow "yesterday night huh?"

Willow blushed at that.

Cindy clapped her hands "I'm so happy today"

Talk broke out once again through the hall, gossip mongers were going to be on a roll and James's fan club was going to rejoice or suicide either way no one really cared.

No one noticed the grinning Ravenclaw silently wishing them best of luck in his mind, Louis muttered to himself "About time"

Willow couldn't help looking at Louis as her friends continued coaxing details out of her.

Her eyes caught his and he nodded smiling.

She felt much more at ease knowing she hadn't hurt his feelings.

She grinned and nodded back, silently thanking Louis for his support.

Al propped his head up with his elbow and watched the festivities.

He barely noticed when someone slid in on his other side.

A voice said "Why so glum Al?"

Al looked from James and Willow to Elizabeth who seemed to be grinning too.

He loved the way she grinned it made bells ring in his heart.

Al said "Nothing"

Elizabeth punched his shoulder "Cheer up, I don't like gloomy Al"

Al sighed not saying anything.

Elizabeth said "Albieee? Remember the kiss you owe me?"

Al jumped at that "What kiss? I didn't promise you any kiss!"

Elizabeth's eyebrows rose "I helped you with your plan, your time has come to pay off the debt"

Al's heart thudded inside his chest, who was she going to suggest he kiss?

Fear chilled his bones.

Elizabeth's eyes twinkled "I have the perfect candidate in mind"

Al croaked "Who?"

He was dreading the answer.

She said slyly "Me"
Al started "Noooo…Wait...What? Who?"

He thought he'd heard wrong.

She said "Don't be so shocked, me you idiot"

Al's face was the epitome of shock, awe, disbelief and total unadulterated shock.

Al asked stammering "Y-You?"

She rolled her eyes "Yes! And just so you know I'm a better option than Darcy Parkinson"

He just sat there looking at her.

She gave frowned and then stood up "I'm going, this is the worst sort of rejection a girl can face but it's okay, I get it if you don't like me"

She sighed.

Al stood up in a flash and took her face in his hands. As if his life depended upon it, he kissed her hurriedly.

Once again the Hall was silent and all eyes were on the kissing couple.

James yelled "Get a room!"

Willow punched him "Shut it!"
James rubbed his arm "You'll never change will you?"

She smiled innocently "Nope"

James smiled.

Al pulled away from Elizabeth glaring at James.

Elizabeth said "So that means….you're my boyfriend now right?"

Al turned back to Elizabeth, she looked nervous and uncertain. He smiled "Yes"

Her eyes brightened and she grinned.

Then she frowned "It took me so long to wheedle this out of you"

He blushed, she whacked him "You're a complete prat Potter"

He smiled "I was busy"

She asked "If you liked me, why would you set me up with your friend?"

Al blushed deeper "I wasn't thinking"

She rolled her eyes "As if I didn't know that already"

Al asked "So you never asked Rick out?"

She laughed "No, I told Rick that I liked you so he wouldn't get any ideas"

James grinned "This calls for a party!"

Professor McGonagall announced "Mr. James Sirius Potter, however happy I am for both you and your brother, I will allow no such thing. Now sit down and eat your breakfast"

Everybody in the hall laughed at that.

James was blushing as Willow kissed him on the cheek "You're an idiot"

James said like a cocky git "A handsome, sexy, awesome, heart-stopping idiot"

Willow looked like she was considering it and then said "Nah…..just a plain old idiot"

James glared at her.

Scorpius looked at James and Willow, James's arm was casually draped over Willow's shoulder and Willow was laughing at Erica yelling at Fred as he grinned flirtatiously at her.

He saw Al whispering something into Elizabeth's ear, and then laughing at James who whacked Al who's hand was wrapped around Elizabeth's.

In his mind he thought "What a curious case of Potter Love?"

He felt somebody taking his hand in theirs, he looked to his right to see Rose smiling happily at him, he smiled back and turned back to the group which was now laughing at an offended James.

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